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Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch

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Jimmy and Benedict Cumberbatch perform an intense scene they've written together using Mad Libs. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: http://bit.ly/1nwT1aN Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35c Get more Jimmy Fallon: Follow Jimmy: http://Twitter.com/JimmyFallon Like Jimmy: https://Facebook.com/JimmyFallon Get more The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Follow The Tonight Show: http://Twitter.com/FallonTonight Like The Tonight Show: https://Facebook.com/FallonTonight The Tonight Show Tumblr: http://fallontonight.tumblr.com/ Get more NBC: NBC YouTube: http://bit.ly/1dM1qBH Like NBC: http://Facebook.com/NBC Follow NBC: http://Twitter.com/NBC NBC Tumblr: http://nbctv.tumblr.com/ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives. Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch http://www.youtube.com/fallontonight #FallonTonight #MadLibTheater #JimmyFallon
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Text Comments (12812)
shinigami 3 (4 hours ago)
"I'm detective rawry" . . No man u r detective holmes
Bilal Aslam (6 hours ago)
Where were you on the night of Hanukah?
Despacito Spider (8 hours ago)
Do one with Tom Holland!!!
Pixel Pirate (10 hours ago)
There always seems to be comedy gold when US meets UK
Claire Craig (14 hours ago)
Say hello toooooooo: Benedict Cumberbadger!
サラジャンー (20 hours ago)
Someone know this expression 😂😂 flibilit jewbit or something like that 😂
FLdancer00 (21 hours ago)
It was funny just watching him give the answers. I lost it when he said "half a millimeter"
FLdancer00 (21 hours ago)
This is what SNL should be.
Princess Diana Ledesma (22 hours ago)
I wonder why Jimmy looked at his left like that at 0:41
w o k e (23 hours ago)
Benadryls Boston accent sounds like an intellectual 3 year old
Tiptoe Chan (1 day ago)
Is Doctor Strange a closet DC fan?
Madison Detolve (1 day ago)
B:ba ba black sheep have you any- Me:soul! No sir by the way what the hell are morals J and B:wool yes sir yes sir three bags full Me:....welp
GodsPerfectFailures (1 day ago)
Number? 14,000,605
A Car (1 day ago)
That was awesome
Molly McCormack (1 day ago)
What goes on in this mans head Perfection
Vanilla Raven (1 day ago)
keep on repeating jimmys ukraine! 😂
Izuku Midoriya (1 day ago)
This breadaddict crumblersnoodle guy is a riot.
Gloria Garcia (1 day ago)
I love how he has a specific way to spell flippitygibbitt 😊💙 and agreed he is one interesting man it's adorable 😂 :)
Nina Thurnell (2 days ago)
benedict cumberbatch : **says literally anything** audience : *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*
Little Kimjix (2 days ago)
Doctor Strange just chilling in the soul gem:
Kakashi Hatake (2 days ago)
Jimmy-“number” Me-14 million 605
Aditi Sarkar (2 days ago)
Effing good!!!!
Ahmad Humza (2 days ago)
Who is he imitating? Can't seem to remember.
Malu Cavassana (2 days ago)
He spelled flippity gibbit wrong.
Goodgirl Pina (2 days ago)
I cannot hear clearly because no subbtitle they talking very fast english. I just very big fans Benedict Cumberbatch. So when he laugh i laugh
Pender (2 days ago)
Did they cut out some scene? I feel weird... This is my 12th time watching this and this time I feel the video is a bit different...
aya saad (2 days ago)
What did he say after saying Macy's store name?
sa rry (1 day ago)
Body part: "Buttock"
Domancave (3 days ago)
Fun fact of you are an investigator. If you are interrogating someone and they use their thumb as the number 3 then they are from the UK specifically. Nowhere else in Europe is that taught
Semmelein (3 days ago)
I just died laughing. 🤣
katerinalojikova (3 days ago)
I had to stop like four times how much I was laughing, it was impossible to bloody finish the video.
minnie mouse (3 days ago)
watching this for the 7th time now
Kane Left Games (3 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue The scene starts at 3:32
"Plural object" "Eggs" WOULD THAT BE EGGS BENEDICT???
Merpin Guy (4 days ago)
This needs to be a Sherlock episode.
Dragonfire (4 days ago)
1:36 i couldnt stop watching his hand play with the table
Cross Johansen (4 days ago)
My names rory but im a girl lol
Agnieszka Rutkowska (4 days ago)
Omg it was awesome 😍😍
Sad Smok (4 days ago)
I need Sebastian Stan doing this
mrraamsridhar (4 days ago)
Love you Ben!! You mentioned of Superman and Batman!!!
Ian Vicedomini (4 days ago)
Birdstorm (4 days ago)
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss he mentioned Ukraine!!!!!
