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Psychic Medium Rosemary Altea's Unbelievable Reading | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

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Harpo Studios was hushed as self-proclaimed spiritual medium Rosemary Altea locked into the vibrations of a woman in the audience of 'The Oprah Show' and began channeling her deceased mother. In a must-see psychic reading, Rosemary brought the woman and her son, who was also in attendance, to a highly emotional climax. Watch the video above as Rosemary awes the crowd. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit http://bit.ly/1ODj0x7 Find OWN on TV at http://www.oprah.com/FindOWN #OWNTV #oprahwinfreyshow #Oprahwinfrey #OWNTV #oprahwinfreyshow #Oprahwinfrey SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1vqD1PN Download the Watch OWN App: http://bit.ly/2hr1nX2 About OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey's heart and creative instincts inform the brand -- and the magnetism of the channel. Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities. Discover OWN TV: Find OWN on your TV!: http://bit.ly/1wJ0ugI Our Fantastic Lineup: http://bit.ly/1qMi2jE Connect with OWN Online: Visit the OWN WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1qMi2jE Like OWN on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1AXYujp Follow OWN on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1sJin8Y Follow OWN on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/LnqzMz Follow OWN on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/2dvfPeN Psychic Medium Rosemary Altea's Unbelievable Reading | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN http://www.youtube.com/user/OWN
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Text Comments (523)
Psychic Milana (7 hours ago)
See https://youtu.be/hIkZfUZKEYw ,also. #psychicmediums
Alex Hetherington (10 days ago)
Hoodwinking people by using their own emotions absolutely disgusting .
The Mitch Zone (11 days ago)
We're always seeing sceptics exposing fake mediums/psychics, but where's more of these REAL mediums making true believers out of those sceptics?? We need more of it!
Emily B (11 days ago)
He's so cute omg marry me
Msmeallday (12 days ago)
Not really impressed with this woman.but a year ago I did online reading with a medium with made up email address and never gave my name and my mom came through.This is real if you are able to connect with a gifted medium. We are all spirits having a human experience. Our spirit is made up of energy and energy never dies.Our physical body is just the vehicle for our spirit to live in and exist in human form while on earth. The reading I got WAS my mom.There is no coincidence in some things the medium told me and what she did there was literally no way that person could have known things about her she did- I used a fake email account even.Before I did my online chat with person I had asked my mom to specifically bring up the subject I knew she worried about with me before she passed,as a personal validation it was really my mom.. And yep my mom brought it up.She even made comments on what Im presently doing in my life that this person COULD NEVER look up.I used a fake name as well.my mom has been gone since may 2011. About six months after she passed I had a "dream" of her.But it was so real I started crying in it realizing how much I had missed her and talking to her.I was crying so hard in my dream it actually woke me up.I lived alone at that time and she knew I was going through something with my kids that was even harder than losing her and must've knew I was really needing her to give me a sign she was still around like I had asked her to do a couple days before she passed.she said once she figured out how it worked she would . I woke up that night from that dream crying and I could actually feel her presence in my room so strong I actually asked out loud "mom?" Obviously I didnt get a verbal reply but what I got was something only I would recognize AS her. After I said her name ,all of a sudden I could smell in my room so strongly the scent of the powder/lotion that she used to put on every night before bed.I hadn't smelled that for over 10 yrs since its a special kind she bought. I wasn't sleeping.This wasn't wishful thinking . it was my mom. She has also set my clocks 5 minutes fast for me (including microwave one) since I'm always late, and then came through with the last Elvis song that was her favorite and was played at her funeral she had planned. The song came on as I left cemetery one day and I was really missing her and hadn't stopped at her grave for long time.as I walked back to my car crying I asked if she was really still around me. I got in car and started it up. I didnt have radio on at all earlier but once I started car up - Elvis' " you were always on my mind started playing ". the afterlife is real. If you doubt it , you are really missing out on your loved ones at times giving you signs.They really are around us. I have also had a couple friends who passed and have done similar things time to time .
robin peppin (18 days ago)
when i was 11 & i was being assaulted by my brother every night, i would lay on my back & i felt like my body was lifting up off the bed. i'd tried to 'stay up' there as long as i could because it felt pretty cool. he was not assaulting me during these episodes, but i know it was because of it. i also had a dream as a teenager of being somewhere & could feel that dream all that day. when i was 29 & in alcohol rehab, i was in that exact setting with the same situation. it was a dream to let me know things would be ok one day. i have been sober since & i am 65 doing better than i ever thought i would. i believe it was from God.
