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C is for Sea - Blackadder - BBC

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Baldrick helps Blackadder rewrite the entire English dictionary before Doctor Johnson returns. But they're not getting very far. Subscribe to Comedy Greats for more hilarious videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=BBCComedyGreats This is a channel from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.
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Text Comments (153)
U.V. S. (14 days ago)
I find your contrafibularities disturbing.
naly202 (15 days ago)
Is it Hagrid????!!!!!!
Iboro Udoh (18 days ago)
B'gosh! This is art---absoulute art.
chas farthing (20 days ago)
It wasn’t a dream😬
Andrew Hughes (25 days ago)
God, I'm getting University flashbacks. Group work, urgh.
Ric Sanches (1 month ago)
Lol the exit
DogGone Natural (1 month ago)
NoVaKane (1 month ago)
Is that hugh ? Lol
Kono Dutch (1 month ago)
No you cant have it.
serious black (1 month ago)
here from criccbuzz xD
alexanderx33 (1 month ago)
Alicia Arden (1 month ago)
Dr Johnson is actually Rubeus Hagrid
Travis Ark (2 months ago)
Dog = not a cat. . Isnt wrong, you CAN define something by describing what it isnt. some words in the dictionary are described this way.
David Farmer (2 months ago)
How did they keep a staight face doing this stuff.
Byak Hanghal (2 months ago)
You're not British,Your German.. So very true..
Dashcam Lancs (3 months ago)
Always hear this on Union Jack Radio in between songs. Definition of dog on there never gets old.
Bedwaaq Cawsgurow (4 months ago)
Not a 🐈! I love this.
Schmeckle (4 months ago)
The dog definition is actually right though
holydrones (4 months ago)
I think the flaw in the plan was Dr. Johnson recognising that his entire dictionary had changed handwriting.
TPD (4 months ago)
I think the fact that it had lost a life times worth of work would be the detail Dr Johnson would focus on😂
Pyro Gear (5 months ago)
Honestly, these definitions aren't too bad by comparison with some of the actual definitions that Dr. Johnson gave in his Dictionary. Sock: something put between the foot and the shoe Oats: A grain which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people
Jack Bailey (6 months ago)
"Good lord, I mean we're British aren't we" "You're not. You're German"
S A (13 days ago)
@mijadane thank u that makes it 1000 times funnier when i understand it 😂
mijadane (16 days ago)
The Windsor dynasty a ka the British Royals originaly from Germany.
S A (16 days ago)
I dont understand the joke..
vishal gavit (1 month ago)
i though he said "You are germ" lol
Kelly14UK (4 months ago)
The contemptuous snarl in Blackadder's face when he says it, too.
Thomas Wise (7 months ago)
Oxford English Dictionary C- Sea (a big blue wobbly thing) D- Dog ( not a cat)
Carlo Zabbia (7 months ago)
Baldrick is the best sidekick ever.
Slartibartfast (8 months ago)
I think it was Chambers that defined éclair as 'long in shape but short in duration' and boyfriend as 'a girl's current best male friend'.
コンドトドロキ (9 months ago)
Mr Bean
Kelly14UK (4 months ago)
Haha. The differences between them.
drpapa26 (1 year ago)
We don't deserve Baldrick
Chester King (1 year ago)
The British turned chester into Baldric LOL
Jairo Gonzalez (1 year ago)
What episode?
Andrew Pliakis (1 year ago)
sine moderamine (1 year ago)
In the first Polish dictionary the definition of 'horse' roughly translates into English as "Come on, you know what it is." So Baldrick's definition of 'dog' isn't all that bad by comparison.
Evan490BC (3 months ago)
@Ω310K39ζ You don't need to. All words are defined using the same definition, "Come on, ..." etc.
mieszczuch (6 months ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowe_Ateny Or the dragon - "dragon is hard to overcome, yet one shall try".
Ω310K39ζ (6 months ago)
i want to read that dictionary
Bushmansmeg (1 year ago)
no blackadder, he doesnt
Tyler Worner (1 year ago)
"There's been a change of plan, I'm off to the kitchen, to hack my head off with a big knife"
Nikki Barrett (1 year ago)
1:41 Why does Blackadder sound American
Philip Croft (1 year ago)
only to you--apparently
surfinmuso (1 year ago)
Lol -A tiny moment of truth, "you're not English, you're German". English "royalty" are actually nazi's (they and USA industrialists like Ford supplied hitler with the funds to create their war machine-well documented.)
MWSin1 (1 year ago)
Um, I think he was referring to the fact that George was a member of the House of Hanover.
WolfRanger 1987 (1 year ago)
Me doing my homework
James Wright (2 years ago)
A thing which starts with B= Honey😂😂😂
U.V. S. (14 days ago)
A thing that starts with C = drowning!!!
