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Girls Converse

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I have a pair of size 7 women's converse really worn out
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丸伸一 (7 months ago)
Paul W (8 months ago)
They look very well worn
Michael Snelling (10 months ago)
Wow that is literally drumfuls of foot scuzz and sweat and they have got to smell bad..
Simon Gmeiner (1 year ago)
do you sell these converse?
Brent Morton (1 year ago)
How did they smell
sethr rogan (1 year ago)
love the strong vinigear smell ... i got my neighbors sneakers at the moment its great
D B (6 months ago)
ha i stole my neighbors stinky flats she's had for several years she's 19 and chunky with super stinky feet so I can't help but luck em inside and outside there funky and nasty I love em
L0ST S0UL (1 year ago)
How strong of a smell and dose she know?
Netto Fernandez (1 year ago)
Beautiful worn soles....
Davewhatshisname (1 year ago)
Man, I'd love to pull those off a girl's hot, sweaty tired feet after she's worn them all day barefoot and smell deep inside them. Those sweat-logged, girmy insoles must smell like total ecstasy. I'd love to smell the bottoms of her sweaty, stinky bare feet, too, after a long day in those shoes.
David Moyer (2 years ago)
Live your Converse shoes. Great to see the large hole in one of them.
Joseph Flanagan (2 years ago)
Joseph Flanagan (2 years ago)
ok how
can you sent me rhem?
Joseph Flanagan (2 years ago)
Muddy Shoes (2 years ago)
+Joseph Flanagan pm me
Joseph Flanagan (2 years ago)
what size
Muddy Shoes (2 years ago)
+Joseph Flanagan women's 7
Joseph Flanagan (2 years ago)
how much $$$ fir them
AZBareFeet (1 year ago)
Squishyshoes perfect answer lol
Squishyshoes (2 years ago)

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