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6 Year Old Bad Lip Reading

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Film a 6 year old, turn the volume down, and voice over what you think he is saying... the result is a bad lip reading. Enjoy! 2 Year Old Bad Lip Reading http://youtu.be/TdP9Kb7N6OQ Last week's video: http://youtu.be/w7jY_gkcts0 Check out the pro: http://youtube.com/badlipreading Check out Cullen and Katie http://youtube.com/bamachick1101 EzE's Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/epoddle Amy's Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/mama2cocobean BUY SHIRTS!!! http://www.districtlines.com/epoddle music: incompetech.com
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Text Comments (149)
Mrs JJ (3 months ago)
0:51 XD
Snowflake 11 (7 months ago)
That's them! They can't stop pooing in couches! Me:LOL!
Panda Toast (7 months ago)
Dad:ugh I have this killer headache man what should I do? Son:bang yourself in the head Dad:bee will you help me find the keys? Son:I SEEK FREEDOM FROM SLAVERY Dad:that's not even relevant
Nabors Email (8 months ago)
I think the sister was better though
Nabors Email (8 months ago)
Super hilarious if you thought it was hilarious to like this comment 😘
Panda Toast (1 year ago)
LOL I can't stop laughing!😂😄😂😄😄
Häñńåh B (1 year ago)
0:51 I luv this voice omg.
Sarah Lucas (1 year ago)
0:31 why you don't show your child violent shows XD
Rhea C (1 year ago)
MJFHQ - Vlogs (1 year ago)
"I shot a bazooka"
Aaron Unite (2 years ago)
killer headache what should i do?.... beat yourself in the head.. ahahaha
amiee surratt (2 years ago)
Luscious (2 years ago)
Love it
MDkid1 (2 years ago)
Is this kid the same as the new born baby bad lip reading? Looks like him. He's all grown up! :D
Gracie (2 years ago)
Are these staged
Maddie LovesAnimals (2 years ago)
So funny! 🤓💩😱😂👍🏼
epoddle (2 years ago)
Sofia Flick (2 years ago)
I love this 😂😂😂
epoddle (2 years ago)
Mara Flournoy (2 years ago)
epoddle (2 years ago)
Sherry Evans (2 years ago)
yeah make more please
Peyton Collins (3 years ago)
Y'all should make more of these!
epoddle (3 years ago)
they are fun!
wiener Life (3 years ago)
katie and cullen
Amanda Larcade (3 years ago)
Kaden Simpson (3 years ago)
epoddle (3 years ago)
+Kaden Simpson maybe!!
Kaden Simpson (3 years ago)
Kaden Simpson (3 years ago)
can you please make more bad lip reading videos?
epoddle (3 years ago)
+Kaden Simpson hopefully in the future!!
Erika Siler (3 years ago)
okay, okay... I was trippin'
carolyn fender (3 years ago)
thats them...thay cant stop pooing in couches
Augustine Martinez (3 years ago)
Loves it lol
Sebastian Del Real (3 years ago)
best bad lip reading video ever. better than anyone else
Jennifer Zaher (3 years ago)
Old man farts and barbie guts
Diana Trap Queen 1738 (4 years ago)
Omg, he is so cute!
Cosmic Sinkhole (4 years ago)
Zo Zo (4 years ago)
omg i love u guys so heres the story ok so i was was waching bad lip reading and then the vid of berry shode up so i wach then i saw all other vids like bad lip read my wife and bad lip read newborn and the most most funnyest bad lip read 2 year old o and plz give a shoutout for my channle zoe hannay and can u guys subscibe comment and all that jazz that would be perfect thx
greg ross (4 years ago)
hey he cant move in with me
Stanlyann Michaud (4 years ago)
UMGL544HD (4 years ago)
michele walker (4 years ago)
Fatima Rahman (4 years ago)
Lli loge the pooing in couches one it's hilarious
Corinn Floyd (4 years ago)
My boyfriend and I have spent about 4 hours watching your videos tonight! He loves the "bad lip reading" ones and I just love them all and your family. You guys are amazingly hilarious! Will probably now watch for 4 more hours. :)
M Murdock (4 years ago)
that is just crazzy
Aline Maulina (4 years ago)
waaaaaaaack... ^o^
CURLY IS BOSS! (4 years ago)
How do u make these?