One Mic (18 days ago)
She's just guessing trivial things that may click with her situation
Dragon (20 days ago)
When will these psychics learn These premonitions they come from the evil The evil is controlling and manipulating Everyone by giving them answers and giving them knowledge They are the fallen angels watch out Don’t talk to the devil
Listen to what I am about to say, if what Mediums like Alison say is TRUE, that they can communicate with people AFTER they have died. Then this would be the single MOST significant discovery in the history of mankind, like literally nothing would be more important. Why? Because IF it were TRUE and PROVEN then every single person on this planet earth, all 7-8 billion people would be doing everything in their power to make sure that they did everything RIGHT and GOOD to make sure they reach heaven. Every murderer, thief, rapist, fraudster, paedophile...would never exist! because they would KNOW that they would not reach heaven for all eternity if they did such things...I have not heard about mediums talk to people in bad places in the hereafter... So I am guessing that they may be in hell... Now, what if there is no heaven or hell, just that you become a spirit just floating in our world or another world...then it would be even worse, because you could literally do ANYTHING in this world, and KNOW that when you die you still get to live like EVERYONE ELSE for all of eternity. The Hadron collider in France/Switerzerland has had over $13 BILLION DOLLARS invested in it, and has over 10,000 scientists working on quantum mechanics and general relativity. If Mediums were deemed to be at all credible by any government or scientific community why has there not been any investment into life after death? Remember, the discovery that there is life after death would change EVERYTHING in the world. I look forward to a response from you.
SCPatriot Ghost (23 days ago)
Robert Davidson (23 days ago)
Damn that cancer of the middle. Wonder why she didn’t just say where it was. I guess death made her forget
glenys riley (24 days ago)
Must be the first person in history to survive death and still be dead.
Star Inc. (25 days ago)
Oprah needs to cold read for her
The lady in brown dress is a paid actress,.. duh
Sandra Fant (1 month ago)
Liar, Liar, Liar pants on firer!!!!
Majestic Chajestic (1 month ago)
Love how the psychic was like "you have taken a new step" and when the host asked what it was the psychic was lowkey shocked incase she was exposed to be fake. Yeah cause thats not suspicious....
pamela mckenzie (1 month ago)
I get fed up with people that watch mediums on here and say its bull don't be so negative you know nothing about how it works the energy she is working with you are blinded, I say stay away from these sites and keep your negative with your self prove this  prove that jokers, you make me laugh.
Margaret Sandeman (1 month ago)
In one of her books this ignorant lady said there were no more eagles in Britain. Well I live in Scotland, UK. and we treasure our beautiful golden eagles. We make documentaries about them. I was so incensed by her stupid statement, I've been longing for a chance to correct her. Thank you Oprah. MargaretSandeman
Ebrobaru 2014 (1 month ago)
One of teh biggest frauds out there
Sionhan Lyons (1 month ago)
So vague, so General. John Edwards she ain't.
Ebrobaru 2014 (1 month ago)
same kind of bs
M H (1 month ago)
I read the comments posted by ignorant fools first, then watched part of this video. Skeptics are dumb, all the comments are stupid. Let my try and explain something to you all. You’re all spirits having a human experience. There is no death. And some of us “mediums” have this connection to spirit in this dimension. I prefer I didn’t, as the human race is backwards. You’re a spirit, then a human for the experience, then back to spirit. You will live in all races for the experience. That is the meaning of life. I’ll take on any skeptic in the world, but you need to donate everything you own to charity if I beat you. Mark Hardstaff, Australia
Ebrobaru 2014 (1 month ago)
Yeah sure. How about taking on James Randi? I wont hold my breath
Sconnie Panda (1 month ago)
oprah looks like...eddie murphy. there's lots of stuff on the internet about oprah being a 'cabal made moll' and a 'transsexual.' surely not?
Grace Bertrand (1 month ago)
This woman is a sicko...what a racket!!!
D M (1 month ago)
All psychics are frauds- every last one of them. If yu're a psychic- you're a fraud. Don't agree with me?? Sue me.
