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Men's Rings | A Man's Guide To Rings | Wedding Rings | Family Rings | How To Buy A Ring

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http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/ring-guide/ - A Man's Guide to Wearing Rings | How To Buy A Ring Video http://www.proclamationjewelry.com/ - Click here to visit the custom bespoke jewelry maker who sponsored this article on rings - they have beautiful pictures! Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://thestylesystem.com/?utm_source=Youtube http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-ebook/ Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men's Style and Fashion. https://www.facebook.com/RealMenRealStyle/ - Like Us On Facebook! https://www.instagram.com/rmrstyle/ - Follow Us On Instagram https://twitter.com/rmrstyle - Tweet Us! https://www.pinterest.com/rmrstyle/ - Follow Us On Pinterest
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Real Men Real Style (1 year ago)
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Patrick bennett` (5 months ago)
favelamom *** (2 months ago)
I love your videos. I have four boys and your videos have helped me a lot in helping my boys to know how to dress.
THE ARDITI (3 months ago)
I have been wanting to buy one but I have worried about what other people would think due to me just starting to wear rings and today I'm going to go buy one but I'm nervous cause I don't want to seem feminine or too flashy I just like jewelry
Dominick Thomas (5 months ago)
I show this to my employees and friends. Your first and last point sre the biggest Confidence is key for any piece of jewelry you choose fellas if you dont love it or question it dont waste ur time and money stressing cuz will ruin jewelry buying for you as a whole so buy form reputibal source most mom and pop shops will give the ability to buy it with equal or greater vaule depending how much u spent with them already because it brings business in there doors as well🙏🏽✌🏽
Patrick bennett` (5 months ago)
well that sucks giant balls, you said flashy rings arent good, all i got is iced out rings n shit like that, but i dont wear suits either, im tying to find some rings that look good with a nice button up shirt though, thats why im here, i was suspicious that my ices out rings were too much for dressing that way, funny how just a tee shirt its fine to be iced out
Marky Mark (6 months ago)
I wear jewellery simply because i like wearing jewellery, the moment i care more about someone else's opinion of my ring more then my opinion of my ring is a very bad day.
Jahan Jannat (6 months ago)
Make a video of child jewellery
Jack Crouch (6 months ago)
369369 369 369 369 369 369 369 369 369
Jesse Abel (7 months ago)
I am of Russian heritage and live in the USA, I have aristocratic ancestors who wore amazing jewels. I don't care what people think, I get many compliments on my gold rings with precious stones. For those who have a historical family it's our birthright in old aristocratic families. I don't wear them on every finger but I wear a signet ring on my pinky with the Romanov dynasty eagle on it, and 2 other gold rings with large gems in heavy gold settings. To many it would be over the top, to me it's my birthright by blood.
Brandon Matthews (9 months ago)
1:41 Wish death upon me.
AliasUndercover (9 months ago)
These rings make me think that the wearer may be trying to convince themselves of their masculinity more than just showing it off...
Nephi Silver (9 months ago)
You showed a couple of rings at the beginning of the video that looked really interesting... I had no idea people gave so much thought into rings... it sounded like you were trying to be polite about choosing the right ring and not look tacky ... I've been wanting to have a custom CTR ring made for me.. I'm wondering how I go about it and be able to trust to Jewel not to steal any platinum or gold that I Supply.. .
Dylan Lewis (1 year ago)
The only ring I have is my class of 2016 ring. My family paid for it, they were the ones that insisted it have a stone and whatnot. I just wanted a simple gold band with my graduation date engraved on the inside. I don’t wear my class ring, because I find it a little too flashy. I’m thinking of purchasing a tungsten carbide gold plated ring, it’s cheap, so I wouldn’t lose a large investment if I lost the ring. Is it looked down upon for an unmarried man to wear a ring that looks like a wedding ring?
Yannick Bowen (1 year ago)
N g
Bjorn Ronaldson (1 year ago)
Men should wear their wealth, but tastefully.
