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MONKEYS 🐒 Funny Monkey Videos [Funny Pets]

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Text Comments (2460)
Monkey Mynu (8 hours ago)
Monkey của nhiều nước
2BRAINSONEVISION (16 days ago)
I want that monky
gandhi mood (1 month ago)
gandhi mood (1 month ago)
Joseph Mccracken (2 months ago)
Haha Haha Haha Haha. Monkey smoking a cigarette. You cant beat the classics
Salendri Ilaiah Yadav (2 months ago)
s.bhanu prasad gentle
عمر العجلان (4 months ago)
6:29 no no no 😂😂
Abanob Nan (7 months ago)
اخطر ملاهي في العالم بالفيديو اخطر الالعاب http://bit.ly/2HcrYlN
Vidhyasagar Vidhyasagar (8 months ago)
very super in talent monkey,,from dinesh
chhotu ram kumawat (8 months ago)
Vrindavan Mahima (9 months ago)
Trick and Technology (10 months ago)
Suscribe my channel
عمر ابو نجدت (10 months ago)
Nonov Yerbusiness (10 months ago)
Monkeys with lung cancer. IT'S FUNNY!
David Magana? (10 months ago)
Shayak Baloch (11 months ago)
RED ROSES (11 months ago)
The monkey in the thumbnail is not funny. It is animal abuse. People shouldn't test dangerous thing on animals
Amelia Glindon-Gavin (11 months ago)
5:20 Most girls can relate to this when they are pissed af and are wearing heels,👠
The W.A.S (11 months ago)
very funny wow
Cute Pet Zone (11 months ago)
Good www.cutepetzone.com
Revi Irvansyah (11 months ago)
Nazar ceuk Bapa emam heula.Tong Ameung Waee
ItZ_Doge (11 months ago)
4:38 poor kittem :c
FoxGames HD (1 year ago)
This as what I live for
Smokey 420 (1 year ago)
6:18 Polska za granicą xD
Isengard Middle (1 year ago)
2:37 world war M
AtomicAngel182 (1 year ago)
The thumbnail...thats just the chillest monk dud
doug martinez (1 year ago)
Derene Allen (1 year ago)
So coot😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Kitty Monkey (1 year ago)
oh god monkey know how to smoke
Im a monkey (1 year ago)
You know my favorite animal is a monkey :)
The Sabinka Cat (1 year ago)
fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunny Saini (1 year ago)
Boomie789 (1 year ago)
5:32 That baby successfully intimated that baboon by standing his ground. The baboon showed it's rear as submission.
Zorox 2012 (1 year ago)
فلم سكس عطاهم 😂 sex 2018
Sam Henry (1 year ago)
Trust me, Monkeys love tobacco and nicotine, I've seen it with my own eyes, they will fight you over it.
Mixed Channel sajira (1 year ago)
Mixed Channel sajira (1 year ago)
Mixed Channel sajira (1 year ago)
Mixed Channel sajira (1 year ago)
Mixed Channel sajira (1 year ago)
Michael Pasler (1 year ago)
The first one is cute
ENJOY IT (1 year ago)
🙈🙈🙈🙈👍ncz video nd I have also uploaded 1 video on monkey dancing on aj blue hai pani pani
Maggie Panikkou (1 year ago)
Take down monkeys smoking it's not funny it's abuse.
Alejandra. G (1 year ago)
DoglinsShadow (1 year ago)
When he pulled that dogs tail OMG
Todd (1 year ago)
Mark Dice?
Cattv Daily (1 year ago)
funnies monkey hahah..i like it..pls back too.
رسول ايسكو (1 year ago)
جميل كلش
lintang putri (1 year ago)
monyetnya lucu lucuya
مين عربي لايك
sahista bano (1 year ago)
baby monkey very nice or very good video
Ean Bland (1 year ago)
yo hahahah
Loris Regalino (1 year ago)
not fun
bruh (1 year ago)
Imran Hashmi (1 year ago)
a bibi
Gopi nayak (1 year ago)
Super highlight
phil’s eyelash (1 year ago)
Csar Flores (1 year ago)
el ultimo mono es el mas sabido q haya visto
Awesome Randomguy (1 year ago)
2:20 when a monkey is better at rollerblader then you.
Babylon Gate (1 year ago)
Hanseman TV (1 year ago)
6:30 a dlaczego nie ⚪🔴
Skeeps (1 year ago)
2:26 when someone opens a bag of chips in class
maria ulfa devegawati (1 year ago)
mainaky lucu banget deh
Diwakar Punith (1 year ago)
EXCEL DHEMEN (1 year ago)
Nintendo Zelda Gamer (1 year ago)
i layghed when those two monkey pulled the old mans underwear off
Grace Lwanga (1 year ago)
It is good to have fun with pets. But these are wild animals which can transmit deadly diseases to humans.
Joshua Gaming (1 year ago)
PS HOME (1 year ago)
Bijay Roy (1 year ago)
Arif Pentol (1 year ago)
Akrap sekali ya mereka
ゆーき ゆーき (1 year ago)
Angkor Planet (1 year ago)
So Funny
i ❤ 🐒
Joey (1 year ago)
Most of these monkeysbar afraid big time! They gab been forced to do tricks!!! I know old and new world monkey sounds, cause I was raised with them.. So sad for the most part!.. I hate tricks that are done with fear! There are so many funny things with out it! Amen
Lucy B (1 year ago)
Md Olee (1 year ago)
X zgnzgnarnatk
Jim Light (1 year ago)
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Gor Simonyan (1 year ago)
Adarsh Jowaheer (1 year ago)
The last one is so cute😍
Jehjuan Butler (1 year ago)
@6:37 though 😂😂
Chloe Cook (1 year ago)
so funny and I loved the bit where the monky got no the car and humped the other monkey funny
jagat kumar (1 year ago)
adamyaw (1 year ago)
7:10 if my hand moved that fast I'd never leave the house!!!
adamyaw (1 year ago)
6:00 is that Ralphies brother from the Christmas Story?!
Fitri Yanti (1 year ago)
apik tenan
عماد الجهيم (1 year ago)
adelante12 (1 year ago)
Gibon is the best! GibGibon Squad
Sujal Solanki (1 year ago)
6:40 😝😝
Mahesh kumba (1 year ago)
very beautiful funny video
New Look (1 year ago)
Wonderful. https://youtu.be/46K5J2DswBU
Metlik375 (1 year ago)
на 5 30 я опьяненный с бара иду
Ae Emen (1 year ago)
Mani Sab (1 year ago)
CVK CHANEL (1 year ago)
minutes 6.40 Fuck....Wkwkwkk
that gamer guy jakk (1 year ago)
KB Daily (1 year ago)
good video very funny monkey . it is so smart.
dollyluxe (1 year ago)
Monkey smoking a cigarette isn't funny whatsoever. And the monkey on skates doing tricks isn't funny nor cute. Any animal that's taught tricks like that most likely is not treated well. I can almost guarantee that monkey was abused while being trained to do this for others amusement. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
The TJJR Family (1 year ago)
The first one is cute

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