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Guy spends thousands of dollars trying to find a wife way out of his league overseas.

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Guy spends thousands of dollars trying to find a wife way out of his league overseas. He finally meets her. Turns out to be a scam. He then tries the exact same thing.
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SEVENTEEN (2 hours ago)
"It's $10 an email, both ways" If she's into you... Why the fuck would you not ask for her private email as soon as you hit it off? Then obviously, if she refuses - she's getting a cut of it. Fucking idiot.
riproar11 (4 hours ago)
In the San Francisco Bay Area you'll see beautiful Russian women with short, bald, skinny or fat unattractive men. If they can get a woman so can this guy. Keep trying and ignore the haters.
EPMD Films (4 hours ago)
Bro he’s so dumb how can he not tell it’s a catfish
VickyG117 (4 hours ago)
He shoulda gone on Catfish
Not Telling (5 hours ago)
Shoulda bought a PS4
Alexys Kore (5 hours ago)
This is the bad part of the internet huh
Heaven Pacheco (7 hours ago)
There's a cat at 12:14
Mateo Del Castillo (7 hours ago)
How about stop playing video games and fucking exercise
Mamon Indio (7 hours ago)
Not my proudest fap...
dgeary1234561 (8 hours ago)
"We'll have a translater cause she doesn't speak any English" 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
GooseyGoose (9 hours ago)
Who came from Tyler olivera
Derek Roberts (10 hours ago)
Works in human resources for government ....but not resourceful with women. Fbi Peter Griffin
Midas234 (11 hours ago)
First meeting and he is already holding her hand and asking her to marry him. Oh yeah brother, nothing like a desperate man to turn a gorgeous woman on
Swiggity Swooty (12 hours ago)
I feel bad for this guy and he seems like a good person though he just needs to get healthier.
Nabil El Maniaa (12 hours ago)
Did he think about that when he search a woman he focus on the physics but for himself he don't focus on his physic obviously others girls are going to watch the guy considering their physic so train on that instead of thinking it's just a matter of time and search by the way at 11:29 it's funny how he obviously know it's a scam and don't say it
Grave Dweller (13 hours ago)
Soy niggas
pizzagod (15 hours ago)
She looks kinda like Angelina.. you know from Playstatation's Tome Raider. No wonder he's obsessed
babbisp1 (16 hours ago)
0:34 LOL I just noticed he plays Ratchet and Clank 1. (PS3 version, main menu). Seen parts of this video before but only now realized this.
Justin Raymond (16 hours ago)
$3,900 to travel to Kiev Ukraine. Oh man I need to start one of these "match making" services.
Justin Raymond (17 hours ago)
5:04 He was worried about having to fend off women. Oh man.
This Leprechaun Writes (17 hours ago)
Works for Nasa and is this stupid. Book smart isn't smart. Dude is in his late 40's and average looking and fat but shooting for women that look like supermodels. These women are shallow but equally, so was that dude for thinking money could buy him a sexy wife and that he didn't need to put any effort into his looks. So, you're nearly 50 years old, sit and play video games and overeat and can gain so much weight you're basically a slob but because you're a nerd and was good at science and book smart enough to get a good paying job at Nasa, you think that's enough to expect to go out with size 0 to size 10 women half your age? It sucks but it's the way of the world and if someone male or female is going to keep themselves looking good and look after their bodies to put in the effort, then you can't expect to be lazy and expect others to desire you. Conclusion; don't shoot for women in Brad Pitt's league if you don't look like Brad Pitt. That cleaning lady was in his league and clearly desired him, but he wanted the sexy size 10 fantasy. So, who really is being the shallow one here? It's him.
Marcus Hennings (18 hours ago)
Imo we are talking some substantial money, not some $35 mo dating website. I think the agency should be a bit more accountable and helpful by giving these men guidance (ie; reality check, etc). Rather than stand by and allow these men to be bamboozled like this.
Tacet the Terror (20 hours ago)
How is there a wage gap in America when there are guys this dumb willing to do anything for a female?
mmr Blmbngn (1 day ago)
Lol the body language was very very visible that the woman doesn't like him at all.
Josh Rick (1 day ago)
Bobby is a fucking weird fat dude. Fat and lazy and just sitting around and blowing all his savings to buy a teen wife so he doesn't have to go to the gym. What a piece of shit. Sincerely, all the people you probably removed from service being in shitty HR, hope you have a heart attack soon piece of shit.
Bobo Ayame (1 day ago)
'I sat off by myself because I didn't want to be fending off other women while I was waiting for her' What could have led to the incongruity of this delusion?
sarah regez (1 day ago)
This guy is absolutely crazy! Why doesnt he just start eating right, do sports and then maybe he will rise the possibility of finding an american woman that he likes?
