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Eating Frog in Singapore! Would you try this?

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FOOD RANGER MERCH NOW AVAILABLE! http://bit.ly/FOODRANGER Follow me on Insta: http://bit.ly/2c5ojch And subscribe to my channel here: http://bit.ly/2cCy2ub Of course you would! If you love eating and if you ever visit Singapore, make sure to eat some frog! Join me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Foodrangin This dish is an underrated beauty. I was slightly nervous trying this crazy awesome dish as I have never had a real frog experience before, but I was happy with the flavours and it was a welcome change after eating Hainanese chicken rice for days. I had to try something new and exciting, and when I saw this frog stall, I knew there was something unique to try. This frog porridge stall served spicy frog, frog with spring onion, and frog with chicken essence, all boiled in a rich sauce usually served alongside a thick rice porridge that you cover with the froggy sauce. This froggy paradise known as Eminent Frog Porridge is located at the Lavender street hawker centre, just minutes walk from many of the major hostels, including my favourite one, Michaels Backpackers. After taking a 5 hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur down to Singapore, I began by looking for food that is different from the food you find in Malaysia. However, I found that for the most part, the food in Singapore is very similar to that in Malaysia, with subtle differences between some famous dishes like Chicken rice, which I ate happily almost every day. I was lucky to spot this frog stall and immediately wanted to film it, the owner was more than happy, and he ended up giving me a free meal! Nice! Although frog porridge can be found in Malaysia, this was the first time I tried it and in Singapore I found it to be very delicious! All for 8 Singapore dollars (Approx 6.5 USD) Please don't forget to subscribe to the Food Ranger if you love food and travel and love watching food videos from around the world! Thanks for watching! Music in this video is from the AudioNetwork. Love the music I use? Get a FREE month from me to you! I'm using this library for a few months now (since July 2017) and LOVE it. http://share.epidemicsound.com/pf97L ► My Food Blog: https://www.thefoodranger.com/
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Text Comments (223)
Moona Molani (27 days ago)
Elf Seah (5 months ago)
you need to come to Singapore again dude!!
Ethan Po (6 months ago)
its also really tasty deep fried
白柠 (8 months ago)
that looks salty.
Joker Kills Batman (9 months ago)
This is insane Man!!
Michael Posada (10 months ago)
No I won’t eat it but Yes I will watch you eat it.
Tina Bautista (1 year ago)
OK.check it out!
Ebenica Mysterious (1 year ago)
Honestly NO 🤒🤒🤒
butterflybry23 (1 year ago)
dude this is pretty old, but you're really supposed to be having it with the porridge haha. Which would explain why it was hair-dropping salty
Marc McKenzie (1 year ago)
3 years later - still great short vlog.... I've never had frog, but I sure want to!
Peace Peace (1 year ago)
Wow. Looks so delicious.
Miss D Mystique (1 year ago)
Level up the taste of the gungpo frog legs by having it with porridge. Because the sauce itself is very salty but if you would to add in a bowl of porridge. It's heaven.
Rohan kumar (1 year ago)
penis flavor /????
Donkey Wack (1 year ago)
Dat really looks salty 😂
Peace Peace (1 year ago)
You can find crocodile and turtle meat cooked in many ways too in Singapore.
Ralph Furley (1 year ago)
Ok, check it out! I love the fact that they cook food in such a high temperature! It actually comes to you still boiling! Just love that!
Nathan Montoya (1 year ago)
the frog broth looked so good. #foodranger
Michael Toh (1 year ago)
Hmmm... he is eating it the wrong way. It is usually eaten with plain porridge. The gravy is too salty because it is meant to be used to favor the porridge.
Sky Tan (1 year ago)
It's nice for you to received a free meal, as things in SG are usually very expensive and not free. I would say that it is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to receive a free meal here in SG.😂 Also, I would like to see the rest of the videos about SG, please.
Nami Teli (1 year ago)
Wow 😳 looks so delicious 😋 wants to eat right now😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Miguel anguiano (1 year ago)
FoodVideo Lover (1 year ago)
Frog tastes like fishy chicken, not my cuppa.
David Easton (1 year ago)
I highly recommend you visit Mexico as you love chillies!
Football Inside (1 year ago)
So happy!.. i want to watch more of your videos
raymund usi (1 year ago)
China, Malaysia and Indonesia going crazy claiming the food are theirs!
whyeff21 (2 years ago)
that actually looks very good
Umang maskara (2 years ago)
your videos are awesome man and I loved them.
