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The Try Guys Contact Deceased Family Members Featuring The Hollywood Medium

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Text Comments (16916)
QUEEN K-STAN (2 hours ago)
Black Magic?
Izzy Bird (4 hours ago)
i’m now crying
Tomb (22 hours ago)
I wonder if Eugeans mom is gay
Milo Fitzgerald-Jones (23 hours ago)
I really want to know what was up with eugenes mom
Angie LuvsAnime (4 minutes ago)
all my grandparents died... my granddads died before i was born, and my last grandma died when i was about 7 or 8... I still kinda remember my grandmothers
Mary G (1 day ago)
When they bleeped out that part I thought the physic was just aggressively cursing.
YOU.KNOW. ME (1 day ago)
This broke my heart
Chucky Conan (1 day ago)
why not become a normal medium you ask? because its easier to find info on celebs on the internet before you give them a read
Julia Hamilton Fan (1 day ago)
Watching Them talk about their done loved ones reminded of my mom and grandfather and I was holding my tears in until I saw Ned cry.
Miranda.Izabel (1 day ago)
Oh it got worse 😭😭
Miranda.Izabel (1 day ago)
Why you gotta start this with ned getting emotional, i wasnt ready hold on
Lizzy H (2 days ago)
Ned crying *almost* made me cry *(she lies as she wipes tears from face)*
Aësälys (2 days ago)
It sounds like Eugene's mom is the daughter of a korean comfort woman: it explains the secret, it explain the part-japanese dna of Eugene, and Eugene's grandma was probably young enough during ww2 for that, according to Eugene's mother age. She can also be an adopted child, daughter of a comfort woman...
Corrine Jones (2 days ago)
Cat toy 🤣
Corrine Jones (2 days ago)
Don’t make me cry
liviahashe travero (2 days ago)
14:29 - 14:33 EUGENE!!!!😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌
PinkyGang SAVAGE (2 days ago)
I got a reading with my dad and I cried
Natalya Cruz (2 days ago)
Eugene’s face when Ned starts crying is like 0.o
Lucy Thomas (3 days ago)
I was very young when my grandfather died. He was a soldier in the Vietnam war. They used a poison called Ancient Orange to kill the trees so that the enemy had nowhere to hide. What they didn’t know at the time, was that it gave everyone cancer. My grandfather died when I was 4 and he was my best friend. The night before we found out that he had died, apparently my family claims that I had a dream that my papa (is what we called him) took my on a ride in heaven, just like he used to when I was little. So yeah.... this video hit me.
Amanda Mosher (3 days ago)
I found out his family secret
Lucy Trần (3 days ago)
Can i just give them all a hug
Pranav m (3 days ago)
Ive seen him on keeping up with the kardashians!!
kitty kate (3 days ago)
He is fqin crazy ass scary for me....
H A R A L E Y U (3 days ago)
I cant stop crying 😢
Dalena Quast (3 days ago)
Skylar Shadow (4 days ago)
This guy acts like a psychopath
Jac Pickard (4 days ago)
They are talking about wife... Has baby Talking about career Makes new channel Thinking about athstetic Buys a house
Hannah Paxton (4 days ago)
I never thought I would see them cry ever
Carlos Santana (4 days ago)
That Intro Tho?😂😂😏
Simply Erica (4 days ago)
Holy crap, 5 hours earlier---
Morgan L. Sayer (4 days ago)
Omg Ned had me in tears. 😭 He felt all of this so deeply.
Audrey Severtsen (5 days ago)
Omg when Keith started crying 😭😭😭
Pandigurl (5 days ago)
I’m so nosey and wanna know what they keep editing out about Eugene’s mom but I also know it’s none of my damn business.
Rosie Clifton (5 days ago)
Mylene Hobman (6 days ago)
I loved!!! this video 😭💚💛🧡❤
Pendekar Sarden (6 days ago)
how the hell does tyler henry do that
Banana M (6 days ago)
Isn’t that weird that Ned’s ancestors were excited for his future and it was correct cause he’s got a child
Zoey Hansen (7 days ago)
Two things: 1) omg I cried so much about the part with Zach's grandmother because I went through something very similar with my own grandmother and watching somebody you love progressively get worse is one of the hardest things. 2) STOP TRYING TO FIGURE OUT EUGENE'S SECRET!! HE BLEEPED IT FOR A REASON, RESPECT HIS DAMN PRIVACY FFS!!!
Ryan C (7 days ago)
My uncle was at dinner with his friend and the person who he was at dinner with brought up my aunt who she didn’t know and her dad, it was a weird story
jonah Rachel (8 days ago)
Lmaooo sorry yang dynasty
Cristian Jimenez (8 days ago)
No Joke, I Cried With Ned
Zuzi Schmidová (9 days ago)
i was preparing myself for this video for so long and still cried i always cry when a man cries
I’m Suffering (9 days ago)
Eugene’s secret..
I have only lost one living thing in my entire life. That was my pet cat Clover. I had owned Clover my whole life until I was about 7 and a half. He died because he had many health issues. When we got him an Employee who was checking us out told my parents that he was ill and that his brother wasn’t up for adoption because of the health issues he had gotten over the years.
Ehsanul Bhuiyan (10 days ago)
This guy looks like mat franco
Fia (10 days ago)
This showed up in my recommended so long after it was posted? I thought this was on the original Try Guys channel? It's BuzzFeed? What
Callum H (10 days ago)
everyone; *talking about ned crying* me; let me hug my baby boy keith
Char K (10 days ago)
Keith crying made me cry
costaaxx (11 days ago)
Imagine the try guys making videos while in heaven
Kristalyn Devine (11 days ago)
I cried sooooooo much :(
ZannyThe FunkyOrange! (11 days ago)
Poor Keith EDIT:actually poor everyone! ; (
WETRICE246 - (11 days ago)
Dahm watching Keith and Ned cry made me cry.
