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Drake - Nonstop

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Nonstop (Official Video) ‘Scorpion’ Available Here: https://drake.lnk.to/ScorpionYD Director Theo Skudra Producer Jason Aita Cinematographer Isaac Eastgate Editor Kyle Gregory Sanderson UK Producers Dean G. Moore Simon Lane UK Production Company Clouded Vision Line Producer Mavreen Brown Camera Operators David Wright Harry Wheeler Jake Gabbay Focus Pullers Samuel Harding Karl Hui Jerry Pradon James Hills Clapper Loaders David Ansah Josefine Thieme Cristina Cretu Barney Coates Sam Irwin Assistant Camera Ed Tucker Camera Trainee Max Gabbay Camera Car Ant Bugge Gaffer James Canavan Sparks Hamzar Towie George Stock Owen Coughlan Damien Viking Destiny William Pope Lee Parfitt John Forsyth Dax Sharkey Will Horwell Makeup & Hair Luisa Duran Stylist Melanie Sanchez Sound Rick Entezari Ashley Gadd Andrew Sanson Mirko Simoni Production Splitter Mike Daniels Runners Charlotte Hewitt Carlo Vera Artur Haluda Titles Dead Dilly Assistant Editor Steve Cutler Film Processing Cinelab London Dailies Colorist Renato Renierra Colorist Mike Howell Color Assist Alex Jimenez Color Producer Ali Webb Exec Producer Claudia Guevera Color Facility Color Collective Drummer Adrian Bent Sound Designers Paul Germann Brennan Mercer Re-Recording Mixer Matthew Chan Mix Assistant Will Stephens Mix Facility SIM International Coordinator Rebecca Bidner-Goldstone Thanks Anthony Gonzales Mark Robinson Chubb’s CJ Jamil Roxx Noel Cadastre Shane Knox Mike Vanwyck Giggs French Montana Quavo 40 Coop Jeremiah Jackson Maddy Denley Elizabeth Lejonhjerta Victoria Lejonhjerta Obie Bugheera Chris Saunders Paul Johnson Stefano Chila Annabel’s Mayfair Ally Aspinal The Dorchester Norman Wong Graham Foy Paul Shkordoff Darren Anthony Jade Elee Max Skudra Elizabeth Levitt Abraham Herst Adam Herst Music video by Drake performing Nonstop. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records http://vevo.ly/0dBntc
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Text Comments (25709)
J santana (13 hours ago)
That crowd is fucking wild
Kathy Kaguara (16 hours ago)
Drake where is Scorpion at?!
Javier Martinez (16 hours ago)
It’s lit
Eres diabolico. No pudiste con lq ayuda de GoDS
Jordan Mckay (22 hours ago)
WebSter Peace (22 hours ago)
beat dropped so hard it broke my mom's vase shiit
Periklis Kourt (1 day ago)
We the North 🦖🦖🦖
Jordan Emanuel (1 day ago)
It hurts you to realize no one famous is checking for you 😂😂😂night nutter butter face
Christopher Blair (1 day ago)
Gimmie ma respect!!!
Atom Magic (1 day ago)
You awesome Drake
obliviously dope (1 day ago)
Smoking weed on a legal state They don't care cause bitch I'm drake Half a xan on my fucking plane I'm in bed by 10 pm awoo! I'm very responsible I only buy healthy cereal Bran.
Lucker Beats (1 day ago)
the morning coffee got super hot!!
Maya Ash (1 day ago)
Sounds like a suicide boys type beat
Tre Napier (1 day ago)
This a Rollie not a stopwatch shit don't never stop...
Jordan Munn (1 day ago)
Geovanni Bosserelli (1 day ago)
This is the 24th time in a row I've listened to this song nonstop...for reeeal
John Ambriz (1 day ago)
This has to be lebron’s favorite 🙂
Perfect Sunshine (1 day ago)
💯💯 nonstop..beastmode.. it's lit!
Lurkordie .1 (1 day ago)
Corn Pumperdinkle (1 day ago)
My head is spinning, smoke on the chicken, the bass is kickin
Andrea Sorci (1 day ago)
Niko jah (2 days ago)
Rolex, a lifestyle OVO
Mimi Babii (2 days ago)
Myreah Rolle (2 days ago)
Super hot 🔥
J REALZ (2 days ago)
Wtf is up with all the dislikes?
sour sweet (2 days ago)
Jesus Cervantes (2 days ago)
3:26 this subject is a steal styles, first copy look at me to X and now the ski mask style. Care ski, or this idiot will copy a song to you too
Angel Trevino (2 days ago)
The city of Toronto when they won yesterday. P.S screw the warriors 😂
Synner (2 days ago)
we all need a friend like Chubbs
Metro Iggn (2 days ago)
3:19 me when i first heard this song
Metro Iggn (2 days ago)
tay keith: i got another beat for you drake: lemme hear it tay keith: it’s literally every other beat i made but with no piano
Petra Uhráková (2 days ago)
“Yeah, I’m light skinned but I’m still a dark ni🅱️🅱️a.” -Me, pale as paper while listening to only rap from black rappers.
