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How Insurance Companies Control Your Medical Care

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Mike Papantonio and Trial Magazine Executive Editor Farron Cousins discuss a new report that reveals the health insurance industry is offering big prizes to contractors who convince companies to go with higher priced plans that offer little protection for their employees. Then legal Journalist Molly’s Barrows gives an update on the Jeffrey Epstein sexual abuse case. Plus, a discussion with RT Correspondent on how the Supreme Court has overturned a Circuit Court of Appeals decision on equal pay due to the Judge’s death, citing that Federal judges are appointed for life, and not for eternity. FOLLOW Mike Papantonio on Twitter: https://twitter.com/americaslawyer FOLLOW America’s Lawyer on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rtamericaslawyer Find RT America in your area: http://rt.com/where-to-watch/ Or watch us online: http://rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air/ Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTAmerica Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_America
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Text Comments (48)
Rare Breed (3 months ago)
I'm disabled and retired. Social security cut my check in half, and my medical plan consists of laying on the side of the road until I die or someone does something with me. My life is very uncomplicated...... !!!!GO TEAM PUTIN!!!!
Nigel Palmer (3 months ago)
Prince Andrew was one of them.
ellieysama (3 months ago)
Urgh Wikileaks and Kimdotcom should put a fucking bounty over Epstein's head to encourage good ole civil justice to take back this Nation of ours and for the good of the victims XD
stop eating animals (3 months ago)
Every second is a god dam geicko car insurance commercial, fuck the god dam Jew run TV.
Kurt8167 (3 months ago)
Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies own healthcare system in US.
zendogbreath (3 months ago)
corruption in any system sucks.
Juniper lane (3 months ago)
This is not a surprise. Insurance companies are criminal mafia and parasites who feed off the blood and money of the people. And Jeffery Epstein got the secret deal from the government because politicians are involved in the sex trafficking of children through legal channels. His connections with Prince Andrew, Clintons, Trump, Acosta and other politicians are not hidden anymore. Dig a little deeper and many more politicians would be exposed of sex trafficking of children. Put these parasites in jail for their crimes.
KELLI2L2 (3 months ago)
Get rid of the un-necessary 4-Profit insurance companies and healthcare will become affordable... But the greedy corporations will be mad and threaten their paid for politicians...
Freedom Forever (3 months ago)
KELLI2L2 Hope someone listen
KELLI2L2 (3 months ago)
That practice is called Predatory Capitalism, the problem with corporate greedy 4-Profit America...
Doug Berg (3 months ago)
All bull shit. Worse stories I have heard on here.
more's Zionists totally control's etc again.. funny . collecting all the information data etc again.. so called freedom's, privacy etc who?.
shandclub (3 months ago)
Obamacare is nothing but a tax to ensure that pharmaceutical companies continue to get paid at citizens expense. I did not even watch this video. from the title alone I have drawn the conclusion these facts I've been sharing for years Obamacare is a con played on fools. Thanks Obama king of slaves
Tyrone Koumoundouros (3 months ago)
My father paid 200 dollars a month for a Cadillac medical insurance plan through his UNION. You can not get that insurance plan today for 10,000 dollars a month. Communist in the Democratic and Republican party have destroyed your world America. Wake up and kill the Deepstate Swamp creatures that are destroying your life.
Tyrone Koumoundouros (3 months ago)
@flexural stoopidity commie WWHHAAT
flexural stoopidity (3 months ago)
vforvendetta60 (3 months ago)
RT is in exceptional form. Their coverage of actual things affecting Americans is unrivalled in MSM.
apeksha KARKI (3 months ago)
American health insurance is worse in the world.
Red Pill (3 months ago)
Quality of Life Index for Country 2019 1 Denmark 2 Switzerland 3 Finland 4 Australia 5 Austria 6 Netherlands 7 Iceland 8 Germany 9 New Zealand 10 Norway 11 Estonia 12 Japan 13 United States
kingdom7 (3 months ago)
Well people I hope you agree, with me by calling : our CAPITALISM rotten, corrupt and EVIL. Peace and love.
more's Zionists totally control's and winning again. hahaha..
more's Zionists totally control's.. hahaha.. control's everything again.. flops Zionists corporation's or military complexes industry led terrorists act too..