Praise Worship (1 year ago)
There is such a thing as a multigenerational curse. Have nothing to do with Free masonry or masonic rings.
Fredrik29Sweden (1 year ago)
Toby Noe (1 year ago)
I cant wear rings. My hands are to big i cant find many size 16 rings.
Saji Pulikal (1 year ago)
On which hand should men wear rings?? Just for fashion. Plz reply
Dirk Diggler (1 year ago)
What does it mean if my ring just gives me a terrible rash and turns my finger super purple and green?
Moonlight spark (1 year ago)
Both Lapels don’t match.
Nate Sandberg (1 year ago)
Moonlight spark that is an advanced styling technique that's so advanced that it's not fully in style yet, only the most stylish men are doing it.
F M (1 year ago)
that jacket and shirt really don't match at all. but otherwise good video on rings.
Alfaz Siam Ovi (1 year ago)
his voice kinda like donald trump
John V. England (1 year ago)
We have a ring that has been in our family since the 1500s. My ancestors were royalist cavalerists who left England when Oliver Cromwell took over. They came over here to Virginia and of course took their heirlooms with them. I didn't get the ring though, my older brother did. I'm so salty.
Sergio Hernandez (1 year ago)
So is that a dark green suit or brown? It’s kinda playing with my eyes lol
rana _ (1 year ago)
My brother wears Afghan ring
KLCJR77 PRODUCTIONS (1 year ago)
Adults in all businesses need to grow up and act like adults and stop worrying about what rings they are wearing.
PARANOIDOR (1 year ago)
На пидораса похож.......
Dar-Nak Kallig (1 year ago)
what if the ring is not metal
I only wear two rings, Havels ring and the ring of favor and potection. My elevated stats signify that they need to git gud.
John Doe (1 year ago)
Just buy a rolex its easier than a ring
Landen Clarke (1 year ago)
What does dunking there ring mean??
Landen Clarke (1 year ago)
JetBlackThreat (1 year ago)
said bling bling tho hah
EZ Breezy (1 year ago)
This guy really know how to dress...
Aria (1 year ago)
thanks for the video what finger do you suggest for a 20 year old boy??
lesly demshaw (1 year ago)
Aria I'd suggest middle finger. You're ring finger symbolises marriage. And if you aren't married that might send the wrong message to the ladies
mr19zee (2 years ago)
I'm very sure no one in A&M is proud to have graduated from there 😂😂😂. Hook 'em Horns
Gooseworks Labs (2 years ago)
Ive been thinking about getting a platinum pinky ring with an emerald in it for some time now as green suits me, too flashy?
Jørg 1 (2 years ago)
Orphanage ring?
Mark Howard Ganzon (2 years ago)
I just suddenly wanted a ring so I bought one......
Alemayehu Solomon (2 years ago)
LOL most of these look so tacky.
welderhelper79 (2 years ago)
I have a big ass national champion powerlifting ring. Is it ok to wear on formal occasions??
Deth Kount (2 years ago)
I wear rings but not 500 dollar rings im not rich
Knight Cat (2 years ago)
I lean heavily toward artistic and family rings myself. that said i tend to go for very mildly ornate pieces; usually in silver or pewter.
nytefall999 (2 years ago)
just started watching these videos and I'm loving them. already thinking of how I'm going to be changing my look. thanks for the excellent advice.
J.amiiie (2 years ago)
if anyone knows the name of the ring at 0:57 id be greatful to know
Vince Kruis (2 years ago)
SHVDY no problem
J.amiiie (2 years ago)
Vince Kruis ahh thankyou
Vince Kruis (2 years ago)
SHVDY on the site of was called high road hope it helps you a bit
J.amiiie (2 years ago)
id dare someone to call a ring waering biker feminine
Calvin Hayne (1 year ago)
J.amiiie they’ll get their face kicked in
Bryan Nicholas (2 years ago)
i want to buy a versace ring around 400 but as confident as I am not sure if I want that much flash on me anyone have any advice?