Petra Uhráková (1 day ago)
Tyrone B. I just can’t stop it, I might be from Europe, but my soul is as ghetto as it can be. 😂
Tyrone B. (1 day ago)
Petra Uhráková 😂😂🖤
gmail gmail (2 days ago)
Iq Pee (2 days ago)
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up! Look, I just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped) I don't know nobody else that's doin' this Bodies start to drop, ayy, hit the floor Now they wanna know me since I hit the top, ayy This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, shit don't ever stop This the flow that got the block hot, shit got super hot Give me my respect, give me my respect I just took it left like I'm ambidex Bitch, I move through London with the eurostep Got a sneaker deal and I ain't break a sweat Catch me 'cause I'm goin' outta there, I'm gone How I go from 6 to 23 like I'm LeBron? Servin' up a pack, servin' up a pack Niggas pullin' gimmicks 'cause they scared to rap, ayy Funny how they shook, ayy, got these niggas shook Pullin' back the curtain by myself, take a look, ayy I'm a bar spitta, I'm a hard hitta Yeah I'm light skinned, but I'm still a dark nigga I'm a wig splitta, I'm a tall figure I'm a unforgivin' wild-ass dog nigga Somethin' wrong with 'em, got 'em all bitter I'm a bill printer, I'm a grave digger Yeah, I am what I am I don't have no time for no misunderstandings again My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin' This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, shit don't ever stop Smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is Future took the business and ran it for me I let Ollie take the owl, told him brand it for me I get 2 million a pop and that's standard for me Like I went blind dog, you gotta hand it to me (Gotta gimme that shit, dog) Prayed, then I prayed again (Amen, Lord) Had a moment but it came and went (They don't love you no more) You don't wanna play with him (nah, nah, nah) They'll be mournin' you like 8AM (R.I.P) Pinky ring 'til I get a wedding ring (woah, yeah) Love my brothers, cut 'em in on anything (big slice) And you know it's King Slime Drizzy damn She just said I'm bae, I hit the thizzle dance (Mac Dre shit) Either hand is the upper hand (oh yeah, shit) Got a Bubba on my other hand (oh yeah, shit, yeah) This shit ain't no hundred bands (nah, nah, nah, nah) Palace look like Buckingham Bills so big I call 'em Williams, for real Reasons to go crazy, got a trillion for real They been tryin' me but I'm resilient for real I can't go in public like civilian for real And I hardly take offense Money for revenge, man, that's hardly an expense Al Haymon checks off of all of my events I like all the profit, man, I hardly do percents (I don't do that shit) A big part of me resents Niggas that I knew from when I started in this shit They see what I got and man it's hard to be content Fuck what they got goin' on, I gotta represent My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin' This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, shit don't ever stop Smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin' This the flow that got the block hot, shit got super hot
Samity affliction (3 days ago)
You know an artist is up themselves when every music video is of themselves, doing lame shit
Vanadhi Devi (3 days ago)
3:35 when teacher says it’s your turn
Jesse Zuniga (3 days ago)
But pusha t is still gotta?????😆😅😂🤣
Kenneth Dwight (3 days ago)
Who's listening to this while watching Game 6
Tommy Bolden (3 days ago)
Peezyk4 (3 days ago)
Drake a fucking fag we lost cause kd got injur
CPU_Bunny (2 days ago)
A H (3 days ago)
How did he go from best I ever had to this garbage
Vinnie Wickenhauser (3 days ago)
1 like = 5 Push-ups
SH Prime (4 days ago)
I just found cj in the description Cj: ah shit here we go again
Jake 69 (4 days ago)
anyone still listening to this banger song in 2019 summer
Lifegoeson100 (1 day ago)
Jake 69 yes
Pierre (2 days ago)
Fuck yeah. Bars Drake is timeless
Xander Hyslop (2 days ago)
Jake 69 it’s winter
caylon langford (4 days ago)
So no one else saw French Montana at 2:28? Ayt then
Etihad 010 (4 days ago)
not black, not white
Etihad 010 (4 days ago)
you are you
Etihad 010 (4 days ago)
you are not the n word
Etihad 010 (4 days ago)
you are so not a dark n******
Melek Buse Koç (4 days ago)
XXX' ♥
Natalie Martinez (4 days ago)
Fly me the fuck out of here ... ******* Galore .... No more... xoxo
Cooper Groves (4 days ago)
Cooper Groves (4 days ago)
instead of doing homework i sang this to my mom and im only 8. am i a savage? like if a am
camila Osorio (4 days ago)
I love drake 😍💖💖💖
El Penna (4 days ago)
Ashraf Mugisha (4 days ago)
Who else actually flipped the switch
xXSANTTY PROXx (5 days ago)
I liked
Josef SoSa (5 days ago)
Holy fuck dats da dude dat got capped in the hs musical
Chris McCall (5 days ago)
Me: ............. Drake: Yes Me: I didn’t say anything. Drake: I know.