Our Free Society (3 months ago)
9th circuit court decision - this is WHY the law is just a corrupt extension of the gov't run by CRIMINALS.
more's Zionists totally control's, power's grabbing etc and winning again.. hahaha! ..
Amir Fahmi (3 months ago)
The only care matters to politicians is Israel care.
harveybirdmannequin (3 months ago)
Private for profit health insurance companies only care about money and want to ration your health care? STOP THE PRESSES! How is that possible under capitalism? I thought it was big, bad, evil government that wants to control your health care.
KELLI2L2 (3 months ago)
It's called Predatory Capitalism 😋 😒
Philip G (3 months ago)
This is all BS and chicken feed. The real problem is that people DO NOT PAY FOR THEIR OWN HEALTHCARE. They pay for someone else's, and someone else pays for theirs. This is how we end up with the young, the healthy, the working, and the living, paying for the healthcare of the old, the sick, the unemployed, and the dying. Healthy people pay too much for what they get, while the sick, the lazy and the old are abusing the system because this is how it is set up, paying their expenses with other people's money, not caring about the cost a tiny bit.
Philip G (3 months ago)
@Freedom Forever I strongly disagree with the non-profit-only idea. Let people decide if they want to go to a non-profit hospital or a for-profit one. Same goes for insurance companies. Without a profit incentive we would have never had all the wonder drugs that we have now. Who on earth would invest money into R&D if they are not allowed to earn a profit??!
Philip G (3 months ago)
@flexural stoopidity Totally Free Market. None, not a single one regulation. People are responsible strictly for themselves, and they spend their own money on themselves. Nobody is forced to support the stupid, the sick and they dying, unless they want to. No regulations for insurance companies. No regulations for doctors. This is how it has been until the last century and people still lived long enough and had access to the doctors. Charities and churches are driven out of the charity business by the government bureaucrats. They will start popping back up. People will be buying health instances from reputable insurance companies, who themselves will be insured, if necessary. They will develop a respectable reputation or will lose their clients. People will actually love their insurance companies because they will feel more protected for less money than they are now, less of their own money. And the doctors will be happy because they will finally get a chance to treat people instead of spending more than half of their time filling out paperwork required by the government, insurance companies, and other regulators and bureaucrats. Nobody will be dying on the streets, not any more than they are dying now. With charities back in business, the government out, and people knowing who they are paying for, everything will be back to normal.
Freedom Forever (3 months ago)
flexural stoopidity All hospital and Insurance company should be no for profits
flexural stoopidity (3 months ago)
Out of morbid curiosity... what is your system/solution to the problem?
Philip G (3 months ago)
@Wendy Davis Yes, this is how it is supposed to work. But in reality it works like the Social Security Ponzy scheme. Even worse than that because the outflow is not capped.
DANZIG (3 months ago)
AMERICAS LAWYER DO ONE ON GUTTED WORK COMP LAWS (FL s.440.11) employer immunity , disabled at work kicked to the curb with a FULL DENIAL state medicaid OFF THE HOOK , the worker is no longer work related disabled folks !
insurance companies should all be burned to the ground and the executives publicly executed
DANZIG (3 months ago)
I cancelled all health innsurance because doctor no diagnosis and prescription exceptions denied over and over . FRAUD AND COLLUSION WITH DOCTORS ,HOSPITALS,INS CO,LAWS , LEGISLATURE CUCKS
JJ8KK (3 months ago)
*The economic role* of health insurance companies is identical to that of *THE MAFIA* i.e., they are _middle-men_ who insert themselves into a vital industry in order to enrich themselves at the expense of others. They are not "experts" in the provision of health care services; they simply hire experts to take care of that aspect of their racket. The government could/would do precisely the same thing, only without skimming off their own cut. Insurance company owners are *_finance people_* like bankers, whose only job is to decide what to do with the millions they are skimming off of health care customers. How much of those revenues they need to pay out claims, how much they need to throw at lawmakers to buy their support, and of course how much to lavish on themselves. This is the only economic "contribution" they make to the production and consumption of health care services. They are in fact parasitic leeches...