He went off by himself so that he wouldn’t have to fend off other women. 😂😂
Only thing I got from this video is XBOX > PSN
aubrey archambault (2 days ago)
$10 per email?? You can’t get a girl to email you just because she wants to? No.. that’s sad
James Kennedy (2 days ago)
I feel for him :(
Francois Gauthier (2 days ago)
10$ an email and he's wondering if it's a scam? He deserves to be taken out of his money. What an idiot
Francois Gauthier (2 days ago)
Sweep her off her feet!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋😋🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
What a fucking idiot. Why would he think girls like them would be interested in him? I'm not as old as him,im slim,athletic and not bad looking but i know ill never ever have a girl like this 12:41
John Patterson (2 days ago)
Funny they always say a little over weight, when they are obese. He looks about 130 Pds over. The gym should have been his option. He sounds nice
Slay King (2 days ago)
Fat fool
MrDballmoney (2 days ago)
"Good morning Julia"
Reza Ap (2 days ago)
I'm 32, and today i saw my first gray hair. God don't let this happen to me.
El Anónimo (1 day ago)
Are you Willy Wonka?
Mika Lindh (2 days ago)
This is sad
Reza Ap (2 days ago)
Dude tried again lol !!! Dude pick one on your own level.
John Pruett (2 days ago)
Denial is a really powerful state of mind and it's so interesting but sad at the same time. Truth can be very very painful and one of life's truths is that you cannot have everything you want no matter how hard you beat your head against a wall. When and if you can finally accept this then you can focus on other things. It's a super difficult path to walk and fire to walk through, it's an excruciating right of passage.
sndmama07 (2 days ago)
Invest in a gym membership it will give you a better result in the long run
HarleeDavis246 (2 days ago)
Damn this dude is delusional.
Sunset Cliff (2 days ago)
hmm- the logic of a government worker
Nicole (2 days ago)
i live in ukraine and literally no one wants to take me to america. 🤠
Baddscorpio (2 days ago)
Alex Ushi (2 days ago)
Weirde fucking creepy dude.
Baddscorpio (2 days ago)
Plasxodollbae X (2 days ago)
This is really sad. He just wants a pretty girl to fuck and she just wants a normal life :(
Irina Serdyukova (2 days ago)
ok. the reason why u still single at 46 is you are a videot. this guy doesnt have any common sense. please someone tell him he is old and unattractive and should pick someone closer to his age and looks
Irina Serdyukova (2 days ago)
what a dumb ass. how can you think its real if she doesnt speak English at all?
Gabriela Gueri (3 days ago)
"Fend off other women"?
Nycro (3 days ago)
that ending is so sad "you ever just feel like your writing to a photo?" "yup"
Badass Dan (3 days ago)
I feel bad for this guy and yet at the same time he’s so stupid, she ain’t real you dickhead. Edit: oh shit she is real wtf, that’s even fucking worse...oh boy. Edit Edit: well I just don’t know what to say, did he seriously believe she was into him in anyway, she was being polite, and then he goes off and tries it again with some other hot ass girl he’ll never get. At this point he almost deserves it.
Sev Vermeer (3 days ago)
He is a big boy,seems nice.The girls giggle and relatives make me worry about her gene pool
Sandy Wasy (3 days ago)
What makes him think he has a chance with a hot 26 year old? Really- does he think he could date a hot 26 year old american girl like that? The only reason she'd go for it is citizenship. Why else would these men think these young beautiful women would be so desperate or interested in them??? I agree with the comments below. Spend your thousands on therapy, gym membership. Maybe stop playing video games and get rid of your toys in your house and learn some social skills, join clubs, learn how to date (and how to treat) women in your own league in your own country. There are PLENTY of single women your age who are looking to meet someone. Learn how to be 'datable'. This is pathetic only in that these dating companies actually make these men think that these young beautiful poverty women 'want' them. They don't. Like I said, there are plenty of lonely women his age around that are lovely people. Learn some social skills.
walmartian (3 days ago)
omfg he is playing ratchet clank.. a total lack of dignity, skill and grace where he cant even brag to his "wife" about killing another online player
Maria Hinderscheid (3 days ago)
What a price.Old,and fat;hooked on video games! Seriously shameless.
pika Smith (3 days ago)
His name is guy?
Gabe McDonald (3 days ago)
This guys way to soft
icedsmoke (3 days ago)
Hold on a minute. I felt sad for the guy all the way I heard he had paid emails $10 a pop? And he’s down $10k? And he’s now thinking “maybe it’s a scam”. What the fuck how can you be so gullible??? I’m sorry bro but come on....
MSR (2 days ago)
Didn't even get a hand job 😂😂😂
mitchio86 (3 days ago)
But just imagine he had pulled that off. He would be a legend
Oversharegamer (3 days ago)
Meh, doesn't matter. If he found someone in his own league it would still cost him thousands.