Cooter Pud (2 years ago)
Metal 3 Rings (2 years ago)
You should eat it with porridge
Luigi Galvani (2 years ago)
its delicious, im from australia and tried it there, the food is awesome.
nu (2 years ago)
now where are you ? which country come to India south india
n bosini (2 years ago)
In the north of Italy we eat fried frogs
Bappy SHIKDER (2 years ago)
brother pleas don't upload your videos separately.....
Frozzy Frozz (2 years ago)
u shud try the mutton red bones at beach road...the best of the best....!!!
Gigan Auto (2 years ago)
It does taste like chicken but the meat is much firmer.
Ethan Po (6 months ago)
exactly how u described it
Lee C. (2 years ago)
Hey Trevor, would you ever go back to Singapore? I find the place very interesting.
Rothschild family (2 years ago)
Dam! human eating frog.. Dam..
杨昱麟 (1 year ago)
john doe what's wrong with it? don't discriminate frogs lol
避けがたいカニ (2 years ago)
As a French I can testimony too that frogs are really good :D
Pong Pong (2 years ago)
Haha i can eat a kilo of.frogs,coz here in my hometown frogs are eaten just like chicken 😂😂😂
EarBoUnD / Frost Boss (2 years ago)
food ranger I live in Singapore!!
As a subscriber and a novice producer PLZ KNOW, " Anthony Bourdain & Andrew Zimmer have NOTHING on you when it comes to how you interact with Asians in their native dialect." ... it's only a matter of time before a network in Asia or... WILL approach you so as to enthusiastically educate their viewers. Remember "GREATER $UCCE$$ AWAITS". Until then, keep honing your skills, uploading and LIVING.
I wanna try that
Never even considered eating frog. I might rethink that if I ever go to Singapore.
The Food Ranger I'm an Anglo Indian but grew up in Oman :-)
The Food Ranger (2 years ago)
Hey Lorraine! yeah that was yum! Where are you from?
carolina castillo (2 years ago)
have you ate dog meat in china ??
Play-a-maker (2 years ago)
I have. It's fucking delicious
Jo Han (2 years ago)
You should go to Geylang and try it...
LOVEJOT'S STUDIO (2 years ago)
R u kidding me frog eu yak 💩💩💩💩🐸🐸🐸 and he liked that yak yak yak yak
peterstang (2 years ago)
Frog recipes were widely liked in China but are now banned because these little amphibians are beneficial to the crops.
阿帝Danny (1 year ago)
Well those frogs are raised in farm.... No extinction issues now
geckomom74 (2 years ago)
TREVOR...PLEASE do a video of bloopers!! you must have accumulated quite a lot by now! I love your videos and look forward to watching each time you release one :) thank you kindly from Massachusetts, USA!
Ghost (2 years ago)
what other food did u eat in singapore ?
DOOOOOOOTS (2 years ago)
Bro they speak english
boon teck yeo (9 months ago)
XOXOcel Mandarin Chinese very few people's native language in Singapore.
XOXOcel (1 year ago)
I guess he thought it was polite to speak their native language, since that would be easier for them.
DOOOOOOOTS (2 years ago)
cyanide yo Bro I from sg
Louis Dega (2 years ago)
Chris Fang (2 years ago)
I wanted to see them butcher a frog.
kimberly cabigon (2 years ago)
I love all your videos✌🏼️makes me hungry🍜
Mathias Kristiansen (2 years ago)
Mak kim (2 years ago)
I enjoyed watching your interesting videos. I look forward to watch more of your videos.
The Food Ranger (2 years ago)
Hey Mak! Thanks a lot!!
du5kmewjw (2 years ago)
Trevor where are the rest of the Singapore videos?
Louis Kranung Iii (3 months ago)
du5kmewjw how not gain weight
-mcg- (5 months ago)
rekcufeht guailan
boon teck yeo (9 months ago)
rekcufeht Kau cina babi
rekcufeht (1 year ago)
in the trash where the rest of sg food belongs
TerrisOngJianLong1 (1 year ago)
He has lots of China videos.
justgot123 (2 years ago)
you made me hungry, man lol
Sonia Vazquez (2 years ago)
hell no lol
Mode Darvish (2 years ago)
Shellyann Morgan (2 years ago)
Please Trevor, leave them frogs alone brother, ok
Chaw Chaw Win (2 years ago)
I live in Singapore but never try there b4. tomw I will go. can't sleep n watching yr video. become very hungry
Arlene Vargas (2 years ago)
i like to eat frog,,coz it taste like chicken...
jon boy (1 year ago)
Hit the nail on the head. To me it taste like fish/chicken. Very mild form of both.
