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Online Dating Advice For Black Men

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Online Dating Advice for Black Men. The truth is Online Dating is only about presentation. Maximize your SMV
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burymedeep 2093 (1 month ago)
Your thumbnails are unsurpassable solo.
Queensway Baby (1 month ago)
Just show your big hips and thick thighs and you will attract a drove of men.
Jonathan Brown (1 month ago)
I'm following the girl in picture on Instagram.
Jonathan Brown (1 month ago)
Solotv84 myahskye or myamarie on Instagram
Solotv84 (1 month ago)
Whats her name
GrowUpIdiot (1 month ago)
At least credit the model
Tohera Khatun (1 month ago)
Do anyone know about Troplusfix Dating Secrets? Does it work? I hear most people become badass with women with this popular dating secrets.
Chase Pearson (2 months ago)
It’s tough on top 5 percent looking brothers too. I wish you’d do a video on that.
Chase Pearson (1 month ago)
Solotv84 unless you can’t handle that topic 🤷🏼‍♂️ just interesting to know.. nobody is getting anything close to their level. Maybe you’ll consider. Regards.
Chase Pearson (1 month ago)
Solotv84 no sir. Dead ass serious. I can email you the proof if need be. Women due to social media date way up. I’m a 8-9 depending on my shape at the time. You should see my matches. Trash.
Solotv84 (2 months ago)
You trolling Bro? 😂😂😂
Carlton Banks (2 months ago)
Truth to fiction, dating online is really just fucking online, I'm oldschool and remember a time when both women and men posted in classified ads in newspapers back in the day in the day, it's all a farce
Carlton Banks (2 months ago)
Be chosen and not choose is the no. 1 game to play because even when you're chosen you have the upper hand in the selection, it will allow you to critique broads based on both there attitude and looks, either one way or the other. It's simple game 101
Carlton Banks (2 months ago)
You nailed that shit fam, I have nothing else to say, that describes online dating in a nutshell, I've never dated online, but this would most certainly be the criteria imo
Anindita Dey (2 months ago)
What is Troplusfix Dating Secrets and how does it work? I hear a lot of people get laid by hot women with this popular dating manual.
Khairi Khan (3 months ago)
Who's dat badass chick in the thumbnail ?
Just Business (4 months ago)
Janet W. Moody (4 months ago)
I see many people keep on talking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets. But I'm not sure if it's good. Have you ever try this popular dating course?
Lord Bison (4 months ago)
Adult Friend Finder? Lol.
john good (3 months ago)
Just as bad, either wall hitters trying to be picky or old couples ego tripping
Danny B (4 months ago)
Whats the name of the first song
Elliot Ness (5 months ago)
If an attractive women is online dating most likely she's cheating.
Blow' The Whistle (5 months ago)
Right on..
Fabio Gustavo (6 months ago)
man Solo you seem to have all the answers. You actually help me a lot for so long I been think it was me, the universe, you name it. Now I finally see the end of the tunnel.
Jas sth (8 months ago)
Hello there, I want to know if Troplusfix Dating Secrets, will work for me? I see a lot of people keep on talking about this popular dating course.
Romit Maharjan (9 months ago)
Do natural popular dating secrets like Troplusfix Dating Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I've heard numerous amazing things about this popular dating course.
Jab Bo (11 months ago)
Online dating is simple. Play the law of averages. Send 100 women a message asking for sex. You should get a minimum of 5% feedback with a YES. Pick 1 of the 5 and enjoy yourself.
petestreet (11 months ago)
Another Nigah haatah. Brothus, why TF do you hate your black sisters soo much to go to such lengths to be with a woman of another race? You're fucking pathetic.
wille9 P (1 year ago)
Just be a narcissist!
Notmy Name (1 year ago)
Just don't do online dating. Waste of time
Notmy Name (1 year ago)
You have no business being on dating websites. Those chicks are addicted to attention. They have dozens, if not hundreds of guys inboxing them. You don't really have a chance.