Chris McCall (5 days ago)
So dark, Draymond Green cant be seen.
DeAnda Marshall (5 days ago)
I need that hype man on the side of my bed everyday, SHOWTIME...........SHOWTIME..... niggas out buying yo shrimp yo tripe yo burgers baby! I just flicked the grill flick flick! I don’t know nobody cooking like this, burgers on swole yeah hit the flo! Imma chef nigga, Imma grill cleaner, imma Mac maker, I’m light skinned but I’m still the shit nigga! What u want nigga, got no time fo a indecisive bitch nigga...... EP DROPPING 4th of July!
Leonardo Garcia (5 days ago)
1:00 Start!
Sammi (5 days ago)
this has gotta be my favorite music video
Avicii lazar2019 (5 days ago)
I just flick de click - thanos drake-dangmattsmith
Super Saga (5 days ago)
2:11 that cameraman tho
Cindy Natole (6 days ago)
At the start i expected for him to start singing better now
HUEROENE100 DA CAPO (6 days ago)
Fuck Drake niicolodian gangster in ur face bitch muthufukan WARRIORS
Mike Crooks (6 days ago)
Raphael F (6 days ago)
ONLY For FUN (7 days ago)
#DRAKEisthe Best
BiggQue (7 days ago)
I need him to come to St.Louis.
Chris Hall (7 days ago)
They dont love you no more
Toxic SCI (8 days ago)
"smoking the chicken" Am I missing something?
Jean Pierre Francois (8 days ago)
Drake is fire
mikz2006 (8 days ago)
i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Mike Kramer (8 days ago)
This guy is a douche bag
mich ridi (9 days ago)
Drake looks like this guy named Kenny spears
Lazar hi Vukotic (9 days ago)
Drake drake drake drake drake drake
Jean Pierre Desir (9 days ago)
Good Song ,,, Big Up to Drake
Bisarad Paudel (9 days ago)
just realised giggs is in the video
Gabriel (9 days ago)
when you call in mercenaries on someone in gta online who killed you 3:53
Iconic Snappy (9 days ago)
Fuck you drake talkin shit bout x
Samantha Rivera (9 days ago)
Hustler96002 (10 days ago)
I dont get why he tells everyone his name at the end like mfers dont know who theyre going to see in concert
Zaeef Mohammad (10 days ago)
Drake make a song for the raptors👌
tercious junior (10 days ago)
The crowd was going crazy
You small minded drake no wonder your friend got hurt badly you crook in the industry
Issa Ahmed (10 days ago)
Yeah I'm light skin but i still dark nigga Respect to this dude 💪💪💪
wm2213 (10 days ago)
Drake, I love you
Miracle Fitzgerald (10 days ago)
This song good DRAKE
Adorable Chibwe (10 days ago)
6 god all the way
ovi movi (10 days ago)
Sofia Ghisi (10 days ago)
Sofia Ghisi (10 days ago)
Souvlaki Lover ! (10 days ago)
Me: plays song very loud. Neighbor: calls police. Police: arrests neighbor.
Souvlaki Lover ! (10 days ago)
@GavaliasXD123 XD
GavaliasXD123 (10 days ago)
Souvlaki Lover ! Eisai ellinas re . Επιτέλους βρήκα έναν έλληνα
NoobGamer 0 (10 days ago)
Pengi penguinsquad Bathtubducky B4thb00st Bofishe Trust gone up Expellez Sdmittens404 M3likehard
Catchke (10 days ago)
Raptors are shit
Jax McCleanN (10 days ago)
Well that was awful
THARA THAI DUDE (11 days ago)
Rollies actually do stop when you stop wearing them lol
what's up (11 days ago)
I am pooping nonstop!

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