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Had a great sesh at chino with some insane kids! Scooters are my passion and I know I need to get out there more and post more videos on my scooter. I love being at the skate parks and riding with kids on scooters, bmx bikes and skate boards. I am sorry for being lazy over last couple months and that will change so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications! https://www.roccosonlinestore.com (Rocco Apparel) Hey "Roc Stars" my name is Rocco and I am 10 years old living the dream in California. I post daily videos of my life that include my family, scootering, motocross, BMX, mountain biking, motorcycles, quads, jet skies, boating, extreme sports, challenges, pranks, holidays, amusement parks, roller coasters, music, collabs, water parks,, games, travels and many other crazy, fun things. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and watch daily. Love all the fans who support me and don't make time for the haters! Follow Rocco on: Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Ub2OXR Instagram: http://bit.ly/2eqErd1 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1Ub2UyF Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WuAoXe Snapchat: roccopiazza1 Follow Rocco’s sister Emma on: YouTube: http://bit.ly/24ZoHOw Instagram: http://bit.ly/1RRVRKO Facebook: http://on.fb.me/24d6Ovg Snapchat: epiaz Business email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (205)
Kumo Palmer (3 months ago)
There is know one cooler than you Rocco. Awesome video.
yakipu0222 焼きプ (3 months ago)
Ashley Patterson (3 months ago)
Kumo Palmer Morning
marmar sacar (1 month ago)
Hmmm what can I say to you that's nice
Dominik Buchinger (1 month ago)
Ethy Russo212 (3 months ago)
Has he left rkr scooters ?
nora puga (3 months ago)
Rocco Rocco Rocco when are you going to school
Fin Topham (3 months ago)
Who else thinks Rocco should do more scootering videos like he used to do:)
Willys world Of stufff (3 months ago)
Ps I subscribed and terned notifications on!!!!!!!!!!!😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Willys world Of stufff (3 months ago)
Yoo wazup roco when I first watcht you I rode a grit scooter and tried to be you!
Amelia Luna (3 months ago)
Wow 😍
Czor Jnr (3 months ago)
Can u please give up on YouTube yous are dead now
gavin vlogs (3 months ago)
Rocco i got u my boy just do what u do
Junior 54 45 (3 months ago)
I love your vids every body needs to subscribe to rocko 💪
Kelly Aitken (3 months ago)
You are the best kid youtube
Alice Kinyua (3 months ago)
Nice trick
Isaac Bugmy (3 months ago)
Not much viwes lol
Nebrox (3 months ago)
How many people with 2.2 mil subs answer fan comments. Yet Rocco does.
Hello Rocco im kirill like
Abby Vanderiwel (3 months ago)
awesome job Rocco! way to go kid! keep it up! you're such an inspiration dude! love you bro!!
Yo Brothers (3 months ago)
Anyone else wish they could do this xD?
Jordan Thomson (3 months ago)
Fortnite addiction is real or so I hear hahah
Jordan Thomson (3 months ago)
U still got it~~Good video
DoctorStab (3 months ago)
i have been watching since 2016 i am a scooter kid too HaHa
Jake Rabbit (3 months ago)
Hey bro you are so cool
Phyllis pace (3 months ago)
This is my channel and I am Garrett Fowler
Nathan Alexa (3 months ago)
You were a rlly good YouTuber a year ago when you uploaded everyday and then you stoped riding and your still good but like...
YouTube Channel (3 months ago)
Your crazy come to my channel kadenfreeland
Mikel McKee (3 months ago)
love your vids keep up the awesome work
Re4perGod Gaming (3 months ago)
l like it when you do scooter vids brooo
LENA michalska (3 months ago)
I love your vlogs and i like to see how ride on scooter and i would only wont You to see Me on The Instagram my name is lena.michalska ps i’m from poland 😁
Its Mistic (3 months ago)
Yo what’s up dude it’s josh btw and just cuz your playing fortnite doesn’t mean you lazy bro 🤙
The turtle crew (3 months ago)
this was an awesome vid though
The turtle crew (3 months ago)
bro what happened i used to watch this channel and it was so popular and he had so much views and then all of the sudden i did not watch for a while and now his channel is pretty dead i feel bad man
John Demopoulos (3 months ago)
Rocco add me on snap chat fezdemo
John Demopoulos (3 months ago)
Can u add me on snap chat fezdemo
John Demopoulos (3 months ago)
Rocco can u come on Thursday because I have no school or Friday can u come those days
XxXavierXxX The beast (3 months ago)
I’m honestly happy that u took over the whole video and no help from your mom nice job Rocco 🤙
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Diegoboss Lol (3 months ago)
3:05 u mental
Diegoboss Lol (3 months ago)
Best part 17:05
Gunner Hopkins (3 months ago)
That 🐕 is big
Gunner Hopkins (3 months ago)
She probably is
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Boston D (3 months ago)
Woohoo Rocco is back sending like only Rocco can ,sick vlog Rock on Rocco!!