Solo brother, this is one of my favorite pieces by you
Solotv84 (1 year ago)
+The Serious Hour thank you
Kris Johnson (1 year ago)
Brothas get offfline!!!!!!!! do not holla online!!!!! dont sell youself short im tellin you go out and holla!!!! if you stay online too long then it fucks up your game and make you weird as hell you become rusty and sometimes you get it back and sometimes you dont but you gotta be a man and holla in person if you want something real!! and when i mean online i mean everything facebook, tinder, instagram all that shit yall do not need it.....remember yall are kings!!! you dont need to get no women online yall take this advice as if your life depended on it
wille9 P (1 year ago)
I can't find one video like this about white man bashing white women, I guess blacks want to be loud and embarrassing in front of races! These type of videos give the impression, that blacks aren't intellect beings. There's not one science black youtube channel, but thousands of videos about these non-intellectual topics like this, are what blacks are mostly interested in.
ska punk (1 year ago)
go swimming or they have a beta life I ain't no woman not these ones
Stray Dog (1 year ago)
Don't waste your time with online dating, half of those female aren't who they say they are.
rally247ful (1 year ago)
As a young black man (24) with an AS degree, a decent job, my own place, good credit, new car, with average looks. Your telling me I am forced to date single moms, fat women, ugly or deformed women or women with mental illnessess or other health issues. What The Fuck. Even my aunt tried to set me up with a 32 year old fat women with mental health problems, hell no not when i can pull quality women from other countries. Quality black men are treated like a joke and its sad.
Randy Cape (1 year ago)
holy shit this video helps alot some true shit right brutha
bad4ever2010 (1 year ago)
I can attest to the attractive women online being bat shit crazy; I have dated a couple of them and it almost put me off dating for good.
MrPrettyBoyChina (7 months ago)
bad4ever2010 it that bad 😂😂
Edward Tenelus (1 year ago)
Chalese Fauntleroy (1 year ago)
T Rex so true
Solotv84 (1 year ago)
T Rex if you ain't getting chosen got either 1. Out of shape and fat or 2.your pics are wack. Step your game up instead of crying
Jay Entrepreneur (1 year ago)
Attractive women are only online to get their daily fix of attention and "likes"..
patrick Edmknd (7 months ago)
Mostafa Waresuzzaman (1 year ago)
I see lots of people keep on speaking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets (look on google search engine). But I'm uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular dating manual?
Richard Smitg (1 year ago)
background music??
David H Benn-Hirsch (1 year ago)
I'm having a hard time setting up a date because I'm a short guy (5'0) and its no joke. I do go to the gym but I don't have the physique yet but I don't know that showing off my body online could work.
GeorgeAyodele (1 year ago)
Quite frankly, I think online dating is just wrong and too risky. The risk completely outweighs the profit (unless you're just looking for sex). It's similar to shopping online, how many times have you bought crap online but thought it was very good from the pics and descriptions? Same with online dating, only this time your wasted time and emotions invested in meeting someone to date is far more precious than wasted money on buying bad online products. The Internet is very good for many things, but meeting someone to date and possibly marry should be more traditional if you're not a player or a ho. You just need 1 person not a million, so no need advertising yourself to millions.
AK6 (2 years ago)
FUCK THESE HOES!!!   The truth of what he said was BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who are online dating DONT NEED TO BE ONLINE!! If they are online and they are FINE???    SHE BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!!     GOT ISSUES!!!    AND FULL OF DRAMA!!! Fuck these bitches man. Get yourself a dog and hang with the fellas.    Your homeboys will 9 times out of 10 be more fun to be around and have less bullshit drama anyway.    And Porn is free online these days.     EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH YOUR GIRL YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR BOYS.........EXCEPT ONE THING.     BE INTIMATE AND HAVE SEX. You can go eat with your boy.   You can go catch a movie with your boy.   And it will be a GUY movie like Star Wars or Black Hawk down.   It wont be no fuckin KEVIN HART bullshit.    You can do all that shit with your boy.   And since she bat shit crazy...... then you only need her for one thing.     YEP YOU GUESSED IT!!!!!    THE BOO-TAY!!!    Other than that...... be ready to deal with a bunch of stupid ass female nonsensical insecure ass issues. Like this chick in the pic........ SHE DOING THAT SHIT CAUSE SHE NEED ATTENTION.     FUCK HER!!!    Niggas like OMG she so fine whats her link.... I wanna look at her.     Fuck outta here ya damn simps.     THEY ARE USING WITCHCRAFT ON YOU!!!!!!    Youll be broke and heartbroken in 6 months fuckin with her. And niggas for miles around will always be hittin on your girl cause he NEEDS ATTENTION AND VALIDATION.
