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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 Official P1

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Link Full Playlist (2005 to 2017): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eht4vSOY4Wc&index=1&list=PLWCR-YYPLt-YtqdDGJf80wi6al3xqQBEA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Victoria's Secret is an American designer, manufacturer and marketer of women's premium lingerie, womenswear and beauty products.[1][4][5] With 2012 sales of $6.12 billion,[6] it is the largest American retailer of women's lingerie. Victoria's Secret is wholly owned by L Brands, a publicly traded company ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank for watching!!!
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Text Comments (362)
seiji iwaguro (1 month ago)
Wonderful pic video. 🔥👏👏👏
seiji iwaguro (2 months ago)
Beauty 🔥👏👏👏🗾すばらしい🔥 Japan seiji ~
Mariners Motel (4 months ago)
8:00 is it just me, she looks like maze from lucifer lol
Maia Vitale (5 months ago)
3:12 i find Stella's face freaky 😨
seiji iwaguro (5 months ago)
Victria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 Official P 1 Beautiful 👏👏
Josephine Lo (5 months ago)
It’s 2017 NOT 2018! Please don’t mislead by your title
Samiha Ouled brahim (5 months ago)
Lily Aldridge can't walk to save her life, Harry stole the show
agua de luna (5 months ago)
Viendo el desfile comiendo mi paneton 😁
sia lee (6 months ago)
Sexiest vs angel is adriana lima. Everytime she walks that runway and gives you that sultry eyes my heart starts to melt.
marichu nacor (6 months ago)
It's worst show
effy curtis (6 months ago)
Wow Shanghai got the best stage in all VS show
Asti (6 months ago)
adriana ❤️
Lew erbulas (6 months ago)
Candice is three months pregnant here. But still she slayed the runway.
rt268wsote (6 months ago)
What a crappy song
Ciobanu Andreea (6 months ago)
Janet Misanyah Pyllah5 (6 months ago)
What's the name of the Angel at 1:30 opposite Martha hunt
Ikon Fanboy (6 months ago)
Stella Maxwell
Janet Misanyah Pyllah5 (6 months ago)
What's the name of the Angel at 1:30 opposite Martha hunt
Camilla Paiardi (6 months ago)
Is 2017
Patrycja Olszewska (6 months ago)
I dont like it,I prefer Adriana Lima, Naomi, Gisele, Tyra and other VS angels... none of this anhels is such a professionalist as those super models ... I do not admire the current models, they are artificial, they have the same artificial faces without expression, without charisma, especially Kendall.
Ania 🌸 (6 months ago)
Candice is the sexiest Angel 👼🏼
Kat Br (6 months ago)
The songs and musical attractions of this year forsake the worst of all other editions
bayu adrian (6 months ago)
Messy formation and song, sorry this not deserve to be opening 😔
Movie Vue Trailer Videos (6 months ago)
report this video for lying title, its not 2018 its 2017
Tyla Williamson (6 months ago)
this is 2017 not 2018
bellatrixevans (7 months ago)
I know the girl-next-door aesthetic may not be for everybody, but I actually thought it fit well into this show. Balmain did a splendid job, and it made complete sense with VS's aesthetic. Compared to this year's show especially, what a mess
KURT ARTHUR TUBON (7 months ago)
Taylor Hill <3
Jason Michael (7 months ago)
Only fat mudsharks and menopausal lesbians have the right to express their sexuality in the USA.
Jason Michael (7 months ago)
Thank you very much to China for hosting an event that couldn't have happened peacefully in America.
Daley Harnett (7 months ago)
This is 2017
Chris YouTube (7 months ago)
FoetusInYourNoodles (7 months ago)
I'm just here to say THANK YOU to Victoria's Secret, for not giving into pressure to force a transgender model into the show. #NoDongs
Kate (7 months ago)
Candice is stunning!
Gian Lumbo (7 months ago)
Worst vs show stage
bigsmiletoo (7 months ago)
Is this you? https://www.instagram.com/p/BpGGOx_HMy_/
aida Shabdanova (7 months ago)
E R N U R (7 months ago)
Опять дрочить
Kelborn Leitenstein (7 months ago)
kill the cutter
Юлія K. (7 months ago)
I am watching this because of Candice 💟💟💟she is a Queen 👑👑👑👑
corndog1868 (7 months ago)
Search here for (Sucker For a Pretty Face) by Rockcandy. It's a great album! Also search for (Sinful Demo Album 1985). It features Jose Anes B4 Rockcandy and Nuno Bettencourt B4 Extreme!!! Enjoy
Ece Aydoğmuş (7 months ago)
2018 Victoria’s Secret Showunda meleklere yapılan makyajı anlatarak kendime yaptığım makyaj videom kanalımda🧚🏼‍♀️✨ Eğer izleyip destek olursanız çok mutlu olurum🌸
Celia Malene (7 months ago)
My dream to walk this show <3 Love this so much!
Flor Pride (7 months ago)
It's 2017. What a fake!