J GALT (3 months ago)
What is missing from this discussion is the "original" concept of insurance which came from the idea that if one wanted to avoid maximum loss ( of 100% ) of the shipment of "goods", one divided one's product among multiple carriers......thus potentially mitigating the potential loss, to that percentage which could be reasonably expected. ( based on the actuarial results known and averaged. ) Regardless of the outcome, the success of this strategy, always involved potential fractional LOSS vs. 100% LOSS. The key word being LOSS!!!!!! Enter the "quants" who provide a "solution of convenience", to those who can not be bothered to do the work of engaging "various shipping" concerns, and using the "actuarial numbers", offer to insure delivery, in exchange for a fee, which guarantees a minimum loss, which clearly must be higher than any "actuarial" loss, than could possibly be expected to occur. ( and barring the occurrence of "fat tails" and the claim by the faux Nobel Prize in economics, for the Black-Scholes Model, that such "risks" can be easily avoided. The attempt to prove this in reality, by the prize winners, was done by Long Term Capital Mgmt, which almost crashed the U.S. economy on its own, requiring massive government intervention, before the repeal of Glass Steagall, which should have been a clear sign to anyone paying attention, that the actual repeal of this "safeguard" was a really stupid idea. The solution by the Fed. was to appeal to the "big banks" to kick in funds sufficient to avoid the "collapse", which they agreed to, except for Lehman Brothers, which explains why THEY were allowed to fail, when the idiocy of repealing Glass Steagall, played out, a decade later in 2007. Another aspect of the financialization of "loss" by insurers was the ability to channel profits in to other "profit yielding investments".....which provided a cushion, when actual results, exceeded those that were "actuarially expected"......and when both sides of this "strategy" are producing positive gains, the growth factor and leverage, produces massive gains. Unfortunately, real economics seldom co-operates with the mathematical fantasy of economic theory, and the magical monetary theory which is enabled by fiat money, which was put in place in 1933, and became official in 1970. In real terms, the US began its economic decline in 1950, but needed to be masked by massive government spending ( public debt ) until the "legal deception" required by the fiat currency, could be firmly established via the UCC federally (1952 ) and by all the states, by 1970. At which point, economic reality began to assert itself in earnest.....and profits from actual production become harder to come by, eliminating one leg of the support that insurance had relied on, leaving only the profits realised from "actuarial estimates".....whose profits now relied on "raising premiums" and to maintain the necessary level of the profits, to reduced coverage and denial of claims. ( all further enabled by the mechanism of the UCC, which removes any "general legal protections" that the government, would normally be expected to provide against fraudulent and abusive contracts, allowing all manner of "contractual" stipulations, which for the average consumer, are impossible to decipher, and powerless to change.....and, most importantly beyond their ability to "litigate", assuming that they have not already surrendered the right to litigate, via the contract, to which they are a party. The UCC, itself, contains a provision, which requires an "explicit reservation of rights" to be made, upon entering into "any contract", and if not made, bars any assertion of "rights" at a later date. One might ask, America's Lawyer or any lawyer who pretends to be concerned with the plight of "americans" and rails against the injustice of the system.....why, given the length of time it has been in place, this subject is not first and foremost among the issues discussed. ( or why is has yet to be raised by any lawyer of association of them, yet spend all their time talking about the "effects" of it....while neglecting the "cause". )
Dianne Tell (3 months ago)
When someone tell me "don't go anywhere" I JUST GO...
mcdrizzle mcdrizzle (3 months ago)
real news
Al Demir (3 months ago)
They all sucks, and capitalism and all the slave system for you.
5aral (3 months ago)
This was known
mgn lmmnh (3 months ago)
It's true!
LOUD VOICE (3 months ago)
NOW U TALKING, What a scam!
Eric Michael Kocher (3 months ago)
... or control health?
Dolly do the boy (3 months ago)
if I trick u, u have too sub to me Read more

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