Vic (1 year ago)
Bryan Nicholas did you ever purchase the $400 ring?
Enzo Warren (2 years ago)
versace rings actually tend to be fairly lower-quality compared with actual jewelers' rings in that same price category. a lot of their stuff is plated and produced on an assembly line.
Garrett Lofton 59KG (2 years ago)
Do you think men should wear promise rings
Endless_ocean (2 years ago)
I am English and thinking about purchasing a gold buckle ring to wear on my right ring finger, in the area where I live a lot of young men wear gold rings for decorative purposes. To any others out their is this a common practice where your from?
Ryunosuke Kiriezan (2 years ago)
your ring website is horrible, because they are extremely expensive and over priced and no ones going to go to that site to buy their rings.
BTLAGS (2 years ago)
The cheapest is 400 bucks but still no more than 100 but no less than 50 bucks
Josh Horn (2 years ago)
best place is tattoo shops
Ryunosuke Kiriezan (2 years ago)
they cost grands
Damien Step (2 years ago)
if man looks masculine bit of "feminime" element makes him even more interesting . is nothing wrong to wear rings for men. It can be very sexy or or can fulfill your smart look . it is just up to u how you present yourself . it is definitely great to look at clean man's hands with a lovely ring.
asphodelale (2 years ago)
Rule 1: a wedding ring is always appropriate Rule 1a: if you work with electricity or machinery, disregard rule 1. Rule 2: Never wear more rings than your wife. Rule 2a: If you are a jeweler, disregard rule 2. Rule 3: Blood diamonds are never appropriate. Rule 3a: Never disregard rule 3.
Mark Howard Ganzon (2 years ago)
asphodelale 1: I'm not married 2: I don't have a wife (or a girlfriend for that matter ) 3: You are correct
asphodelale (2 years ago)
+nccrawford Simple solution: synthetic diamonds--all the bling, none of the inclusions. Budget solution: CZ (get them small enough, only a jeweler will tell the difference)
nccrawford (2 years ago)
De Beers will gladly sell you one of those certificates for a price... I'm not gonna say it's a nasty business, it's just the real world. Best.
nccrawford (2 years ago)
I'm in a business that is thought to be hand in hand with "blood diamonds," and I can't help but laugh at people who even use that term. There is absolutely NO WAY to trace stones. Anything else you've been sold is marketing from Antwerp in an effort to counter Hollywood's old cause célèbre...
Damienelite (2 years ago)
Check out these beautiful burl wood Wedding band rings for sale by ShirleysWoodworks @ www.etsy.com/shop/Shirleyswoodworks?ref=hdr_shop_menu
Saro Touloughian (2 years ago)
I'm very impressed with the content of this explanation and breakdown of men's rings. As a jewelry designer and producer, it's very difficult to create rings which are masculine and appealing, yet artistic, unique and tasteful. It's a battle of compromise between these factors. Your presentation of the types, materials, costs and intent of the purchase are intelligent, clear and easy to comprehend and yet, not heavy handed or offensive to anyone. And also a great job by the presenter. Professional and clear, warm and inviting, and not plastic or overly polished. He seems like a real guy, someone to have a beer with. That is huge as a on camera personality, to engage the audience on a very personal level. One last comment is that it's about time someone is talking about men's fashion and style for the every day guy, and not models, athletes or mega millionaires. We guys next door also want the style without personal shoppers and stylists. Bravo for filling a need that's been unattended to for a very long time. Great job.
Tover Yonder (2 years ago)
a man without a beard is like a woman with one.
Dirk Diggler (1 year ago)
desertfox xx98 it means go get a ring that doesn't shave
Arturo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Concerning point 3, in Spain we wear signet rings on the little finger of the left hand. Their standard form is a gold ring with an agate on which the coat of arms is engraved.