WR3ND (1 year ago)
Makes sense. If you think about it, frogs are sort of like a cross between fish and chicken, chickens being descendants of dinosaurs which are related to lizards.
Three Random Words (1 year ago)
I think frog legs taste like a cross between fresh trout and chicken in both taste and texture.
Andy Do (2 years ago)
MousyTroopLeaderG To me it kinda does.
Bob Williams (2 years ago)
I was in Singapore last summer and really enjoyed the pepper crab. Try it next time your there.
LiHao Tang (2 years ago)
You are suppose to eat it with the porridge!!! That plus plain porridge is divine!!! Ah wasted
Lick My Toes (2 years ago)
yesssssss Singapore rules!!!!!!! and the hainan chicken rice is to die for!
Sony (2 years ago)
zainab buddaru (2 years ago)
hey James how does it taste???
coeg BTBX (2 years ago)
go to indonesia please ,and eat rendang
Lick My Toes (2 years ago)
+Arka Sarkar i mean singapore version
Arka Sarkar (2 years ago)
+Alucard Vlad Țepeș i think he tried nasi lemak in malaysia
Lick My Toes (2 years ago)
he should also try Singaporean rendang and Nasi Lemak!
Trish Le (2 years ago)
Why he need speak chinese singaporean only speak good English
Hà Triều Anh (2 months ago)
Yes, I came to Chinese Town in Singapore, I ordered a bowl of noodle, the buyer is an old man, couldn't understand English
thesuperproify (2 years ago)
+ccpprs SGP​ really? he speaks mandarin fluenty. 60% of Singaporean households speak mandarin in their houses
jocx305 (2 years ago)
I dont think he was struggling, maybe just a bit camera shy.
ccpprs SGP (2 years ago)
Yeah, but you can see that the owner was struggling to speak in Mandarin............
thesuperproify (2 years ago)
alot of Singaporean speak mandarin
Soushi Miketsukami (2 years ago)
I love frogs
Mia tj (2 years ago)
looks good, but need some rice.
M TURAN (2 years ago)
Been to the same joint in 2014. It fealt asif I was there again.
Brian Hou (2 years ago)
which is the reason why frog is called 'field chicken' in chinese
Sophoeun May (2 years ago)
Look so yummy dear. I have never taste frog before.
The Food Ranger (2 years ago)
haha yeah it was so yummy, great to hear from you again Sophoeun!
colin wilson (2 years ago)
Before you said that the frog is like chicken i have been told it is like chicken love chicken so gonna try frog here we go. Your the man buddy love your vids they are the best and trust me i see a lot of food vids and food tele you beat master chef my man your the dogs. ;-)
The Food Ranger (2 years ago)
Hey Colin! Hope you enjoyed the vid bud, cheers!
William Thomas (2 years ago)
frog is delicious!
Ronnie Lee Chin Heng (2 years ago)
why you did not eat with rice
The Food Ranger (2 years ago)
+Ronnie Lee Chin Heng Hi Ronnie! I should have :)
silent reader (2 years ago)
if u go to indonesia try Swikee .. (frog)
Chong Peng Cheng (2 years ago)
eat it with sticky plain porridge = heaven
Chong Peng Cheng (2 years ago)
Congee or Porridge depending on whether you like it thick or watery
Lick My Toes (2 years ago)
EBobby Sing (2 years ago)
Ok. Chuck it out.
Alessandro Volta (2 years ago)
Love small Italian frog (fried) and large Chinese frog (spicy tomato sauce).
Alessandro Volta (2 years ago)
+The Food Ranger Don't you?.  The recipe shown on the video should be very good. I' love to taste it...
The Food Ranger (2 years ago)
+Alessandro Volta mmm mmmmm
jee sean (3 years ago)
frog with chicken essence oh my god~~~!!!! damn i miss this.
The Food Ranger (2 years ago)
+jee sean Yeah it was really awesome Jee!
VDOSnail (3 years ago)
Hey foodie buddy, you're sure that you're not born asian or chinese for that matter cos you seem to like chinese food a lot + you speak mandarin. Kudos ! ;)
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+VDOSnail hey buddy! haha, I don't know, I just love food and Chinese food is awesome!!