Prince Hendrik (7 months ago)
I don't see any plus size model or fat model so unfair
G T (7 months ago)
Best VS opening EVER!
xXAngela AnticXxYT (7 months ago)
Love you Harry S. and love you angels
prestwoods1 (7 months ago)
Delmy De León (7 months ago)
2017!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️
JusThat (7 months ago)
harry wass a bad choice for this and the music is crap and hurt the ears
Vicks (7 months ago)
Harry my boy you have serious swagger!
FFwachten (7 months ago)
Hard to watch the models and / or follow the actuall show at all with this constant camera switches as if it's some MTV show or music video... Also wonder why the hell most of the shots are centered around those damn irrelevant music performers everytime.
alice !! (7 months ago)
harry was literally perfect for this. we stan a king
Veronica Zanotti (7 months ago)
lencie wtf (7 months ago)
Candice's entrance was slayy
Amazing Emman (7 months ago)
fake. that show was last year
Brenda Estrada (7 months ago)
Adriana Lima Guauuu el mejor ángel... Bellisimaaaaaaaa
César Marín (7 months ago)
I’m really fannnnn, I love it 😍
Jenn Hebbert (7 months ago)
why lie and say its the 2018 show when its the 2017 show -_-
caroline joy Collado (7 months ago)
samuisun66 (7 months ago)
Royale Max (7 months ago)
Im pretty sure this is from 2017
Grace Kwon (7 months ago)
Do I have respect for all of these models and their hard work? Yes, absolutely, congratulations on being cast in a highly televised lingerie show. HOWEVER, this is business after all and the public has spoken. Victoria's Secret is falling further and further off the ladder each year and it's not secret that it's because they fail to see that diversity is trending and that means in both skin color and size/shape. The general population cannot relate to these models. If anyone would like to see an AMAZING show that pays tribute to everyone, you should check out Rihanna's first lingerie line: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZEsHLfF9HY (It clearly shows a vast difference between a company that is blind and is solely rooted in a traditional perspective of beauty as is standard in the fashion business versus a company that has heard the people and has included their feedback in their show).
Debangshu Haldar (7 months ago)
Nanģño Victoria ìßaw now
Hina Kiani (7 months ago)
It's 2017
Yoland José (7 months ago)
Maria Borges... Angola! #orgulho
Paula Christoph (7 months ago)
The diversity is amazing to me. Beautiful women.
AMAARA. A (7 months ago)
Is that girl frm the vampire diaries?
asniar tirtarani (7 months ago)
I loved how candice put her “game face” on. Fieeeerce!!!
arnie boi (7 months ago)
Jessica j (7 months ago)
But this is LAST YEARS ???
Siblings On Fire (7 months ago)
Harry Styles ❤❤
Dayana Solano (7 months ago)
charlotte white (7 months ago)
It's the 2017 show, 2018 show is in New York !
Lisa Horgan (7 months ago)
Harrynin hepsinden güzel fiziği olması çok garip
ygortherampage (7 months ago)
beautiful but dumb
Alessa Rhiner (7 months ago)
Candice's return was wonderful, I loved the opening! Her walk so sexy, elegant, powerful, she is so beautiful! Such a Queen!
_directioner _lina (7 months ago)
I saw harry i clicked lol
NesaFashion Channel (7 months ago)
MysticGal91 (7 months ago)
This is 2017 fashion show.....
Mating Mats (7 months ago)
Very impressive since opening
Sydney Ph. (7 months ago)
This confused me so much because it was 2017 not 2018
It's me Rose (7 months ago)
When you choose money over food... Can't relate
Go Lilly
Jim Yost (7 months ago)
The first seven minutes of this video is just plain awful.
Eduarda Sartorio (7 months ago)
Eduarda Sartorio (7 months ago)
Suernbqueen (7 months ago)
I have all these outfits!!! They so amazing !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(7 months ago)
I love the show
EjEmSi (7 months ago)
Lily Aldridge's pose in Pink 2009 is ICONIC! ❤️ Plus her walking to Kings of Leon music and Caleb watching her from the audience. I fell in love with her right at that moment. That is my favourite moment of her through out the years, it was even more special than the fantasy bra. I was tearing up just as they were talking about it.
Gabrielle Nunes (7 months ago)
alguém brasileiro sabe o nome do cara que tava cantando??
Ivelyn Miranda (7 months ago)
Todo lindo, fea cancion
Fashion for Life (7 months ago)
Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show 2018 Full HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku0bTzQzagk
Mila Hansen (7 months ago)
This is from 2017 ???!?!?!?
Anita Ziyi (7 months ago)
The thing is Alessandra Ambrosio doesn’t even run for them anymore and it says 2018😂
Cynthia Ceja (7 months ago)
start 4:40 Adriana Lima
rl9 rl9 (7 months ago)
We know is all about make up and stuff but them girls are amazing this is a little beauty in our shitty lifes. Lol
marcobrazil (7 months ago)
OMG it’s Harry Styles!!!!!!!!!!!!
hkhipster (7 months ago)
this is 2017 VS fashion show
Annisa Fitrianti (7 months ago)

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