70carlton (2 years ago)
I have a valuable ring from a dead friend gold and one large diamond with five smaller ,...I don't wear jewelry is it disrespectful to sell it if I need the money? How do I sell a nice ring that does not suit me
FEG3 akaTrey (3 years ago)
How about diamond rings? I have two inherited, family diamonds and at age 46 I'm wanting to finally wear one. Will be a bezel-set oval roughly 10ct in platinum, sideways in rectangle for right middle finger, and I collect and wear large steel or white gold watches. Part of me does not care what others think, but then I'm not wanting to be arrogant either. Would be special occasion ring, was part of my amazing grandmother's collection. I am seeing more diamonds on men; respectfully request thoughts, please! Thanks in advance.
agust2006 (3 years ago)
how can I find that scorpion ring
Oatmeal (2 years ago)
agust2006 description
Robert Evans (3 years ago)
i have a ring that i'd class as type 4 but it might turn into a family ring eventually, it has a snake as it's main feature with several skulls around it, it is made from some type of metal i haven't asked an expert about that, i wear it on the middle finger of my right hand but can't wear it on my bare hand because it's too large for my fingers, i can only wear it on a skeletal woven glove, i have experimented with other gloves but that is the only one that fits the ring so far, thank you Antonio for suggesting a resizing so i should keep a specialist in mind to solve the problem. (:
BIGTONEonline (3 years ago)
In the car video I was distracted by and wondered why you wear your ring on your right hand. Thank you for explaining!
Greg Devalk (3 years ago)
a man should work and thinking it was yours but I know if you would get back to me I have a question should a man wear a bow ring
TyDollar (3 years ago)
I wear my class ring a poker ring
Jørg 1 (2 years ago)
I wear my orphans ring, exclusive as f...
Broden AllBrother (3 years ago)
my grandfather was American and wore rings. his sister actually had him a ring made with his initials on it when he went over seas to fight in the Philippines. is that unusual?
edgeweapon1012 (3 years ago)
Really enjoy your videos! Though I have one problem. Not all guys go to work in a suite. Anyone working in a factory/ industrial setting could have their ring ripped off by a piece of equipment. When this occurs, the usual outcome is an entire finger being skinned clean to the bone. If you work in such an environment, leave your rings at home.
Really ! (3 years ago)
تفضلو بزيارة صفحتي المتواضعة و رؤية أرقى الخواتم الرجالية
bosh trew (3 years ago)
What does "dunking it" mean?
MoviMakr (3 years ago)
@Carson Stephens I presume not. It is an actual metal class ring from what I've heard.
MoviMakr (3 years ago)
+bosh trew placing the ring in a large glass of beer and chugging/drinking it to the bottom.
Pure Ace23 (3 years ago)
I wear a stainless steel ring
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Pure Ace23 Cool!
Kyle Climer (3 years ago)
I am looking at high school class rings and I would keep it forever and wear it a lot I believe but my first choice cost over $4,000.00 so I don't think I even have the option to get it nor save up that much in the time I have..
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Kyle Climer That's really pricey!
Tim Svea (3 years ago)
A little thing like a ring can set you apart from other men in the eyes of people. Unless you wish to go un-noticed, a little jewelry can make you stand out in a positive way.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Tim Svea Agreed! Little details matter.
EatenGod (3 years ago)
Would you recommend titanium or tungsten for a ring also do you know anything about the cobalt rings?
Dnation Apocalypse (1 year ago)
Enzo Warren I've dropped my tungsten rings plenty of times and they never shattered -__-
Enzo Warren (2 years ago)
Qing Ron Yuan it wasnt my friend. My jeweler said it was a couple of his clients.