Sam B (3 days ago)
Missed a chance with that cleaning lady there cmon sod the social event. Cleaning lady is where it’s at
The problem with men from the West is they have no self respect. There isn't any such thing as a woman out of a man's league. There's only the humble and the proud. But when you grow up promoting such a disgusting, immoral way of life what do you expect? Any man who thinks a weak woman or child is above him in terms of dominance or any other worldly thing is a brainwashed fool.
Stu Pidas (4 days ago)
At 7:00 the problem with his plan comes to light when he states "I hope i'm not being screwed." NOOOOOOO!
Dusky Racer (4 days ago)
I wonder what his IQ is
Lauren Behr (4 days ago)
LOL fending of other women pfft nearly spat my coffee out
Lauren Behr (4 days ago)
This idiot has NFI what the hell he's doing he gets duped then pursues another woman waaaaayyy out of his league. I don't feel sorry for imbeciles like him .........
Blicce (4 days ago)
Sad to say , but this guy is delusional. I genuinely feel bad for him.
Fät ñïggâ (4 days ago)
Mclean (4 days ago)
disliked because of title
Matt Frazier (4 days ago)
$10,000 could've went towards a healthy diet, a gym membership, a new wardrobe and he'd have no problems getting a woman. well maybe not because money wouldn't change how thirsty he is or his shit personality.
Rockierocky 1 (4 days ago)
This comment section is a bit mean
SoCal Chris (4 days ago)
Farmersonly. Com
Buttermilchbubii Wing (4 days ago)
Somebody buy him an XXXXXL mirror for Christmas
MakeItNastyy (4 days ago)
If yall really want to get woman message me. Im an ugly guy and have had many. It's a simple trick. Message me
GHX T (4 days ago)
she’s 26 and ur 46
OutsideOpinion (4 days ago)
It's funny that women wonder why men like him want women with looks and bodies. Ever seen Ralphie May before he died? Women prove each and every day that they don't value men for love. They value our money and utility. Women prove we are more valuable because of the extremes they will go to to change their appearance. We aren't trying, you're just attracted to us. We hold value beyond just our looks, and you're fucking jealous. Sucks to suck. EDIT: Of course. I was happy for this guy and she pulled some typical female crap on him. Women want money, men want love. Men go to extremes for love, women go to extremes for money. Scams, cons, long cons, string along, ghosting, love bombing. Some truly reprehensible and heartless behavior I have witnessed all for the sake of trading your looks for our money. Walking On My Every Nerve WOMEN
The Life (5 days ago)
I almost feel bad for this trick
Viper (5 days ago)
This is so sad
MrOsisO (5 days ago)
What a fat fuckin dick. Get a life!
Ming Fei (5 days ago)
His cat is cutest thing ever
Kuromatsu619 (5 days ago)
"Do you ever feel like you're just writing a photo?" Olga may as well have been a fat, balding, 46 year old man like himself living next door playing this guy for lolz.
Abe Games (5 days ago)
He has to keep using their site and spending 10 dollars to send and 10 to receive emails because of translation!? Ever heard of google translate? Lol poor guy lol
Abe Games (5 days ago)
His gaming setup is legit tho
Hakapik (5 days ago)
Oh my fuck I actually watched the entire thing and oh my fuck I cant believe this schmuck. A fat, stupid, schmuck.
Hakapik (5 days ago)
What a complete delusional moron. I spit out my beer when he hauled out a picture of the woman he is after at the 1:27 mark. Does he HONESTLY think she would go for him??????????? Idiot.
mark ewings (5 days ago)
This guy is deluded.. the next woman he fucks will be his first
short step (5 days ago)
Dude cant get some monkey grease on his rusty meat hammer and its who's fault
Chad Jones (5 days ago)
Desperate people are miserable.
Desta McGhie (5 days ago)
12:52 Even the cat looks like he's getting sick of this guy's BS. LMAO
Ciara Araujo (5 days ago)
For some men, women is nothing but a puppy to make sex!
Tea in Korea (6 days ago)
so he wants a hot woman who doesn't even speak English? dude will you take a translator to the bathroom to the bedroom too? this guy can find a woman if he doesn't run after models and asks them to marry on a first date
William Yale (6 days ago)
Wow that’s gringeful.
Suzy Arambula (6 days ago)
You're better off jacking off sir.
Big Mac (6 days ago)
This is the saddest video sorry
Jim Cummings (6 days ago)
living in asia i'd see men like this with younger wives, and sometimes kids, the women always looked miserable. so sad. they use each other for sex and $$$, both are faking it...
_idontcare_ 101 (6 days ago)
Do Mo (6 days ago)
What a dumbass
DavidDoes YT (6 days ago)
Man: “I’ll be happy either way. I got to see a new country” Interviewer: “How do you feel?” Man: “Not good”

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