Allison Marie (1 month ago)
And the award for speaking a million words but not saying one meaningful thing goes to THIS LADY 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Nasexsav Kifs (1 month ago)
I do believe in the power of actual psychics and mediums. It’s a shame that there are so many fakes nowadays.
Ebrobaru 2014 (1 month ago)
So which one is real?
Ms.MonicaPyle (1 month ago)
This young guy is obviously a college age kid so he's going through a lot of changes right now. "Her cancer is all gone". I hope so. She's dead
For those saying 'oh very sick before she died' not every person is sick, think of car accident victims, gun shot victims etc.. Even my own mother was not sick, she was fit and healthy before she suddenly passed. Unless you have ever heard Spirit yourself, you cannot say that the communication is false. I can't say for a fact this woman is or isn't hearing a spirit as l am not there to hear or see what she does. However they all communicate differently, even to those who don't have the gift, it can be a sign, a song, a dream visitation etc I know as a medium, some won't speak to us and some do, that's why l will never just do mediumship because l could never guarantee anyone their loved one or whomever they're wanting me to contact with will definitely come through. However she really shouldn't had gone on once that woman said 'no stop,' because from what Spirit has told me, you just don't approach people without their permission to say who is around them because they may only be there to assist in their healing and by doing this it could send them over the edge depending on their emotional state. I remember the first time l heard and saw Spirit, l was pretty much still in nappies and saw two people who would stand by my bed every day just smiling and talking and singing to me, l remember telling my grandmother about them when l was older and began humming the tune of one song the female often sang, the words l couldn't recall, my grandmother asked if l could remember what they looked like and l could in great detail, l was around 9 or so then. I had described a sister of hers who passed of pneumonia and her mother. The song was one she and he siblings used to sing as children before they went to sleep. My grandmother said how until l hummed it she had forgotten all about that. One day at a family reunion a person had brought out an album to show everyone all the photos of the family she had out together, in one photo stood my great grandmother and great aunt wearing the same clothes l saw them in, it was then one of my other great aunts said 'my God, they were buried in those clothes!' To add, my grandmother never had that photo and it was only after that reunion did she decide to ask family for copies because she hadn't any. I recall in school how l often saw these children in the playground l played every recess with them and often got in trouble for not hearing the bell. I got teased by other kids when l were laughing and playing with these kids. I can just imagine how strange it must had looked to them, though at the time l just ignored their taunting. They were very real to me, so real that one day I was called to the principals office and the secretary was talking to me asking if l could hear okay, l am partially deaf in my right ear but explained couldn't hear the bell because of the talking and laughing of the kids l was with. Needless to say, my mother was called to the school but during the talk with the secretary she tried telling me that there were no children around me. Naturally l got upset and asked her to come and see them, she refused to but smiled and said words to the effect that, they must be naughty children if they aren't in class and will end up getting me in bigger trouble. At that moment one if the kids stood at the door, l pointed to him and said well tell him! The secretary then said she didn't see anyone, but obviously entertained me by asking what they looked like and their name. I told her his name and the others names and what he was wearing and how his skin and the other children's skin was different. She repeated the names then her smile disappeared, she asked me to stay seated and she hurried into the principal office where my mother and the principal sat talking about how bad l have been. She interrupted asking my mother if she ever knew of the family of children behind the school who died in a house fire after a kerosene heater fell catching the room they slept in alight. My mother said no, she then told them that the names l just gave her belonged to those children and they had been deceased for several years, it turned out the house had burned to the ground. So, yes Spirit is real, some still feel a connection with a location but it doesn't mean they are stuck. As for contact it's never up to us but them. But the contact is a real thing, then l can only speak from my own experience. ~Karen🌹
Ebrobaru 2014 (1 month ago)
Sorry, you are deluded
catherine hammond thank you 🙏🏼
catherine hammond (1 month ago)
It's very hard for people to take at face value what is essentially invisible. It's MUCH easier to fear it and brainwash others to literally demonize it. Thank you so much for giving your personal examples.
Larry Hardy (1 month ago)
lol put Oprah in her place !!!!!! lmao
paulna85 (29 days ago)
new channel (1 month ago)
Oppie cant stand the camera not focused on her.