Qing Ron Yuan (2 years ago)
Normally the tungsten ring drop from 2 floor also don't break. What style tungsten ring your friend have? The tungsten rings with carbon fiber or have many grooves maybe break easier, but they should also don't shatter from 4 or 5 feet off the ground. I have made the test
Enzo Warren (2 years ago)
My jeweler said that he's had people come to him with shattered wedding rings that were dropped just 4 or 5 feet off the ground
Qing Ron Yuan (2 years ago)
The ring shape could protect the tungsten ring better, normally it is not break easily when you drop, tungsten bracelet and tungsten watch break easier
Jake Pheonix (3 years ago)
I like stones like turquoise, blue lapis lazuli, red garnet, green malachite, black onyx I have all of those on my hands right now haha, but the most expensive ring I'm wearing is about $35 the are all sterling silver and are all awesome, so you don't have to spend a lot to get what you want, I'm only 18 and don't have much money but if you go in etsy and search what you are looking for and you can find some really cool vintage stuff and nice peices for a great price I have nothing wrong with being flashy about rings lol they just look cool (yeah I know that was a bit of a rant)
Godspark (2 years ago)
Oh wow. This was actually really helpful. I already have one ring and I'm looking for another. Thanks bro.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Jake Pheonix Awesome! Yes they look cool indeed!
Adam Bechtel (3 years ago)
Would an Irish Claddagh ring be considered a marital/wedding ring? I have one but I'm not married. I would consider that a marital ring because most use it as a marital ring afterwards.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Adam Bechtel I'm not an expert on the Irish Claddagh - this article should help - http://www.claddaghring.com/How-to-wear-claddagh-rings-a/122.htm
Mudkip3r (3 years ago)
this guy is awesome
Mudkip3r (1 year ago)
Real Men Real Style thx your the man
2 1 (2 years ago)
SuperPSTutorials Yes
SuperPSTutorials (3 years ago)
+Real Men Real Style Am I awesome too? :)
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Mr.Milkshakes You are awesome Milkshakes.
SolidSixx (3 years ago)
( In my opinion) In terms of it's meaning, nothing goes beyond a wedding ring. It doesn't matter how flashy or conservative it is; it is the most significant piece of jewellery you can own.
Jacobs the Jewellers (3 years ago)
You really know your rings, man. Thanks for sharing this. We've got a selection of rings at Jacobs the Jewellers for the men out there, we might just have what you're looking for.
Máté Hilmer (3 years ago)
I really liked that you knew Romania.I wonder how many countries do you know from Europe,it's a really good thing.My country is right next to Romania it's called Hungary so it's good to hear that people on the west like you knows this part of Europe too.Have a good one friend!
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Smith Dwarf Definitely! my wife is from Ukraine :) Then there's Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus...
Dylan Deutschlander (3 years ago)
the Dixie chicken is AMAZING
Dylan Deutschlander (3 years ago)
+Sam West senior girls dunk their class ring in a pitcher of beer and chug it as fast as possible. Dixie Chicken is a bar/grill
Sam West (3 years ago)
What it is? And what's the dunking thing Antonio was talking about?
Nathanael Winters (3 years ago)
I wonder if the reason for the orthodox church's reason behind wearing the ring on the right hand may be because religiously (and in many spiritual and religious settings) the right hand is the 'good' hand, while the left hand is the 'evil' hand. To put it simply. I know the reason some people wear it on the left hand is because it's closer to the heart tho. It's kinda fascinating to study human history. ^^
Oprea Iulian (2 years ago)
+Fluff In Romania we wear the wedding ring on left hand.
Fluff (3 years ago)
we also wear it in Germany on the right. don't know why
Dylan Heins (3 years ago)
so i have a question. i've been working on a ring to wear for the past month and finally finished it its not the flashiest of rings but i like it its made out of steel and aluminum and i engraved on the flat part of it my birthdate its a pretty bold ring in thickness and to me puts of a very masculine look but i have had a few comments from my friends saying that it is to girlish while all my fathers friends say that its awesome and very manly. should i keep it or ditch it?
Dylan Heins (3 years ago)
Awesome Thx!
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Dylan Heins If you like wearing it, keep it. Don't let people dictate what you should wear :)
Justyn Sweeting (3 years ago)
The right lapels cut in the collar region is different from the left.
