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The Try Guys Contact Deceased Family Members Featuring The Hollywood Medium

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Text Comments (16935)
Akshata Vaidya (3 hours ago)
Eugene .... We do wanna know about u ❤... We , the fans of The Try Guys will respect your past buddy .... Plz ... Do talk about it
Marissa Barnes (3 hours ago)
19:50😡😡 that's awful
Marissa Barnes (4 hours ago)
14:28 wth happened to his voice 😂😂💀
janae ingram (12 hours ago)
i don't like seeing the try guys crying like why would this be in my recommendation?
marijan remenar (13 hours ago)
My family has os much secrets And I went to a medium and they sad that my great grandmother had 2 babies (she lived during WW2) one while she was 16 which died and one when she was 19,20 and that is my grandmother so...I need to get in on my family drama
Inês Pedro (14 hours ago)
17:21 James??
Emmy Love (14 hours ago)
i cant man this is crazy seeing keith choke up and ned i just cant..
Emmy Love (14 hours ago)
are you crying? im sobbing
Starman Oddity (14 hours ago)
Omg Keith! I love him so much
Vanessa Ramos (15 hours ago)
I wonder who wanted them to do this !i feel so bad!😥
brie schwingel (17 hours ago)
this is the most beautiful try guys video i have ever seen i cried HARD it is just an amazing sigh to watch a skeptic realize that there are things beyond this world that we cannot see and affect us day to day. the median was amazing and i can tell this really affected ned in an emotional but well-needed way as he might have felt lost and alone through life, now knowing he is exactly where he needs to be :)
Molika Sreng (17 hours ago)
I’m watching this a couple years later, and the fact that Tyler mentioned the baby was probably for Ned, because Wes was born a year later LOL
jess freeman (21 hours ago)
I hate seeing people cry because all I wanna do is just hug them and not let go until I make them at least smile again and I hate hugging but as soon as I saw Ned break down, that's all I wanted to do, was to just hug him until he was okay again. I teared up when I saw it.
Shishter Shuck (1 day ago)
tyler is the cutest baby ever
Bea Yourself (1 day ago)
I cried
Little Lie (1 day ago)
bruh, for me, unless you can cast out a demon, ur an OP medium
Wartoothandnail (1 day ago)
Karen (1 day ago)
I wonder who's the "they" Tylar is referencing
A Geek Girls Life (1 day ago)
Seeing Keith cry killed me
Leslie Moreno (1 day ago)
Omg I loveee Keith so much , once he began to break down my heart ached for him
prettyfaceT (2 days ago)
Seeing Keith cry made me cry😭
Ella Aleja (2 days ago)
Damn, I'm emotional.
Dang it I wanna respect Eugene’s privacy but what is that FAMILY SECRET!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Kimber Sanders (3 days ago)
So he foretold Ariel and Becky working together
XAVIER HAZEL (3 days ago)
He was just doing a cold reading
{•Jazzy Gacha• (4 days ago)
My poor baby boi Keith
Michelle Moua (4 days ago)
I cried
Sofia Thorpe (4 days ago)
OMG!!18:27 he knew they were going solo!
miranda v (4 days ago)
I do not want to be mean or disrespectful, but I honestly hate eugene and I really think that his while family hating children and being less open about their family proves that he comes from a line of wrong ancestors.
Nikita Miller (5 days ago)
Samreen Rahman (5 days ago)
I never want to see them cry ever again oml
Was ned's grandpa Indian?
gingy jj (6 days ago)
Amazing god bless this man
"I dont know what their saying, but I think they want you to order the soup" xD idk why but that was funny
Spider Monkey (6 days ago)
I don't belive this and I feel like Eugene dosen't either 😂😂
Literacy Pirate (6 days ago)
Didnt Neds wife have a baby shortly after this? I know its a stretch but what if Eugene's "sister" was actually Ned's wife cuz they are a family.
Noobmaster69 (6 days ago)
i used to be a medium but now im extra large
BTS Is love (7 days ago)
Buzzfeed how can I contact this guy please tell me
sanh vo (7 days ago)
Whenever they were talking about the secret all that I heard was the word licking
Sophia McCartney (7 days ago)
Eugene neeeddddssss to tell us if one of his sisters has kids!!!!
ivory (8 days ago)
but what did eugene's sister say about children tho? lmao
mina gurdal (8 days ago)
Where’s my bois shane and ryan dammit
Mary Davies (8 days ago)
Omg Ned is breaking my heart!
Mountain of Memes (8 days ago)
Can someone tell me what “order the soup” means
M Greenwood (9 days ago)
I wanna jump through the screen and hug Ned!
MayLing Tran (9 days ago)
Ned sounded so broken at the end. 😢😞
win buy (9 days ago)
It was cute to see the cat toy. That was a good way to start and sweet.
megan davis (9 days ago)
Taylor is so sweet and smiling all the time and laughing
drillersword (12 days ago)
This dude needs to go somewhere haunted with Ryan and Shane on BuzzFeed unsolved
William Frame (13 days ago)
Hello cold reading ☺️
Faith Ross (13 days ago)
I don't like Tyler's personality or the way he talks.. The lying doesn't help but I digress
Avis Ganis (14 days ago)
Its an old school reading, dont trust him that he never saw your profiles. My grandmother name was Evelyn. Please dont think that old people dont always think this way. It is a universal thing. What a crock of shite.
Katie Is a weird one (14 days ago)
Neds reaction was so sweet. I wanted to crawl out of my phone and give him a huge hug and a shoulder to cry on!
4pensword4 (14 days ago)
Okay wow. I want to meet with this man.