Nick Hanson (11 days ago)
This is so cool!!!!
Food for life Jimenez (11 days ago)
Did anyone else cried when Keith cried
Becka Cook (12 days ago)
Beyond curious to know what the deal was with Eugene's mom.. Do you think it could be immigration related?
Jayla S (12 days ago)
Chris 420 (12 days ago)
It’s all a cheesy thing
Chris 420 (12 days ago)
Some of this stuff seems same as everyone els but none the less it’s still entertaining
Savage_ Dino11 (12 days ago)
Whenever I see any of them cry my heart breaks. Especially Ned
Luis Marquez (13 days ago)
When he stutters it means he is shotgunning which is just naming random things
Caprial Graf (13 days ago)
I hope everyone’s family’s are okay
Caprial Graf (13 days ago)
I want to know what happened to Min-Young just so I could console her in whatever it is I hope she was okay
Marina Desiree (13 days ago)
This whole video breaks my heart 😭😭
Karina Herrera (14 days ago)
Finlay Gaming18 (14 days ago)
This is so affectionate
Jane Winter (15 days ago)
I bet Eugenes Mum is in the Korean Mafia
fran darling (16 days ago)
I'll believe Mr Tyler if he both takes the James Randi challenge AND LEGITIMATELY PASSES.
Kurt Seecharan (16 days ago)
Red shirt guy resembles his loved one alot
Cliftonfam606 Clifton (17 days ago)
My grandma died last year
Kaivon Duncan (17 days ago)
eugene is my breakfast, lunch and dinner
Debbie Snyder (17 days ago)
eryka gray (17 days ago)
i started crying at 10:18 idk why i just rip-
Yumzbearz The Memer (18 days ago)
The medium dude gives me gay vibes
Red Saiyan (18 days ago)
Maybe when Tyler was talking about Babies that was aimed at Ned.
Elise Rosé (18 days ago)
Seeing Ned cry broke my heart... he’s always so happy and optimistic and seeing him so vulnerable and sad is a fresh break from who he normally is and it’s wonderful to see multiple sides of him. 2019 anyone ?
Aldís Tanja (18 days ago)
No I'm not crying... Someone is just cutting onion's.
Broken Dirtbag (18 days ago)
"This is how much my sisters hate babies" -eugene 2018
Kim (19 days ago)
Tyler was on Shane’s podcast right? If he was, it was a nice episode :)
Fariha Mohamed Hilmy (20 days ago)
This is disturbing
Victor Lam (20 days ago)
Can someone tell me what episode Eugene is referring to ?
Dᴀɴɪᴇʟ (20 days ago)
“They’re having me talk about”
RJK Films (20 days ago)
When the medium talks he kind of sounds like my therap-...teacher😐
CuNt BuCkEt (20 days ago)
seeing ned cry made me cry because ned is s o sweet.
Hangry Potato (21 days ago)
I dont wanna sound like im hating, but there have been a LOT of rumors that this guy is a fraud. I do believe tha people can do such things, but this guy ooooof... he makes it up in the spot. There are signs that he's lying and they can be backed up by psychology and logic. Here, lemme tell you... 1) he avoids direct contact 2) he speaks too fast 3) he tries to change the subject (ex. the date that he had) 4) as you saw some predictions were false (you might say "well it happens", yeah it does, but you cant get a prediction, oracle, whatever you wanna call it, that's completely innacurate, ex. Eugenes sister and the baby situation) 5) all of his answers are too vague 6) there was no personal question to ensure that a) the medium is not a fraud b) the medium is not talking with another person/an evil spirit or entity and that's a crucial step if you're a medium. I didnt watch the whole video cause... why should i do that since its not real, but like come on dude... Atleast be a good actor..
Hangry Potato (21 days ago)
actually i sound like im hating sooo... here goes that...
Lilianne Neptune (21 days ago)
17:21 Tyler got possessed by sister James I mean jeeeez😂😂
da nny (21 days ago)
I'm gonna cry 😭♥
Jacob Earl (21 days ago)
He looks like Nevel from icarly
Lia Velecico (21 days ago)
Yea no this made me cry a bit
HeyItsMads (21 days ago)
wth i got a physic add before this!
Blair Wyber (21 days ago)
I feel so terrible for Ned, I've never seen him so vulnerable to start tearing up on camera, I could never of imagined how he would feel in this situation, her sister seems to be going through some tough times and sometimes it is nice to know the people you loved so dearly and infact watching over you without you knowing. I find these things so fascinating but so gut wrenching at the same time.
- NotABot - (21 days ago)
This is all cold reading. "A name that has an E", "An older person with breathing problems and medication", "Someone maybe having a child." Psychics are frauds.
Stella Lynn (21 days ago)
seeing Ned so conflicted made me seriously cry. it touched me to see him so vulnerable.
Evelyn (21 days ago)
4:34 hey we have the same name! May she rest in paradise. So sorry for everyone's loss.
Grindr Tennessee (21 days ago)
I have a ""object " he can hold ... mmmm giddy giddy
Gen X (22 days ago)
i didn't know matpat had a gay brother
Thedeanofangels (22 days ago)
OMG I call my grandmother Nanu (for Ned) that's so cool we call them the same same. My parent's language is Hindi so I'm supposed to call my grandmother (my mom's mom) Nani but instead I call her Nanu.
Marianna Bell (22 days ago)
I wish I could contact my great grandma I really love her
Ayz M (22 days ago)
Tyler reminds me of Connor Franta
swiftie 07 swift (22 days ago)
Naanu wait is ned indian? 😂

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