Mindy Simmons (27 days ago)
Yes her and Megan her new best friend ...right along with Harry....
Patrick Craig (1 month ago)
"She has survived death"
Uh Rod (1 month ago)
Shes lying or she either has the holy spirit and is lying too
ServeTheBeaver (1 month ago)
why would OWN post this to a YouTube channel in 2015? Such hogwash
XanderGlamour (2 months ago)
Same voice as Sharon Osbourne
ann brewer (2 months ago)
What a load of rubbish. This so called pyschic just keeps repeating herself over and over again. The worst pyschic i have ever seen on tv. C'mon Oprah, u can do better than this!!!
Lance Pena (2 months ago)
Wonderful act by the audience 11/10
Tajai Calip (2 months ago)
I hate psychics. If psychics do a reading on anyone without their permission. They should get the death penalty. That's how I feel about a psychic..
Ami Khan (2 months ago)
Would have been more entertaining if it was real
randall davis (2 months ago)
I feel a woman coming through that had cancer here where most cancers occur in the human body. This lady gave it up before the "psychic" gave her any details. I despise these people. They take advantage of people's sorrow for their own puposes
david ramirez (2 months ago)
Did you see Oprah's face when that lady said let me do this. Lol
nzsandybeach (2 months ago)
" she's here, she's well , she's ok um..... she's dead! These people are such a joke!
nomar mar (2 months ago)
wow amazing probability never cease to amaze
REDD LEOPARD (2 months ago)
Anna Anna (2 months ago)
She was not really communicating with anyone from the other side, she said too many basic things and nothing specific to validate that she was really in contact with any spirits!
Uriah Teohaere (2 months ago)
Fukn bull in heaven with god
Marvel Gamer (2 months ago)
I don't know if the dead lady is in heaven or not but you're definitely not going there.
Marvel Gamer (2 months ago)
"She's proud of you because of school, studies, training, something like that." Yeah, that applies to like everyone in America.
Kathleen Pritchett (2 months ago)
This reading is not 'unbelievable'. She states all the topics that other 'famous' psychics' go through when doing a cold reading. All of these remarks are so general, but are fed by the person who is being read. The medium (in this case) was picking up on what to say next just by watching the lady (and her son) reactions. Now, if she said, "Your mother tells me that you should not have put grandma's quilt in the barn last Thursday because the wedding ring pattern will mildew due to the leaky roof last repaired in 1987. That would have been unbelievable! She is so vague and non-specific. Anyone could have done this reading.
Linda Sandoval (2 months ago)
Everyone who's psychic knows what Oprah really is I question you big time cuz real Phychic know what Oprah is
Catherine Positano (2 months ago)
How EMBARRASSING! I had to sign off, I was cringing.. 🤮🤮🤮
Lucy Terrier (2 months ago)
What a bunch of bull. They speaks quickly & guesses. If she hits on it, she pursues it. This is not Biblical at all. She's a charlatan.
Susie English (2 months ago)
1 in 3 has cancer, most cancer happen in the torso of the body and he looks like his mum - embarrassing
gravilo pricip (3 months ago)
These people are no more con-artists than any Imam ,rabbi or priest.at least psychics arnt responsible for century’s of rape,genocide,murder ,slavery and oppression like religion
Narinder Sahota (3 months ago)
What a load of codswallop
PKA8888 gagtan (3 months ago)
fake news hehehehe
Love of music (3 months ago)
Oprah :) you were the only sceptic in that studio but the cutest sceptic i ever saw. Literally 😅
JAE G (3 months ago)
No reason to get upset just commenting my opinions like everyone does as well. Porsche or whatever lol all is good
Jane Q Citizen (3 months ago)
Totally fake.
Dommi Davros (3 months ago)
I was sceptical before watching this but WOW!!! It turns out there ARE real psychics!!! She MUST be the real deal with a reading like that!!! And that voice....how can you not trust that motherly, comforting voice...?!!!
Jessica Pinon (3 months ago)
Cringe* ..
Danny Richards (3 months ago)
Fake AF
padma salam (3 months ago)
Oprah is obnoxious when she doesn’t believe in something or someone. I can’t bear her. I have never gotten a good feel about her. She is too proud and self-absorbed. Oh dear...................
screeningmimi (3 months ago)
padma salam My feelings exactly! I just do not like her. I finally gave up trying to watch when there was an interesting topic or person, because Oprah interrupts them constantly! They truly needn't be there at all.