Spock Of Dune (2 years ago)
"oooh i't a bloody dream " i love that part !
iammontecristo (2 years ago)
I just realized that I have had plenty of Baldrick moments over the years
Fulvic (2 years ago)
Tiny misunderstanding
SGRev1 (2 years ago)
I didn't get 1:25 when I was a kid, but I do now.
Aaron Hurst (2 years ago)
The C joke gets me every time, haha xD
Koishi Komeiji (2 years ago)
holy crap, i learned so much from what baldrick said i've finally found out that dog is not a cat
Philip Croft (1 year ago)
Sloth from The Goonies (2 years ago)
Hagrid's got some moves!
Ken Adams (2 years ago)
I remember a scene where the Prince hears the word Syllables and thinks they mean "silly Bulls, what episode is that in?
Lord Protector (1 year ago)
Blackadder's Christmas Carol.
Patrick de Oliveira (2 years ago)
This perfectly sums up writing college assignments the night before
Charlotte Smith (1 year ago)
Too real
G Man (2 years ago)
Dog - not a cat. :D
Bård (2 years ago)
"TINY misunderstanding..."
Michael Naisbitt (2 years ago)
The comic genius and writing of this show ,,,literally blows the doors off anything shown on TV today. Like comparing pearls to doggie Doo Doo of present comedy
Andrew Phipps Phillips (9 months ago)
Tramples on the bollocks of Mrs Brown's Boys & pops a nice flying pasty onto the lawn of Citizen Khan.
Stormin Boy (2 years ago)
Superb lol
I'd love to be able to make this type of humour, but I'm terrible at humour
Lego Brickology (2 years ago)
No, this is comedy, not humour. You have humour (well, I hope), what you don't have is comedy, which is, indeed, created.
Makie (3 years ago)
2:27 Mr. Bean+Hagrid
IceCranberry (1 year ago)
And Bean works for Dr. House too ;) It's just brilliant acting from three superb British actors (more thoroughly tho, two are English and one is Scottish) before they took on their most famous roles. :)
urmo345 (3 years ago)
The real life fact is, that there is no "aardvark" in Samuel Johnson dictionary. But "sausage" is.
Klios Archive (3 years ago)
"These are not the days of Alfred the Great. You can't just lop someone's head off and put the blame on the Vikings."
Mickey Macbeth (28 days ago)
Dang it! So I invited Justin Bieber and many politicians to my house for no reason?
TheB29Bomber (1 year ago)
I'm still going to do it, though, and you can't stop me!
Martin Putt (2 years ago)
5Oblivion (3 years ago)
Can't I, by God!?
mxgirl918 (3 years ago)
I was born after this aired but it beats much of what is on TV these days.
iain rickwood (21 days ago)
Only thing today to come close to this writing is Game of Thrones Oh wait
David Farmer (2 months ago)
@Delon Duvenage Unfortunately true.
AVM GUY (3 months ago)
@Philip Croft .....Possibly even........an immeasurable distance.........(Standards of literacy have followed the exact same pattern as television content)........
kiddhkane (7 months ago)
Hell yeah... TV nowadays is only good as a console screen (if you have a console). Edit: Another thing I would like to add - that was back when we had actors and actresses. Now all we have is celebrities.
Delon Duvenage (7 months ago)
thats because these days they have to dumb things down for the unschooled idiot majority
marktupper1959 (3 years ago)
who is the lady at 2.30?
Robbie Cameron (2 years ago)
Blackadder's, Aunt Marjorie.
borgduck (3 years ago)
If this is not comic genius, I don't know what is!
Rayrulez96 (3 years ago)
"Baldrick, who gave you permission to turn into an Alsatian!?"
Robbie Phillips (9 months ago)
Dr. Johnson doesn’t want us to burn his Dictionary at all
Martin Putt (2 years ago)
Rayrulez96 - "Oh god it's a dream, it's a bloody dream"
Gar96 (3 years ago)
...yes....TINY misunderstanding, still, my hopes weren't high.
David Farmer (2 months ago)
i need to remember that........ a good philosophy on life now.
Gypsy Slagwagon (3 years ago)
"Oh, come on, Blackadder, it's only a book. Let's just damn the fellow's eyes, strip the britches from his backside and warm his heels to Putney Bridge! HURRAH!"
David Farmer (2 months ago)
@jacob burt I think that's just a nasty rumour jacob.
jacob burt (3 years ago)
@Rx Hydra you're not, you're German.
Rx Hydra (3 years ago)
Oh, well, all right, then let's just get on with it! I mean, boil my brains, it's only a dictionary. No one's asked us to eat ten raw pigs for breakfast. Good Lord, I mean, we're BRITISH, aren't we?
jacob burt (3 years ago)
Sir, these are not the days of Alfred the Great, you can't just lop someone's head off and blame it on the Vikings."