Tanner fox Tudor (3 months ago)
Love the content keep it up man
Yasmin Araújo (3 months ago)
I Love you @roccopiazza 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❣❣❣
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
rose o Donnell (3 months ago)
At the start Rocco's voice is so different
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Brian Farrell (3 months ago)
Nice scooter trick Rocco. I wish you could do more.
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
L Davies06 (3 months ago)
Awesome video keep it up 🔥🔥
Landen palecek (3 months ago)
Dude I wan a pro scoot so bad so I can go to the park and bro keep up the awesome work 👍
Madeline Marretta (3 months ago)
I know it going to be a AMAZING video!!Keep up the great vids 👍
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
JFC iforgot (3 months ago)
That's more like it bro!!!
ʟɪʟ ᴊᴀᴋᴇ (3 months ago)
Rocco can you add me as a friend on xbox? jokeforfun58
ʟɪʟ ᴊᴀᴋᴇ (3 months ago)
ɪ'ʟʟ ʙᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴜʀsᴅᴀʏ
ʟɪʟ ᴊᴀᴋᴇ (3 months ago)
ac (3 months ago)
Why do scooter kids always look like their ready to take it up the ass encase there’s a dick around or somthin
Gavin Twardy (3 months ago)
Rocco I love the vids and I am your biggest fan❤️
Gavin Twardy (3 months ago)
What why I will
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
katanaZZ z (3 months ago)
Do you rec ur vids a day before
katanaZZ z (3 months ago)
RoccoPiazzaVlogs LOL
katanaZZ z (3 months ago)
RoccoPiazzaVlogs OK
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
BallerDrew2 (3 months ago)
Hey you should do more dirt bike riding 😂😂
BallerDrew2 (3 months ago)
RoccoPiazzaVlogs thank you
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Katie (3 months ago)
I love your videos there so amazing plz continue uploading been subscribed for 4 years I remeber when you had Rebecca plz reply to this Rocco
DG_IOS (3 months ago)
Nice video rockstar I have been watching u since I was 7
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Katie (3 months ago)
Been here since Rebecca
CraZer Adam (3 months ago)
#RHYS VLOG (3 months ago)
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Sawyer Harris (3 months ago)
Btw the title says inside not insane
Sawyer Harris (3 months ago)
RoccoPiazzaVlogs no problem love the videos!!!!
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Sjoerd Mulder (3 months ago)
You are the best!
THE GRIM REAPER (3 months ago)
Nice video ur da best YouTuber ever
Marcus Justice (3 months ago)
Tottaly understan get back on the grind
Marcus Justice (3 months ago)
Do a colab with tanner
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Erik Estrada (3 months ago)
<3 love you
Alesha’s Adventures (3 months ago)
Hey Rocco you inspired me to ride scooters I have watched you for like 2 years and I’m getting a new scooter in a few days xx
Alesha’s Adventures (3 months ago)
Lucas Stanley oh am I thanks that’s cool
Alesha’s Adventures (3 months ago)
RoccoPiazzaVlogs thanks for replying I might be able to send you clips but I’m not sure I’m not that good x
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Lucas Stanley (3 months ago)
Your at the very bottom of comments like if you see
Cody Ash (3 months ago)
Turkey is my friend and he knows you. When his videos he’s making you do videos and all the other
John Demopoulos (3 months ago)
Rocco I learned a new trick on my mini scoot
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Sibbie (3 months ago)
Ive watched you since 100k :D
Sibbie (3 months ago)
You inspired me to try to scooter but i failed😂
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Gannon Breedlove (3 months ago)
I am going to get a rkr scooter for my birthday in a month
Gannon Breedlove (3 months ago)
RoccoPiazzaVlogs why
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
TwineGamer 1625 (3 months ago)
Is ok nigga
Aris vlogs (3 months ago)
I wish we could hang out some time but the sad thing is that I live in Colorado. And I've been subscribed for like a year
Aris vlogs (3 months ago)
Add me on snapchat my name is ARISNATION67YT not YouTuber though. I used to but not any more
Aris vlogs (3 months ago)
I dont think Holy would say yes
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
John CenaSucks (3 months ago)
I don't like Chandler!! But Rocco you're the best!