Michelle Leigh (3 months ago)
complete bs, what a load of
Jude Bowman (3 months ago)
Pretty lame
Philip Moore (3 months ago)
There was nothing in this put words that we can all say. Ok me to a stranger. An old person. Hi I am a medium. Did you loose a brother o sorry you did ok. Right I am talking with your brother he says it’s not your fault and he wasn’t in pain. I could go on but you get the idea. A whole lot of babble for money. Medium are the worst type of con men and women on this earth.
Sebastian Melmoth (3 months ago)
Ebrobaru 2014 (3 months ago)
Incredible fraud
Liberation pocket (3 months ago)
"Something tells me that you had a mother"
Lilly Winters (3 months ago)
Poor acting
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Arabian Hunter (3 months ago)
how many times she said she loves you? very informative
Riz Wong (3 months ago)
The people that are in the audience wait in line to get in or just wait period for the show and people that work for the show go undercover...acting like theyre audience members,so that they can get info about them and their lives. So that the psychic can look real
Marisa B (3 months ago)
Fake! Everyone knows someone that died if cancer. This woman is going in circles. Praying on peoples emotion.
Mark O'Toole (3 months ago)
She is so arrogant
Deron Reed (3 months ago)
lol gurl bye
Kar M (4 months ago)
How do people buy into this crap lol
Lady Warrior (4 months ago)
The devil is a liar 🤦‍♀️
Jack Smetana (4 months ago)
Charlie Tango (4 months ago)
I would love for this to be real, because my daughter committed suicide a few months ago, and I would love to hear her say that she is okay now. But this lady convinced me even more that all mediums are just skilled con artists.
Mud Plugging (5 months ago)
Absolute twiddle twaddle.
DN Hemanth Kumar (5 months ago)
Wow...i thought my girlfriend was the one really good at playing with emotions...
Sean Austin (5 months ago)
What a con artist.
Kosta Ilijev (5 months ago)
No, Rosemary is not a cold reader, nor a charlatan. She is at least more psychic than most people!
Ebrobaru 2014 (3 months ago)
YEs, she is. She is a big fat fraud
George94 Glz (5 months ago)
she should of been on with randi would of gotten exposed
Frank Masciocchi (5 months ago)
The con: So I’m feeling a vibration in this area...YOU! Yes YOU! Did you know of someone who had battled cancer and passed? You: Uhh yeah I guess The con: well this person wants you to know that the pain is gone, this person is in heaven and happy, and this person is proud of you. You: where’d he hide the medical marijuana? The con: I’m sorry, it’s gone now...the spirit has went away...
AJ Muzik (6 months ago)
So this is a cold reading example. It's so cold it can make a corpse feel warm.
FORS4TAN (6 months ago)
Psychologists, Actors and Junkies, are the names psychics actually should be named. They have a multi profession.
Tan Tan (6 months ago)
This is real deal, the time that couldnt Google it!
Kung Po (6 months ago)
Thank you for sharing with us. I have seen in a Buddhist temple where a monk took trance of a special deity to give advice tinyurl{{.}}com/yb35fxvq
Colbeast (6 months ago)
It's logic every body knows someone who has died with cancer
nigel cresworth (6 months ago)
MiotaLee (6 months ago)
That's a clever woman. "Survived death" That's beautiful. When our natural life ends we have the ability to become an ethereal consciousness of some sort. some say it's ghosts, some say we reincarnate. Maybe all is true?
anne smith (6 months ago)
Around 2:10, the young guy is heard saying, "Me?" but his mouth doesnt move.
JOHN KAMAU (6 months ago)
Pure lies
Ro Bau (7 months ago)
DJ (7 months ago)
Of course the cancer is gone Because the body is gone Jesus
Adriana Valdespino (7 months ago)
All this is about making $$$&
Broken Heart (7 months ago)
Never trust someone that says that they can tell your future because its a scam
carpenter1274 (7 months ago)
Chosen One (7 months ago)
2:06. LOL, why are people so darn GULLIBLE! I made the 370 perfect DUMBS DOWN!

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