CnC Satire (4 years ago)
Great job man that was well done and funny
shanika moss (4 years ago)
12th Carroll (4 years ago)
Ever shot wanna these before......Ive shot a bazooka <_< >_>
Libby Kat (4 years ago)
"That's them, they can't stop pooing in couches!" Awesome! Hehe :D
bruh (4 years ago)
Legend Shaytards (4 years ago)
Lol that's so hilarious.
MoonSugrrr (4 years ago)
Your kid reminds me of a tiny J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys in this vid! 
twingirls1000 (4 years ago)
This is the first video I saw by you guys and I'm glad I found it :-)
Cadence Wigley (4 years ago)
Iol I am laughing so hard
backwithnat (5 years ago)
honestly the bad lip readings are the best! lol i love this :)
lSaige Wynia (5 years ago)
Lauren Hellman (5 years ago)
What are bean and berrys real names?
yanely cordero (5 years ago)
Omg rofl tis was so funny i lve your videos so much i cant stop laghing
iamtheboss (5 years ago)
That was really a good video. And it was funny.
L Darrah (5 years ago)
Going to watch berry's bad lip reading but this video is AMAZING!!!! My poor 3 month old is trying to sleep while I cry from laughing!!!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Haha! Wake him up! have him watch too :) 
Haha this was so funny lol...You guys are awesome 
Flo C (5 years ago)
'thats them, they can't stop pooing in couches'. How am I ment to cope with that? I totally just cracked up
epoddle (5 years ago)
haha! CLASSIC!
Emily Kira (5 years ago)
So funny and adorable. Glad @bamachick1101 shared the link!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Glad you stopped by to watch :)
TheFieldhockeygk11 (5 years ago)
I got here because of @bamachick1101 ...and #targetballing  lots and lots of #targetballing  yep. lots and lots of target balling. And #semicullen. just saying. 
TheFieldhockeygk11 (3 years ago)
+epoddle Y'all never cease to make me laugh!! Thanks for bringing a huge smile to my face...hope you're having a great fall!
epoddle (5 years ago)
I see a, I see a, I see aaaaaaaa! Glad you're here!
Ayanna Robinson (5 years ago)
The Nive Nulls sent me.
epoddle (5 years ago)
They are so NIVE! Thanks for coming over!
LifewithAmber B (5 years ago)
*bamachick1101* sent me!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Aw yeah! Thanks for stopping by :)
vm gibson (5 years ago)
Can't stop poo-ing in couches.. Hilarious! Bamachick1101 sent me ova ;)
epoddle (5 years ago)
You too!?? It's an epidemic!
kiah parrish (5 years ago)
Just shared this on my fb page, I've watched it like ten times and I can't stop laughing. Sooo funny!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Hahah! Thanks for sharing! Please, don't stop laughing :)
Rami- _____ (5 years ago)
This is hilarious *bamachick1101*
epoddle (5 years ago)
BAMACHICK all up in the house!
Jennifer Mayne (5 years ago)
Bamachick 1101 sent me over! Love the videos, too cute! Subscribed!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Hey thanks for subbing!
Kristian Shores (5 years ago)
Your Videos are really funny bamachick1101 sent me lol
epoddle (5 years ago)
Well thanks!
Mel Cam (5 years ago)
+bamachick1101 sent me!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Flowergirlsdy (5 years ago)
Cullen, Katie, and Semi-Cullen sent me!!  Love the bad lip reading!! FUNNY!!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Hhaha! Thank you for the love! Happy you came over :)
Danael Knowlton (5 years ago)
Hilarious! Bamachick1101 sent me :)
epoddle (5 years ago)
Thanks for coming over :)
Yessenia Noriega (5 years ago)
Great videos makes my day ♡
epoddle (5 years ago)
Making days is our game! Glad you likey!