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
BLACK LIZARD (3 months ago)
Cool vid
Kelly Martinez (3 months ago)
Insane rocco
Jonnie Outlaw (3 months ago)
Hey Rocco, you know you are legend right!!! Your pretty much awesome at what ever you do. So start making some more of those cool videos!!!!!!👍👍
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
John Demopoulos (3 months ago)
Rocco I’m not in California can u Come to Hoboken New Jersey skate park castle point
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Lucas Stanley (3 months ago)
Yeah awesome vid
Savage Is Awesome (3 months ago)
15:53 Rocco you're so awesome 😎 Great vlog! 👍
Nicholas Jastemski (3 months ago)
Hi Rocco I hit the like button this video is fantastic and amazing
Henryscooter vlog (3 months ago)
Nice vlog
reed99deer (3 months ago)
I'm salty_plays_luke
reed99deer (3 months ago)
Rocco you said what's up in my Instagram group
Nicole is awsome! (3 months ago)
Awsome video!!!!!!!!
Yannuel Maisonet (3 months ago)
Nicole is awsome! Yes good video
Kyla Pillion (3 months ago)
I love how all of your vids are about scootering (however you spell it) because I love to scooter and I really want a pro scooter tho... BTW I liked the vid, (as always) subscribed, (as always) notifications on........(as always), and this is my comment............................PLZ shout my YouTube channel out!!!!! (because I want to be like you someday)))))))
DARK LI3F family (3 months ago)
Iml lazy to rocco
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
i dont want to be lazy anymore .
Cannon Thiel (3 months ago)
Kyla Pillion (3 months ago)
Early squad where u at???
Noah Kilian (3 months ago)
Best youtober ever💖
Fortnite Toom (3 months ago)
Welcome to todays vog
Mystiic lll (3 months ago)
Ur good everyone used to watch u daily until u stopped uploading
Yannuel Maisonet (3 months ago)
Hi rocco piazza vlogs happy thanksgiving
Yannuel Maisonet (3 months ago)
You can not give that in public by instagram if you have
Yannuel Maisonet (3 months ago)
Give me your phone number if you want
Yannuel Maisonet (3 months ago)
You're welcome
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
thanks you too
akermi2,1md max (3 months ago)
Good bro am from Tunis
TyeDYE HEMPlord (3 months ago)
Tell your crackhead mom to stop spending your money
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
i fired her
Lucas Stanley (3 months ago)
Can I be in one of your like if you do
Big Dan (3 months ago)
Nice vid
Statue Demonknight (3 months ago)
Rocco no need to apologise for not uploading because I understand why and it's all cool. Also phenomenal and insane skills you did with your amazing scooter aa your tricks were mind blowing and the best ever as you showed you are an epic pro at scooter.
THOMAS. OFFICIEL (3 months ago)
Superbe vidéo J'ai fait une vidéo sur toi Vas voir sur ma chaîne youtube salut
reed99deer (3 months ago)
I'm a big fan
Trêvõr Štâńłęÿ (3 months ago)
I love this video! I liked and subbed! Notification squad!!! Thx Rocco for liking I've been watching for 2 years .
young blood (3 months ago)
Hi roco
ROCCO PIAZZA (3 months ago)
Dee Aquino (3 months ago)
Hi Rocko I was the first one to thumbs up
Mivhau (3 months ago)
Siema polska

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