Metaphysical2012 (3 years ago)
The french love eating frogs as well!
FashionStatementz (3 years ago)
It is salty because it's supposed to be eaten with porridge!
RJW (3 years ago)
That gas flame looked as though it could melt steel!!... Why do they have it on such a high heat?. Loving your videos
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+RobbWilliams11 Hi Robb! Yeah it was huge!! They have to boil it really fast and hot.
dillajohn (3 years ago)
OK check it OUT! ;) ahaha
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+dillajohn haahah
Dave Warren (3 years ago)
the Chinese restaurants in Ottawa serve frog legs
Dave Warren (3 years ago)
Yes tasted like chicken
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+Dave Warren Awesome, did you try?
fenriz218 (3 years ago)
When I was a kid, my parents took me out to eat fried frog legs atleast once a month - until some political bozo convinced the people that killing frogs was inhumane, that the legs were ripped off live frogs and they put a ban on frog-meat. Politicians... they even manage to spoil one's apetite.
Ralphie_Boy (3 years ago)
C.I.O. Check it out!! LOL
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+Ralphie_Boy haha Ralphie! That's right!
Diana Dai (3 years ago)
Its interesting to see how you complimented the food vendor after eating it. In Singapore nobody does that, though it is certainly a nice gesture! Your chinese could provide caught them off guard too!
typical human (2 years ago)
+The Food Ranger Hi Trevor . Im Ali From Singapore Just Asking When are you coming to Singapore again
dillajohn (3 years ago)
+Diana Tay u are beautiful ! :3 mhm <3
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+Diana Tay Hey Diana! Thank you for watching, glad you liked the vid!
adam parker (3 years ago)
I had frog loads of times in France , it's nice but your get more for less eating chicken.
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+adam parker haha yeah
Ryan Valdez Vlog (3 years ago)
I love crispy fried frog
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+Ryan Valdez Yeah it was so tasty! mmm
JUSTTTT (3 years ago)
2 words. HELL NO
fenriz218 (3 years ago)
+JUSTTTT I guess it comes with travelling a lot that one realizes that meat is meat, and unless it's poisonous, it's edible. Whether it all tastes good, that's another issue, but curiosity makes you want to try it anyway.
JUSTTTT (3 years ago)
+fenriz218 cat I have tried because its kind of a tradition to eat in a nearby town of where I live My thing is that there are some animals that I don't see as being food (zebras, crocodiles, lions, the frog shown in the video, etc)
JUSTTTT (3 years ago)
+fenriz218 I give you props for trying it but in my opinion I would never do it just thinking of it makes me feel sick
fenriz218 (3 years ago)
+JUSTTTT Have eaten zebra-steak in Tanzania - tastes like horse, just slightly gamier, saltier and a little tougher to chew, but otherwise, I can only recomend it.
middle first (3 years ago)
try stuffed frog with minced pork and onions and parsley, frog adobo, fried frog
middle first (3 years ago)
I had them the 4th time I went to the Philippines in Manila but other than that your videos are just to much for me every time I watch it I get hungry again lol
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+Allan Pedro mmmm very nice!!
Florencio Valenzuela (3 years ago)
Seems like very tasty but I never try it.
Dennis (3 years ago)
Those pots for cooking it are pretty cool.
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+Dennis Longnecker Yeah, so cool!
Joseph Lynn (3 years ago)
At 6.40 usd seems very expensive right?
Arka Sarkar (2 years ago)
+Racheal Rugweda singapore a third world country??? lol hahahahaha... go visit singapore first
Lorelai (2 years ago)
+Racheal Rugweda lol are you American?
Gulupumo (2 years ago)
wondering if you are able to afford an apartment in Singapore lol
So Nyeo Shi Dae (3 years ago)
+Racheal Rugweda your english is cancerous, and I hope you did some research on how Singapore considered a 1st world / developing. If you continue to think that it's 3rd world then, i shall excuse you for your nonchalance and ignorance
alif imam (3 years ago)
god food good country good singapore good welcome
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+alif imam Hi Alif! Thank you!
jackychannel (3 years ago)
taste like chicken
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+jackychannel haha :)
Andy G (3 years ago)
1:52 you really dissapointed me. If you're not gonna eat it why u even trying it in the first place?
The Food Ranger (3 years ago)
+Andy G hey Andy, don't worry man, I ate the whole bowl. It was awesome. That cut you're speaking at wasn't very smooth, but I did eat it :)

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