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Dreaming About Hair

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So I had a dream about my locs...Be sure to watch the video to hear about the entire dream. Do you believe in dream interpretations? Do you find meaning behind your dreams? What do you think it means to dream about hair? Thanks for watching!!!
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Diabetic Tea (11 months ago)
I had a dream like this about a 2 months ago... I sat in a hair dressing chair.. it was cut bald... well i cut it the same night but gave myself 1-2 in tapered cut... now I'm thinking about cutting it bald now ..... I will say I felt so free afterwards
QueenJustMe (5 months ago)
Wow what a dream! It’s interesting how symbolic cutting hair can be, followed by the start of a new journey. If you should cut it bald, good luck and have fun with it. I remember big chopping and how liberated I felt after the fact. Thanks for watching!
lnny33 (2 years ago)
matter of fact I did have a dream with my haircut my hair is very long so I dream that someone cut my hair but I don't let no one touch my hair but me I just woke up out of breath and looking in the mirror to come to find out it was just a dream I do believe in what dreams mean I do look online for that and when I found it it just said that I will start a new beginning but thank you for sharing your dream and let me share Minds.

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