Alex Rus (4 days ago)
Second degree wobbewy
Олz (4 days ago)
Ukraine 💛💙
Mr. Rubicon (5 days ago)
Native Americans when they heard Geronimo. 🤬
Grek Play (5 days ago)
country Ukraine... ohh god, i love you
Scout A (5 days ago)
I'm crying
Elvis Van (6 days ago)
_⛅1PM Jul 13 2019~_
Cece Wimmer (6 days ago)
Famous movie quote? Me: I'll do you one better, Why is gamora?
mariaf324 (6 days ago)
Lmaooooooo, too funny!!
Edmon Stepanyan (6 days ago)
jrik bozer
the emily (6 days ago)
*This cutie is such a huge fan of DC,, I wish Dictor Strange was from DC too.*
Sas AsD (6 days ago)
Me too. The reason for me is I hate MCU stans.
Jing Xiong (7 days ago)
I laugh every time when I see this, it's really funny XD
Julia Kardos (7 days ago)
When he said eggs for food I thought... eggs Benedict?😂
Jaahnvii Negii (7 days ago)
Omg I love him so muchhh
yazaley perez (8 days ago)
And go home to my children and my *pet badger*
Kate Florian (8 days ago)
Omg its Benadryl Cucumberpatch!
Alysann Swartout (8 days ago)
Ah yes, Benedict Cabbagepatch of the famous Cabbagepatch family.
Sas AsD (8 days ago)
Please get him back and ask him different questions.
cloudneal (8 days ago)
benedict is never not funny
The Office Sis (8 days ago)
Benedict Cabbage patch
Michelle Yang (9 days ago)
1000 videos no subs. (9 days ago)
Kids know Benedict for Doctor Strange, but i know him for Sherlock.
Lauren Duffy (9 days ago)
This is honestly so funny!😂
Melissa Nugent (9 days ago)
I love how easily Benedict Cumberbatch came up with his answers 😂
Polina Ukrainian (9 days ago)
Ukraine OMG, I died 😂
Sabina N (9 days ago)
We need tom hiddleston to do this
None Ya (9 days ago)
I wonder how happy MARVEL is, saying when it came to movie titles and quotes BC said DC related things....is this why they killed Doctor Strange off in IW??😐
Jeremy Heere (9 days ago)
this whole video is jimmy silently dying
ERik (9 days ago)
Benedict Cumberbatch could have done mad libs all day.
Dhruv Raghu (9 days ago)
Bend-dick cumbitch
A Masselink (9 days ago)
I need this with Chris evans
liahsaurus rex (10 days ago)
Benedict during the skit sounds like Carisi from Law and order svu
Ariel Luker (10 days ago)
Ok so this is a really random comment but does anyone else think that Jimmy Fallon’s Ukrainian accent sounds like Constantine from Muppets most Wanted? No, just me...
They should get an Oscar for those serious faces 😂
-Fave body part? -Buttock. -Silly word? -Buttock.
winterwolf 0100 (10 days ago)
I had a real problem with this video. I was supposed to be asleep and could not laughing 😂😂
Marie Stewart (10 days ago)
HAHA! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying and nearly peeing my pants and my kids are like, "Mom--are you CRYING? You're so weird."
Marvelous Jammer (10 days ago)
Elizabeth Olsen next please
Hallo 65334 (10 days ago)
Did they said penguin? If yes which second?
Lucy.jellybean9 (10 days ago)
I don’t know what to comment, flippity gibit!
SeerOfTime (11 days ago)
Rory and Geronimo? XD As a Whovian, I am very pleased with these choices~
LAURA May (11 days ago)
Benadict: Uhh, Flibbity Jibbet.... Jimmy: Uhhhhhhh... Benedict: F...l...i...b...b...i...t...y...
Jacob Noah (11 days ago)
Is that Bearnaldy Crimsonchin..??
Jungshook (11 days ago)
Detective Sherlock is back 😆
angelalunsford2005 (12 days ago)
I love how his references are all DC.
Amelia P (12 days ago)
I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️
OceanicUnicorn (12 days ago)
5:04 🎂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maia Alsander (12 days ago)
Benedict literally deserves an oscar for that scene
Daniel Dominguez (12 days ago)
This is by far the best Mad Lib Theater performance of them all!!
Coconut&Squid (13 days ago)
*Extremely long awkward silence* FLIBIDIGEBITS!
Muhammed I. Jhaban (13 days ago)
& i thought doctor strange was strange!!
TBWRWW (13 days ago)
0:33 already dying
Arcane Mender (13 days ago)
Pet name... Redbeard...
hahahaha movie is so funny !!! thx !!
Yourbeautiful666 (13 days ago)
Sounds like Shortround
Cryptic_Neko (13 days ago)
I wanna get interrogated by Ben soo baddd aghh 😫❤
Apa Def (14 days ago)
JC Lisa (14 days ago)
I get to go home to my wife and kids.. and my pet badger
Janet Kuhn (14 days ago)
I think this is the best version of mad lib theater😂😂
Kasia Nyland (14 days ago)
How did I know he would say Macy’s

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