Gooseworks Labs (2 years ago)
you will break your finger bones or need them to be surgically removed or cut off if you fight with them, you wont win the fight either with numerous broken digits, you are better off carrying a locking carabiner or two in your pockets and they aren't illegal, real men try to avoid fights and control their ego's not go looking for them, it shows a lack of confidence and insecurity to be honest
Enzo Warren (2 years ago)
you punch with your pinky and ring finger, not your index and middle dumbass. You dont get any real power if you punch like that. Also youll break your wrist when the guy moves and your wrist rolls off him.
Enzo Warren (2 years ago)
Broke a few bones, tore two muscles in my neck, had to wear a neck brace for a couple months, couldnt walk for a bit, eye damage, and a severe concussion. Got hit in the back of the head by skateboard trucks. got kicked in the face when they got me down. not worth it.
Carson Stephens (2 years ago)
Joe Seibert yes they will
amarsbarr (3 years ago)
Interesting video here and thank you for sharing your advice and opinion for a guide on a man's ring, but in a grey area of contradiction... you are giving all this spiel on rings yet you are wearing an incredibly boring plain old same old wedding band ring...... yet you are dishing out lots of information on rings.....I would have thought you would try on different rings or show a collection of different rings sizes, and style... or even have others showing us their rings whilst your going on the narrative, adding to your meaningful purposes to get a clearer image... because all I keep seeing is your semi unnoticeable wedding plain old band ring... And your talking about rings all day... lol
Vlad Mocanu (3 years ago)
Perhaps Romania ? u flying fuck...and you call yourself stylish...what about Romania ?
Chris Vaughan (3 years ago)
the biggest question I have is about the quantity !!! that's what bugs me the most, how many is it ok to have on your hands! I have this maniacal drive towards male rings, I love getting them, but I don't know how many will look ok to be worn at once, since for me personaly 7 or even 8 rings are just fine, but for someone it will look too much. So whats the normal amount of rings and which fingers should wear them on? Right now I wear all of my rings on the pinkie and ring finger of my left hand. . .
Grey Michaelis (2 years ago)
In my opinion, As many as you want, as long as they all have meaning. Snoop and Lil Wayne only has all those rings to show wealth, but wealth is shown only on the thumb and the index.
Themoigt (3 years ago)
2 or 3
Angry Baboon (3 years ago)
+Chris Vaughan 8 is an acceptable amount if you're Snoop Dogg or Lil Wayne.
Chris Vaughan (3 years ago)
@Real Men Real Style  Thanx for your reply and info, but I mean how many "in total" is ok to be worn at the same time, say 8 rings on 8 fingers, or is that too much?
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Chris Vaughan It’ll depend on the rings. Generally you won’t wear more than one on any given finger, but then you’ll run into things like clusters of four or five wire-thin bands that are meant to be worn together. http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/ring-symbolism-infographic/
D34tho (3 years ago)
The thing about it being considered flashy is that when you're in your day to day life you want to show others who you are by making deliberate conscious choices of what you should do. Wearing a ring and being fine with it is also something that you can portray by wearing rings. I'm in a very conservative part of the world and I'm different than most people. So there is no reason for me to try to conform to that and make them assume I'm something I'm not. I'll just say it non-verbally.
John (3 years ago)
That's true though
Arthur Hopwood (3 years ago)
thank you
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Arthur Hopwood you're welcome!
Arthur Hopwood (3 years ago)
Where do you put a purity ring?
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Arthur Hopwood This should help: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/ring-symbolism-infographic/
Heroic Darwin (3 years ago)
I live in NYC. I have an artistic set of rings, right now I have a normal looking black ring on my ring finger, a golden army ring on my middle finger and a silver(I think it's titanium) ring on my pointer finger, i was gonna go with a similar look for my other hand and I'm only missing the middle finger ring but; even though it looks flashy, or aggressive. At times people say "Wow man those looks really cool" or they come up and ask to see them. Rings, depending on your style can be a eye catcher. I wear them for luck on certain days and for style on others.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Heroic Darwin cool!
