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Incredible Life at Sea Full HD Sailing in different weather conditions

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My Incredible Life at Sea video profile consisting of stunning pictures and beautiful videos which are originally taken by myself. Did a 6 month contract with a brand new Ship call M.V. Ceylon Princess. During this time I have encountered with cyclone, violent storms, rolling, pitching and many more.I enjoyed each and every moment on board ship. Yes, as usual, I am also came crossed some struggles and hard times on board ship. Life at sea is not going to be easy. That' why they said only the best man is going to the sea. But it is always fun to travel around the world by experiencing beautiful Sun rises and Sun sets are a unique feeling. I love adventure so I experienced some lovely moments which are cannot be experienced at land. I managed to capture all the beautiful moments. I think those who are love Merchant Navy and adventure definitely love this video. I am so lucky because I have sailed with very good gentlemen officers. I learned so many things from my senior officers. #sea #incrediblelifeatsea #lifeatsea #storms #navigator #merchantnavyofficer #adventure Music : I do not own ANY of the soundtrack, property and rights for audio.So all rights for music which I used in my video is going to the original owner, Jorge Quintero. The music name is 300 Violin Orchestra. https://youtu.be/fCebJodm0lY Camera used: Apple iPhone 7 Plus Find me on Facebook: facebook.com/ashfak.net facebook.com/ashfak619 Instagram: instagram.com/ashfak619 Twitter: twitter.com/ashfak619 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+AshfäkÐëMässashfak619 =====LIFE @ CINEC MARITIME CAMPUS===== https://youtu.be/Xv-EDlDePrQ =====Nautical Terms===== https://youtu.be/lFj5lYpJIB4 =====Types of Ships===== https://youtu.be/EbmCM3BJu40 =====Rankings in the Ship===== https://youtu.be/BhF-lCr09lM
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raman kumar (1 year ago)
hello bhai kitne GRT ka vessal h aapka
Ashfäk Ðë Mäss (7 months ago)
raman kumar GT 36432
2stroke pure_evil (1 year ago)

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