ジェサミJessamy (17 days ago)
I'm crying!!!!
Al Saenzki (17 days ago)
Omg when Keith and Ned cried I cried
Logan Scholtz (17 days ago)
20:57 thats so Eugene💕
Megan Atwood (21 days ago)
he looks like Nevel from iCarly
Robert Haizlip (22 days ago)
Who the hell are the try guys?
cat (22 days ago)
keith is a giant with a soft spot🖤:3
Niree Plascencia (22 days ago)
I was a crybaby I cried so much love you try guys
Mary Therese McCool (23 days ago)
Okay, my eyes are leaking, big time.
Natalie Palma (24 days ago)
I literally cried when Zach’s grandma came through
Tanuki_kookie gamer (25 days ago)
Emily Barton (26 days ago)
I’m an emotional mess. Protect ned at all costs. Never let him cry again
Bella Talley (28 days ago)
i can not be the only one that cried when i saw HEARD ned crying. then started balling when i saw him
stephanie RMA (29 days ago)
I would love to see this guy in person
Loyaulte Me Lie (30 days ago)
Nice cold readings, impressive. Unfortunately very obviously a cold reading. He’s quite gifted in that but that is a very common thing in mediums, it’s like a magic trick.
gabby campbell (30 days ago)
I just hope nothing bad happened to Eugene's mother or someone in the family.
Sofia Loves games (1 month ago)
The guys need hugs \(•-•)/ here a go guys
When Keith was crying I started to cry with him and him breaking down I was just balling
trinity b (1 month ago)
Even if this is complete nonsense, people like this connect with with people in a way that forces them to acknowledge parts of their past that influence their lives without them knowing or even are holding them back in some way. It doesn't matter if you believe in it or not. This seemed to help the guys in a strange way which is amazing to me. Also what wonderful make role models, being able to cry openly on screen. Thank you for sharing your stories.
What bothers me about "psychics" is that they earn their living by preying on people who are grieving. People develop addictions to psychics, and those psychics take advantage of that. I'm not surprised that Eugene would be into stuff like this, but I'm surprised that the others would go along with it. And I'm kind of disappointed.
Shauna Hampel (1 month ago)
Really want to know what's up with Eugenes mom's but totally respect that they wanted to edit it out I'm just a nosy person poor ned I really hope this helped him and makes him and his sister feel better about his sister and know that he has loved ones watching over
*and i oop* (1 month ago)
i'm not crying my eyes are sweating
Jonghyun💙 (1 month ago)
The music in the background is from Tom Rosenthal. He is amazing!! Go check him out .5:32 music.
Maeve Lehane (1 month ago)
seeing ned vulnerable omg awwww
Maeve Lehane (1 month ago)
omg keithhhh :(
Maeve Lehane (1 month ago)
omg keithhhh :(
mantha louise (1 month ago)
what video was that had a cut of a video thag had eugene and his dad talk about ittttt?
Sad Potato (1 month ago)
I didn’t get to say goodbye to my great grandpa I couldn’t go to his funeral and I couldn’t see him in the hospital
XxCold_SkillzxX_Gaming (1 month ago)
I wanna give Ned and Keith a big ol’ hug
Diana Ramos (1 month ago)
I kinda want to get a reading too , like my cousin got a reading , now I want to see if there’s anything in my future or if any of my ancestors want to talk to me
sis (1 month ago)
@ 17:21 so does this prove that James Charles’s career has deceased?
Jax Kace (1 month ago)
Man i wanna watch this guy again he is really cool
ChantsAndJun (1 month ago)
Medium to Ned: They're so exited for everything you have coming Me: HIS BABY?!
Dale Garcia (1 month ago)
2:47 that Eugene look
Madison Roberts (1 month ago)
It broke my heart to see Ned and Keith cry😔
Mina Ramstad (1 month ago)
"Evelyn is her name, was her name" I can't stop crying.
Anna Castillo (30 days ago)
My name is Evalynn (mine name is spelled different due who I was named after)
UnicornSlayer895 (1 month ago)
Ned’s grandpa has the Fulmer ears
Charleen MJ (1 month ago)
Lmao great stone dragon
Tenny Dris (1 month ago)
Who else thinks that Eugene's family secret is that his mon is a North Korean escapee
FriedRamen (1 month ago)
i wish i could do this . . . my nana died when i was very young and its shaped my life solely around saddness and i just want to talk to her again. i wanna know what her favourite shirt was. her favourite perfume, anything, i just wanna talk to her again. nana i miss you. im sorry i couldnt say goodbye. and im sorry that i cant be strong for you and not cry. i know youre not in pain anymore and its selfish for me to want you back. im so sorry jackie. i miss you. damn. its 5 am i should go back to sleep.
SHW FREERUN (1 month ago)
Try not to perish challenge
T R E V O R (1 month ago)
whats the family secret tho
Mima M (1 month ago)
awww... that made me cry... poor ned...
Neon Gravestones (1 month ago)
Nooo don’t cry ;-;
Miss Gallagher (1 month ago)
*I wanna skip the part where they talk about their grandparents cuz i dont wanna be crying in the middle of the night*
Tropxcal Gaming (1 month ago)
mom stop cutting the onions
Unknown 03 (1 month ago)
0:32 lmao what’s this guys secret to ageing so well than.
It's Kasi (1 month ago)
Re-watching this episode hit me deep. My nan passed away 3 weeks ago to pancreatic cancer. As soon as Zach brought up his grandmother I just started crying. I really want to find a good medium so I can connect with her again. 75 was too young to leave this earth.

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