Gabrielle Gamble (2 years ago)
um hm like me. looking for my boo. online.
Gil Fernando (2 years ago)
you look good! if you let me, i wanna be your boo!
Eibon phoenix (2 years ago)
yes solo you are right but also attractive women who date online are looking for something serious and most of the time you will not find something serious in a club
iammagnum mag (2 years ago)
Attractive woman on the internet are just using men to have a good time u see the same good looking woman for like 4 years lol acting like they looking.
Giozy Banjen (2 years ago)
iammagnum mag true words
iammagnum mag (2 years ago)
hence catfishing
Abe Hassan-Froman (2 years ago)
Not a fan of online dating for a few of the reasons solo described. I also feel like online dating for Men is like Job hunting. You set up your profile (fix your resume) then you post it and start messages women you like (email your resume to potential employers). You wait to get a response. If you get a response, you set up a date (employers response means job interview). If She/Employers like you, then you got the job and if not its back to square one. I prefer to meet women organically. In bars, churches, Library, house party, wine tasting or networking event.
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
Abraham Hassan excellent analogy
Pink Gal (2 years ago)
If you're on an online dating site as a man you're most likely a weirdo, reject, and ugly (mentally ill)
supa dupa (2 years ago)
Solo... Bro...... WHOS THAT BAD ASS WOMAN IN THE VIDEO?? Type in the link to her and that pic
NewGardner (2 years ago)
Since I've kinda hijacked this comment feed, I'd like to give some food for thought. With the exception of black men, most men in America date women for fun until they are ready to start a family. Therefore, they use condoms until they know she the one. And, they start their family within the culture they are in. Of course there are exceptions (usually frustrated rejects) but, they date any culture but, have babies by their own. This allows the culture to create a neighborhood with stable resources and grow. Every culture has its own community and though we are scattered, its still possible to create cluster neighborhoods throughout the US. Integration is nice. It's happy happy joy joy thing but, it ain't producing what we need except ambiguous unidentifiable offspring that grow up confused and displaced.
Bald Head Jamaican (2 years ago)
If u check up on online dating u see most of the same single girls online for years
Bald Head Jamaican (2 years ago)
Giozy Banjen Nope fact
Giozy Banjen (2 years ago)
they liars
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
Yup, and imagine how many dicks these girls fuck.....
rockster0192 (2 years ago)
its simple, don't marry them nor impregnate them
Momo The Disciple (2 years ago)
Time for me to take some beach pics and party pics. Where da fucc my roommate at
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
ha ha
Nolan Walls (2 years ago)
yo u called that shit dead on. want everything an has nothing!
Black Panther8118 (2 years ago)
The click bait brought me here. Damn.
slidejones (2 years ago)
Online dating for black men in America is a waste of time.
S.O.V. The Dark King (1 year ago)
Online dating and real life dating is all the same in 2017....just fux and run
rally247ful (1 year ago)
slidejones truth that I pull way more chicks in real life than online
YoungGeezer_ (2 years ago)
The chick on the video is bad
Thanos (1 month ago)
she's not a house wife material.
Jesus Christ (2 months ago)
She let real niggas bunker bust her shit up.
patrick Edmknd (7 months ago)
facts! wish he said her name.
Mike Will (1 year ago)
Dude I got like 2 pics on my profile and I pull. Just know how to convo. If you don't have good looks show case what you got like body, whip, house etc. BC females do it too.
