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Sea Star Unicorn ! Schleich Horse Summer Video Series Part 4

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Join in for 5 days of adventures following Sea Star the Schleich sea unicorn and her family. This is part 4 of the adventure. See you tomorrow :D Get your official HoneyHeartsC shirt at www.honeyheartsc.com Subscribe for FREE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=honeyhearts27 ---------- Watch More Horse Crazy Videos --------- ♥ Unicorn Slime Putty Ogre Ooze Fun Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07egVtvZvHA&list=PLluOP_tXzEd6ASigqHTRNIYUADQze8fzM&t=25s&index=6 ♥ Pegasus Mare & Foal Horses + Giant Dragon Haul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcGjy9Nrx0M&index=7&list=PLluOP_tXzEd6ASigqHTRNIYUADQze8fzM ♥ Schleich Surprise Mystery Animal Blind Bag Packs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-MkaSZfrx8&index=11&list=PLluOP_tXzEd6ASigqHTRNIYUADQze8fzM ♥ Rainbow Unicorn Family Haul Unboxing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvPWnnKig4A&list=PLluOP_tXzEd6ASigqHTRNIYUADQze8fzM&index=18 ♥ Super Haul - Complete Set of All 8 Traditional Breyerfest Horses 2016 Carnival Special Runs Video https://youtu.be/Pe0E7g7s3m4 ___________________________________________ Welcome to my horse channel! I'm crazy about horses so you will find super fun family friendly videos all about horses! You will find videos about playset toy reviews, openings, movie series, do it yourself (diy) projects, and so much other awesome things on Breyer traditional, classics, stablemates, Schleich, Safari, and other model horses. Friend me on Instagram: @Honeyheartsc ♥♥------- Thank you for watching! See you in my next video!-------♥♥
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Text Comments (40)
CutieGames /Vlogs (10 months ago)
French fris
DeeDee RYE (11 months ago)
You left me a cliff hanger! 😩 Jk I love you Honey! 💕💕💖💎! I can’t wait till tomorrow
Kasey Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Ur so sweet Honey!
Makenna Beatty (11 months ago)
Curly Fries was on top of his head
Kasey Rodriguez (11 months ago)
And it was curly fries on his head
Ansely Coggins (11 months ago)
I love you
Sharon Williams (11 months ago)
French fries
Sandy Wallin (11 months ago)
niapri86 (11 months ago)
The 🍟
Renata Northhill (11 months ago)
French fry love your channel 😍
Scarecrow Redifined (11 months ago)
It was the French fries!!
Lena Moonvalley (11 months ago)
Hey Honey I loveeee you! :D (And Vids of course) <3 <3 <3
The Holtschneider Family (11 months ago)
Love you honey
Lemon Car (11 months ago)
Hi honey are you going to Breyerfest? Can u do a video on the new models? Pleasssee answer I love you!!!!💕😘❤️
HoneyheartsC (11 months ago)
Yes :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSvMc4lKYas&t=0s&list=PLluOP_tXzEd7VblSXF5pAcSNfr_ntY9lm&index=2
Kasey Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Awesome! I <3 this series! It’s amazing and sooo cute! Keep up the hard work!
HoneyheartsC (11 months ago)
:D ;D
Ansely Coggins (11 months ago)
Omg yes
Rashin B (11 months ago)
XxDepressedWolfx X (11 months ago)
weewoo (11 months ago)
INGRAM Daigs (11 months ago)
I love you sooo much
Rana Sameh (11 months ago)
Omg first
It’s. Says no views and no likes
Kaos The Corgi (11 months ago)
Honey I love u so so so much! U r so amazing! Watch u everyday! ❤️❤️😁😁
Luis C. Apodaca (11 months ago)
I love you soooo much
Chill Out (11 months ago)
I was so excited for this
weewoo (11 months ago)
Scarecrow Redifined (11 months ago)
Hi cookie!!!!!!!
10 shadow redar (11 months ago)
Mae is All About Today (11 months ago)
I love you so much honey 🐴🐴
Jocelyn Green (11 months ago)
Hi cookie
Kelly Sanders (11 months ago)
Love your vids
HoneyheartsC (11 months ago)
Hugs!! :D
Rose Moore (11 months ago)
Oana Bosi (11 months ago)
Love you honey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Equestrian Maddy (11 months ago)
Gavin Malatino (11 months ago)

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