Amy Moses (5 years ago)
Haha haha LOVE! Seriously you guys are hilarious!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Thanks for the love!
Tracey Clayden (5 years ago)
fab video , found your link on bamachick1101's vlog. Didn't think anyone was as mad as cullen lol
epoddle (5 years ago)
He's a crazy d00d! We are in constant competetion for dibs at the crazy house! haha!
Nean Dawg (5 years ago)
LOVED IT!! You are a talented and hilarious guy!! Plus adorable kids always help :) So glad I found your channel...I've been sharing some of your stuff and lots of people like it!
epoddle (5 years ago)
You're too kind! Glad you found us too! Thanks for sharing :)
Chris Klieves (5 years ago)
I love how you described Cullen and Katie...haha!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Martha Valadez (5 years ago)
Katie and Cullen sent me. It was hilarious lol..
epoddle (5 years ago)
haha! Yess! so much bama love up in here!!!
Katlin Smith Brock (5 years ago)
@bamachick1101 sent me!
epoddle (5 years ago)
:) thanks for coming over! stay a while!
ruth (5 years ago)
@bamachick1101  sent me 
epoddle (5 years ago)
Wooo woop!!! CK swizzle! Glad you stopped by :)
Mai Ly (5 years ago)
Katie and Cullen send me here
epoddle (5 years ago)
Love them! Glad you're here :)
we hadn't seen the original ones, but now that we're watching them i like yours better, so funny! 
epoddle (5 years ago)
Haha! Glad your digging them! The NFL BLR is my fav!!
Jennifer Nichole (5 years ago)
So hilarious! Bamachick1101sent me!
epoddle (5 years ago)
Heck yesss!! Love that CK swag!!
Danielle Potts (5 years ago)
Lol love it..IM NEWW..bamachick101 sent me
Danielle Potts (5 years ago)
epoddle (5 years ago)
Maxx Calin (5 years ago)
So funny lol, like how u included Katie and Cullen in the vlog. Love them as well, you all are great entertaining vloggers.
Stephanie Jones (5 years ago)
The Buck Stop (5 years ago)
lmao! That was so funny!! We loved it!
epoddle (5 years ago)
haha! thanks guys!
Plantbasedfatty (5 years ago)
Lmao! Omg! Liked and added to favs with in the 1st 8 secs!!
epoddle (5 years ago)
that's gotta be a record!!
Kass (5 years ago)
This was awesome.
Heather A (5 years ago)
Love it!! Epic pic of Cullen and Katie!! Lol!!
Heather A (5 years ago)
yeah.. what a strange couple!! ;)
epoddle (5 years ago)
They're so weird, right?!! Hahaha!
Kevin Myers (5 years ago)
Bamachick1101 sent me awesome vlog
epoddle (5 years ago)
Love them! Glad you found us!
DONRHOLLOWAY (5 years ago)
Totally awesome video. CoCo Bean is sooooooo cute!!!
Bri L (5 years ago)
Lol, this was fun to watch
Cullen & Katie (5 years ago)
Couch pooing is like the new planking fad, try it & tag me on instagram! Lol! Thanks for the love, man! Loved it! :) 
sugarlandfan04 (5 years ago)
Ewwww....couch poo is the worst! haha! Definitely need some poopourri! haha! -Jessica
tan81112 (5 years ago)
You are unstoppable,Target balling and now couch pooing,dude you are going places :)
epoddle (5 years ago)
haha! Let's get it trending! #targetcouchballpoo-ing
Bobbie Thompson (5 years ago)
You and your children are awesome!!
malu pep (5 years ago)
hahaha "is celery a fruit?", what video was that from??
malu pep (5 years ago)
@epoddle haha of course! I'm gona go watch it  again now!
epoddle (5 years ago)
haha! "The Dreamer" Glad you caught that!
amy cronk (5 years ago)
macantakai (5 years ago)
hahaha! This was hilarious! 
Love it! Great work as usual.
Gutti Snatti (5 years ago)
+epoddlegreat video i have watch evry day good job ::::::::)))))??)???????)))))))))667_
epoddle (5 years ago)
haha thanks man!

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