Zero Hate (2 years ago)
Your old videos about this topic are straight up 100% gospel. However, you missed a lot in this one bro. I know you were probably recapping for the newbies, but if you're going to give them tips, direct them to your older videos about online dating or just give them all the info in a future one. Things to consider: TLDR: Bottom line is that men will simply have to go to countries where women aren't indoctrinated with American societal values. - Both sexes are shallow at a base level. You have to be attracted to the person you're with. It is simply important, even though we all try to blow it off. - Fat chicks are always, ALWAYS more aggressive in their methods to try and get a date. Most of the chicks in the "Breathe Hard Club" are not good looking and have even worse personalities or no personality at all. But some are actually very attractive in the face and some were even in shape in the past. Obvious fat and unattractive chicks are likely going to get overlooked, but the ones who have a fit photo use it as bait. You think you're going to meet the chick who killed the photo game, but end up meeting Horton at a coffee shop for lunch. MySpace angles, "Prefer not to say in the weight category," Titties on display in every photo, sexually suggestive photos only, etc. How to avoid these chicks? Don't even consider fat chicks first of all. That's just the rule. If you suspect a bait photo, don't even get curious, just forget her profile even exists and move on. It's that simple. - The great majority of top notch Black women online will not date black dudes. This is not a myth. The black women who are both in-shape and have very attractive faces do not fuck with black men. Many of them will literally state this on their respective profiles. They say shit like, "White men only" or "I prefer white men" or as blatant as "I don't date black men." I have dated top notch black women before, however, my personal dealings with them were mostly combative, as many have experienced. The non-combative, desirable black women simply do not fuck with black dudes, period. If you land one, good on you. Online, when I see a top notch black chick, I still come at them if I don't see anything obviously telling me to fuck off. Even offline, the only top notch black women are jersey-chasing in Crave, Seven and Chino Latino (fantastic sushi by the way). Honestly, I do not consider jersey chasers of any race to be top notch. Physically, yes, most of them are killing the game, but other than that, no. You're not going to have a real friendship with these women, which is key to a great relationship. Most of them have the goal to just achieve status. A man is just a way to get there, which is why they don't consider men that are about creating a family with a beautiful and likable woman. - Almost all of the hot chicks have nothing on their profiles. Many are fake. Many are also there to gold-dig. Many are hidden and will send you a blank message so you can check them out. Those women I've actually had great times with even if we weren't life compatible. Many I'm still friends with and they actually help me with my real life dating since they basically social proof me when we do something like meet up at the gym or go to happy hour. There are some girl next door types who are hot as fuck but are also littered with kids or have some kind of baggage that answers your question about "Why is she single?" - Bitter bitches. You already know. "I don't need a man, I just want one." Interests include Travel and one or two other things. "Divorced" status. Separated status. Single with kids status. Basically, even if you come across the occasional chick who is on the level, chances are she has someone and they're on the outs right now or she's bitter about him ghosting her ass. Either way, you're there to basically warm the bed. If you're too good at warming her bed, she'll go into girlfriend mode ASAP without having resolved the last situation, which will be all fucked up for you when you give her the "No thanks, I thought you were sane." You're going to catch the worst of her behavior and she'll go back to the other dude having vented her frustration with you. I woke up late as fuck as far as it goes with women. I can smash em but never really took to heart the shit that we go through because I was drinking the social kool-aid of how not all of them are the same and shit like that. In America, women are fucked. It's just that simple. The ones that are good are just one lustful act away from becoming fucked for life. Once you board the train, every car to the backdoor is just dudes running through until you have the ran-through face at 27 looking to trap a dude. By time they hit 30 they're trying to still get at the stud dudes but got their antennas up for betas who will "fix" everything. But since betas now run the world through economics, they accept ran-through chicks and even applaud it so long as they get the "used-to-be" hot chick in the end. When I went to Honduras, it was like being on another planet as far as dealing with women. They bow down ASAP and you just choose. Also, the average good-looking chick in Honduras - a 7 - takes a shit on American 9s. And so many of them are dark-skinned women with "fit" bodies. Not that bullshit "thick" US shit. I hear the same thing from guys who go to other countries. Men are going to have to really consider if they want to deal with American women or take the path of least resistance and get their money up and find a wife outside the states.
Kevin Johnson (2 years ago)
Zero Hate sorry to break it to you. but based off what I researched. Honduras has one of the world's highest murder rate and the black population is %2. not going. Guyana on the other hand, I highly recommend every well to do black man of means, to go and visit ( maybe even move ) there. the women are very beautiful and dark skin black women are one of the standards of beauty there.
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
Zero Hate imma make a video response
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
Zero Hate on point.... Can't lie... I've touched on online dating a lot surprised a lot of men don't get it
Cherry Boy (2 years ago)
Who's the girl in the photo?