Xanatos712 (3 years ago)
I typically buy my rings from Alchemy Gothic; they have a wide selection of rings & other jewellery that can really help you define your style. They're based in London but they ship internationally within a very reasonable timeframe, and their products are very affordable.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Xanatos712 cool - thanks for the tip!
D5 (3 years ago)
Hi there, I'm from Sweden and this is what I wear: Two twin rings made out of silver with 6 grooves in them, tightly together. Me and my brother initially got one each from my father when we communion but then my brother decided he didn't want it so I got both, I wear one on my right middle finger and the other on my right ring finger. It's been a tradition that the sons in our lineage receive a ring each and then when the father passes away, the oldest son receives the gold "Noble" ring. On my left hand I have two other rings, One on my little finger with a crest, made out of silver, and one on my index finger made out of silver with a line of fine silver in the middle going across the ring. I by no means consider my rings feminine in any way, it's more a sense of fashion and respect to my family. I've never gotten bad comments about it either, people usually just say "I could never rock that style" or "I would look silly in rings"
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Bazzan Jandrou exactly!
SHADEKING2542 (3 years ago)
Antonio whats your opinion on black wedding bands(not married, more for style)? I'm a big ring guy and have a few black ones.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+SHADEKING2542 If you’re making a bold, aggressive statement with a religious or cultural ring like a wedding band, it’s a little tacky
João Pedro Mainente (3 years ago)
Hi Antonio! I'm want to buy a ring that symbolizes my graduation from college, a great achievement. Since my college and most of my friends don't believe it is nice. Do you think it would be too much or too flashy? Thank you!
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+João Pedro Mainente it depends - They’re not necessarily meant to impress with their artistry or craftsmanship — just grab the eye and make a statement.
Da Sun (3 years ago)
Alright thanks for the tip
Stamate Bogdan (3 years ago)
hey, I'm from Romania and my dad just promised me he'll let me my pre-grandfather's gold ring when I'll be old enough, so you're goddamn right about that thing with the romanian tradition :))
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
@Stamate Bogdan Cool!
Da Sun (3 years ago)
Also, great video thanks
Da Sun (3 years ago)
Hey I'm a Christian so I wear a ring with a cross on it. I'm going to college so for interviews, should I take it off?
Paradox (3 years ago)
@Cooldood Li I think it'll be fine. Colleges tend to be more tolerant of peoples religion than primary schools.
DerpMuffin (3 years ago)
Man I love your vids, but what is with your lapels in this vid XD
DerpMuffin (3 years ago)
They just look different to me, or maybe I'm going crazy. like the one on the right looks bigger than the one on the left, and the one on the left almost looks like a peak lapel because of it. That might just be me though.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
@DerpMuffin thanks! Standard Notch lapel
Cameron Cobb (3 years ago)
Only pussies care about what people think about their jewlery.
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
@Cameron Cobb how did you get here?
J d (4 years ago)
I wear a silver black onyx ring on my right middle finger. My Saturn finger. Onyx is my birth stone and both silver and  onyx stone have allot of  history and metaphysical properties. I also have a silver black onyx pinky ring but i seldom wear it. And yes it does make people curious. People must think i'm  affiliated or something, it's funny.
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
@Joshua Martin Nice!
Dakota Griffin (4 years ago)
I graduated this year from south lafourche high school.when I got my class ring I put my horoscope on one side witch is the Leo and on the other side I put the crescent moon with a star near it. I also have a ruby for the stone because its my birth stone and under it I have the star of David because I'm one thirds Hebrew through the native American apache tribes because they c ads me from the middle east and they migrated to California then they spread out to other states. They also found Hebrew HISTORY IN there DNA and proved that apache native American tribes are part Jewish I'm part apache from my grandmothers side and I'm proud but please tell me what you think Honestly. P.S. I also where it on my middle finger on my right hand because it feels natural.

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