The Drüid (3 years ago)
Nicolas Ruytenbeek (4 years ago)
What does Laurie exactly say before yelling his "hurrah" out?
threadenoid908 (3 years ago)
@Nicolas Ruytenbeek "Oh, come on, Blackadder! It's only a book! Let's just...damn the fellow's eyes, strip the britches (breeches) from his backside and warm his heels to Putney Bridge! Hurrah!"
JazzMan (4 years ago)
Dog = not a cat.
Margarita M. (1 month ago)
Makes sense.
abu3qab (4 months ago)
Actually, given how people nowadays perceive cats and dogs, that's a brilliant, albeit funny, definition.
Alex Warnke (5 months ago)
Yes...and no.
Rx Hydra (8 months ago)
Romain Savioz (1 year ago)
Cat = not a dog
Ran Sherman (4 years ago)
"not a cat"
evrbody (4 years ago)
I love the way that Dr. Johnson delicately flutters out the door.
borgduck (3 years ago)
+evrbody  Yeah! And they cut out when he continues, across the hallway!
NeidalRuekk (3 years ago)
+evrbody Don't you mean Hagrid? :)
pjzdreamz (4 years ago)
I'm 9 generations removed from the lands and islands in and around Britan, but thier humor never disappoints me.
Andrew Blewett (10 days ago)
You can always come back ...
Red Squirrel (1 year ago)
pjzdreamz Lucky for you to have British ancestry.
billal Mughal (4 years ago)
Do you have the one with the turnip 'surprise'?
strawberry smith (1 year ago)
Holoq of Holoqqia (3 years ago)
+billal Mughal Takes us back to our wedding night, don't it?
squeezle (4 years ago)
'your not your german'  funny coz it's true
Szymon Gorczynski (4 months ago)
Ran Sherman (3 years ago)
well half german, but still funny xD
megawutt (4 years ago)
Johnson's dictionary is actually really terrible. It deserves to be chucked in the fire.
Sloth from The Goonies (2 years ago)
Considering the fact that it was the first attempt at a comprehensive English dictionary, it is very impressive.
Lego Brickology (2 years ago)
And I quote: Johnson's Dictionary, is among the most influential dictionary in the history of the English language.
ScottishChristian (3 years ago)
+megawutt That's obviously because Baldrick wrote it. :P
NO_FUN_ALLOWED (4 years ago)
Who gave you permission to turn into an Alsatian?! gets me everytime
mark bland (4 years ago)
sheer brilliance at its best
drtrekwars (4 years ago)
"I love you Doctor Johnson and I want to have your babies"
Robbie Coltrane has always been hilarious!
Lord Protector (1 year ago)
Human beings the size of amoebas.
the_randomizer (5 years ago)
Dog = Not a cat
fulcrum 29 (9 months ago)
Technically correct
Matej Bukovec (2 years ago)
A = first letter of the alphabet B = or not to be? C = A big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in
motimer rush (3 years ago)
Cat=bigger rat
Le na (4 years ago)
Jeroen Schepers (5 years ago)
what episode was this?
Emily Paeth (5 years ago)
Ink and Incapability. 
Patricia White (5 years ago)
0:43 What does Blackadder say to Prince George? Strapping what...?
Justice237 (5 years ago)
No probs :)
Patricia White (5 years ago)
@AdoreSinging394% oh my gosh.. you're amazing.
Justice237 (5 years ago)
0:17-0:20 - "Tiny misunderstanding, still" 2:07-2:09 "Oh God we've been burgled!"
Patricia White (5 years ago)
@AdoreSinging394% oh..actually you are saving me and my homework! (it's a long story) One more please...what about 0:17- 0:20 and 2:07-2:09? :)
Justice237 (5 years ago)
"Who gave you permission to turn into an Alsation?"
gabbylovespete (9 years ago)
bahahahahah amazing <3
RobynnIsobelle (9 years ago)
i love you dr johnson, and want to have your babies
Aubrey Lotz (9 years ago)
"Big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in. C." The first time I watched this at my friend's house, he and I were laughing our heads off! And Prince George's "Hurrah!" was nothing short of hysterically hilarious :p
ishtarg8 (9 years ago)
The genius of Baldrick is that he's both 100% right and 100% useless at the same time.
SirMarshalHaig (1 year ago)
Super Pedantic Man inside!
Bad Wulff (1 year ago)
Efram Wolf No, according to him, a dog is "not a cat". He didn't say a dog is "everything but a cat".
Efram Wolf (1 year ago)
well according to him everything that isn't a cat is a dog. pedantic man away!
Ran Sherman (1 year ago)
so baldrick is microsoft's customer support?

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