That's what brought me here lol js
xibog (2 years ago)
i say their online for the sake of vanity LOOoOooL
Joe Hill (2 years ago)
thank you bruh
doncalypso (2 years ago)
Solo, it is easy to determine why good-looking women go on online dating sites.... they thrive on ATTENTION from men. more importantly, they love to have men in whom they have zero interest thirst after them.
cj zackery jr. (1 year ago)
i agree totally
NewGardner (2 years ago)
doncalypso Exactly! And Bruthasl buy right into it while neglecting the women who will hold it down, and raise your kids without plotting, manipulating, and can't make basic decisions about life.
Nick Bloem (2 years ago)
doncalypso this is truth. Most women on there for an ego boost. Even more just broke up with their bf 2 days ago and wanna feel good again. Week later they are back with their bf and gone. Bitches be using men on there
doncalypso (2 years ago)
No.... no need for online dating for dick, but only for extra attention.
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
doncalypso I know but you know what I was trying to say brother calypso pretty women do not need online dating
ear1yb1rd (2 years ago)
od is a safe haven for shallow and delusional people
ear1yb1rd (2 years ago)
+Solotv84 abbreviation for online dating
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
Velours82 (2 years ago)
Thanks for tell the truth solo it is tougher for black men in America im a testimony of that. Who's that artist playing in the background
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
Joe Cool (2 years ago)
more vids like these bro TGIF! !!
LOGICWINS (2 years ago)
Solos absolutely right. Online dating is totally superficial. Much respect to guys who have success there. As Solo says, bad bitches get hit on A LOT. In my experiences, the way to get them is to stand out from the pack. Fuck bars and fuck clubs. Approach during the day and go Mode One. When you approach in an unconventional setting and an unconventional manner, ur chances of getting pussy skyrocket....ESPECIALLY if you're black because your balls, confidence, chill vibe, and sexuality will outweigh any negative stereotypes about your skin color.
LOGICWINS (2 years ago)
+Solotv84 Never heard of distant light, I'll have to check him out. I used to be subbed to Justin Wayne's channel but he was overly cocky about his successes. He'd parade his women around in his videos. Unlike a lot of other people, I DO think his infields are real. He's extremely skilled at what he does, but Good Looking Loser teaches the SAME shit he does....except Chris' knowledge is FREE and he encourages guys to be aggressive until the girl gives up the pussy or leaves. Straight cave man shit.
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
Brian Bellamy I'm jealous hopefully I'll be in NYC 2017 that's the plan. You ever heard of Justin Wayne or distant light? They black men who are successful doing daygame
LOGICWINS (2 years ago)
+Solotv84 NYC bro. Daygame capital of the world :)
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
What city you at?
midatlantic09 (2 years ago)
Dudes who aren't top 10% in looks will likely have a really tough time with online dating, regardless of race. Perhaps white guys can stretch that to top 20% in looks, but after that, it's gonna be tough.
Jonathan Brown (1 month ago)
Upful Soul yep
Carlton Banks (2 months ago)
Not necessarily because white men are the most sought after in the world, we're just a temporary flame for most, curiosity at best because of our "rep"...
Greg Wright (5 months ago)
It’s so stupid how it works. Black man have to look legit clean look like you come from money or have some. Most white guys can just post up a photo next to a dirty ass truck and score. Me and a few buddy’s tested that theory out. Also Bald Black man have more positive results. But if you are a black male and you are trying to date you also need to be that stereotype black male. So you need to be a nice guy with a hint of thug.
Aces (2 years ago)
Online dating is good if your going though a dry spell. But every once so often you can come across a cutie. Or a mature woman. But out of all these years, I never found a keeper on there. Steady supply of ass, bjs, freak shit, but never wifey material. But maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm too picky as far as a wifely goes .. But that's good advice. What do you say about taking a casual picture next to your car. Or in it.
Zero Hate (2 years ago)
Don't second guess yourself. Your instincts are on point. Do not settle for these bum ass bitches. If you don't think they are wifey material then they just aren't. You don't question or second guess wifey material. You'll find out.
Solotv84 (2 years ago)
you're not picky like I said in the video most women online have been "ran thru" they are not wifey material. DOn't settle bruh!
Upful Soul (2 years ago)
That's true. Online girls don't look hot at all. It's just an easy way to find fuck buddies.

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