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Kylę Røbęrts (4 days ago)
Hello? Can you pray for me? I have demonic spider web going on, satanicweb, a spider demon on my back putting web in my face & mouth, pulling web from my hair also a bunch of little invisible spider between my legs, need GOD to hear my prayers but not sure they're going through. I didn't study my bible & now everytime I read it they hurt me, headaches migraines toothaches & bruising. Thanks GOD Bless you, much loveeeee <3
india wilkins (28 days ago)
I decree and declare this prayer is effective immediately over my life and I come in agreement in Jesus name Amen
Butler Brown Jr (1 month ago)
Amen. I agree with you in the name of Jesus
Dave M (3 months ago)
You prob have whats called an SPE suppresor parasite entity.https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/SPE
Gold Onyx (5 months ago)
I had a dream of a some lady turning into a spider in some old vintage TV. The more i think about how it looked liked the more I'm disgusted.
sam richardson (5 months ago)
Every time I tried to play this video it would stop part way through.
2muchSuga Toomuchsuga (8 months ago)
My God help me Jesus 😢😢😢
Krystal smith (8 months ago)
Are you so on here because I really need some feedback the last couple actually it's been about a week of me when I 1st wake up in the middle of the night I look at my wall I see these monstrous spiders now the 1st time I saw then they were huge very aggressive the 2nd time which was a couple days ago it was smaller but there was a beautiful butterfly on my wall beautiful just very lovely and the spider captures it in roles in its Web they're very aggressive and it's only during the 1st couple minutes of me waking up once I fully wake up it's gone and I rebuke them I get prayers out I take full authority in Jesus name I haven't seen him in a couple days and I don't wanna see them I want them totally gone so any feedback you can help me with is greatly appreciate it I'm seeing them for a reason and then I'm wondering if me see in them capture that beautiful butterfly is another symbol for myself and I also had a dream before C in the butterfly being captured I had a dream that I was and a tunnel very very small tight space tunnel and they had me in a Web like it was a tunnel but it was nothing but a spider Web and they were sliding the back-and-forth inside of this spider Web and I woke up once again rebuking it and taking authority but I just don't wanna see them anymore and I know it's more than a who a lucena zation because Google calls it normal and I know it's not normal
Brendan Gallagher (3 months ago)
Krystal Smith - Sageeee... White sage. It’s a mysterious world we live in. And there are multiple dimensions beyond the 3rd. As scary as that sounds, it’s the truth. Shamans and native americans burned white sage and hung dream catchers to repel and “catch” bad astral entities. Sounds superstitial but you see them so you know it’s not. Try some white sage.
Fortunate Mulvana (11 months ago)
Thank you brother for your information! The word of God tells us that people die because of a luck of knowledge! l believe & receive deliverance in Jesus' name! l have been clearing cobwebs in and around my house!! Halleluiah, all cobwebs must flee my home and my life in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. l rebuke, destroy & send it to their senders in Jesus' them. Holy fire destroy all cobwebs spirits sent to me by my enemies, Amen & Amen! x
Had a dream of a spider biting me. Whatever the enemy wants to take from me, he will not succeed. Catch fire in the name of Jesus
Myrlene Dossous (1 year ago)
Fortunate Mulvana (1 year ago)
Father God please hear our prayers! We pray in the precious name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Alleluiah! xa
Did it help
Judelyn Fletcher (1 year ago)
thnx u
Valerie hogan (1 year ago)
great video...
Karren McPherson (1 year ago)
I have a spider web around my head I can feel them crawling over me and I can feel it crawling over my head. I'm in bed mostly
Karren McPherson , Have you been delivered from these demonic harassing spiders? If the answer is yes. Please tell us how your deliverance came about.
Karren McPherson (1 year ago)
Bobby Jones yes I was told that from the many people praying for me. Satan abc his entourage don’t like to lose souls so they will bring all hell against you to stop your destiny. We have a powerful deliverer in Jesus Christ. Sometimes they know what’s coming in the supernatural before we do. Good job I’ve learned not to be afraid now because of the finished work at the cross. I believe there’s something takes place in the heavenlies when you are baptised into his name by water and hopefully by the spirit at the same time. Thank God for his word and promises or I’d have folded long ago. Paul tells us to stand firm and put on the full armour. They can Harrass us but never defeat us. To say I’ve been walking through hell Is an understated as you have too but. I will never ever give up until I walk in the promised victory
Karren McPherson (1 year ago)
Bobby Jones Amen! Thank you so so much. There will be victory 🙏🏻
Karren McPherson (1 year ago)
Bobby Jones yes prior to coming to Jesus, I was into online spiritual readings, spiritualist churches, crystals, tarot you name it. I’ve renounced the whole lot of it and repented. I’m quite sure it was an on line reader. Yes my list is endless of what’s happening too. I’ve had a lot of deliverance but the external one is stubborn. I’m pressing in and there will be victory. I’m being baptised soon which should make a difference too. Jesus is the only deliverer and he will deliver us. Satan is already a defeated foe.
Karren McPherson (1 year ago)
Bobby Jones what are you doing about it or any advice you have been given? I’ve tried absolutely everything, praying, reading the word, 3 deliverances and still there
Chris Reed (1 year ago)
Its July 2017 brother and I have been caught in the spider web of lustful thoughts and watch porn, even tho I'm a Christian and married. After I do what I do in secret behind my wife back, I fall asleep and wake to sleep paralysis. When I shake out of it I see a black ghost spider running up the wall. Everything u said I'm going thru. But no more!! I've had enough!! Thank u brother. I love you and keep up the great work for the lord.
McKinley Williams (6 months ago)
This is no play thing I see the spider webs spiritually. Witchcraft net is real people God and Jesus is the only way out!
rdg091 (2 years ago)
I'm delivered from the spider web today thank you God for my deliverance in Jesus name.
Pris (3 years ago)
I am exactly feeling the same hope can find more prayer for this kind witchcraft...Someone had done spider web witchcraft to me. Dear Bro Kay can I get More guidance how to pray for this ?
gabi campbell (3 years ago)
Bless you Brother, I am now delivered from the spiders, I feel better already!
gabi campbell (3 years ago)
i am seeing interdimensional spiders upon waking, i need help, i feel like life is being sucked out of me, ear aches, fever, aching back, everything you said i feel.
Just like Startingover (3 years ago)
Good job Kay! God bless you!
Mega Starsecret (4 years ago)
exactly a problem I am wrestling with! God the father bless you in a name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ
Jam redsugar (6 years ago)
hi i'm all the way frm trinidad exactly wat u explained i'm goin tru this i dreamt spiders in the roof of my apt i also c webs when i lay to sleep in my house i went lookin for help i hv been doin so in vain wat shall i do. tings hv gotten so bad
soulfoodify (6 years ago)
hey brother kay- someone told me he dreams spending time in his country with relatives--would you mind explain this again? I could not understand the sentence clearly. Please answer, so I may help him in jesus name, thank god for you.,
Christopher Moore (2 years ago)
That means the power of darkness wants him to go backward in life, instead of going forward.
soulfoodify (6 years ago)
Witchcraft is demonic and evil. All that command the lord are going for withcraft--only people under the spirit of god may command evil out but all people that believe in commanding spirits on their own are going for withcraft.
solidrockifcation (6 years ago)
A word in season Brother Kay.
Auntie Wanda (6 years ago)
Amen Brother Kay.
Charles Walker (6 years ago)
Witchcraft is not demonic or evil my friend.
Eden Garden (1 year ago)
Charles Walker some use it mostly in a bad way to destroy people's life
Daughter of God (2 years ago)
It's forbidden by God. He has more to say than you, simple mortal.

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