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Spider Totem: Spirit Meaning of Spider

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Do you identify with Spiders (or do they scare the pants off of you)? Has #Spider appeared to you lately in dreams or other ways? Spider may be your #totem animal, or perhaps it is a #poweranimal guide with a message for you. Listen in for insights into the #spiritanimal meaning of Spider. Check out my Spirit Animal Awareness oracle card deck here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/642491331/spirit-animal-awareness-oracle-card-deck?ref=shop_home_active_1 If you would like personal guidance in understanding your Spider dreams or experiences, you can book a reading with me here: https://spiritanimaloracle.as.me/schedule.php?appointmentType=category%3ASpirit+Animal+readings
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Cat Lover (8 days ago)
Thank you for this...
Vixikie (8 days ago)
Spiders have eight legs I have eight letters in both my first and last name. I see spiders all the time at the most random spot, even the most tiny spider. My mom even ask how do I even see them haha. I can also spot random spider webs outside in the sunlight. It's funny that my favorite superhero happens to be Spiderman out of everyone. I have no idea if the spider is my totem but that would explain alot, but I hate spiders so much. It's annoying to see them all the time. I even saw one today next to me. They never leave me alone haha. My favorite book & movie series is Harry Potter and they actually do have tons of spiders in some of them.
tiereny V (23 days ago)
There have been two spiders living in my shower for a while spinning webs and I just let them be, I don’t bother them they don’t bother me and so for a while I’ve been seeing spiders everywhere jumping ones and having no fear. I laughed when you said number 8 because for someone reason I’ve been seeing 88 a lot over the past few months as well as 44 strange.
Raye Twist (1 month ago)
Wow! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Huard (2 months ago)
I never would have thought my spirit animal would be spiders lol I've tried to think of logical reasons to why I've seen or had so many around me but I finally accept that it's probably more. Just the other day I saw 5 at work, all within an hour. I saw one tonight just in the middle of the floor in my room. I've woken up to one literally 2 inches away from my face. She was BIG. I dont normally kill them, I usually just move them to another room or outside, I always have! This was a very interesting video. Thank you! Now I just need to figure out what she's trying to tell me. ( I have often and frequently thought about starting up my own business making tinctures and potions and lotions and all that home made stuff. But I've been too afraid )
Art of Awakening (2 months ago)
Wow, that's a lot of spiders. Spider energy can be pretty complex. In terms of starting a business it can indicate skills in innovation and networking - both awesome assets. It's funny you mention this because I do business coaching for healers and literally just set up a new YouTube channel for that part of my business. There's not even any videos up or subscribers yet but I plan to start posting weekly videos in May to help healers with their businesses; if you'd like to follow you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe6MKjUEod26k7ggzPUgPIA
genos is watching (2 months ago)
._. found this because my room attracts millions of spiders I never kill them tho just let them live all over my room and more and more keeps coming they I'm a girl tho I'm guessing I have lots of feminine energy or something now. they all the same type of spider
Art of Awakening (2 months ago)
Sounds like you've got spider energy all right. :-) Awesome that you have such compassion and respect for these little critters. You do have the right to claim your space from them though, LOL.;-)
Kristi Slaven (2 months ago)
Wow This was absolutely amazing!!!!! Is the card shown from your oracle deck???? Will definitely be getting this Thank you for your beautiful guidance 😍😍😍😍😍
Art of Awakening (2 months ago)
So glad you found it helpful, Kristi! ❤ (And yes, that's the spider image from the deck.)
Gloria Wagener (2 months ago)
I had a dream about a spider sitting on the wall next to a light switch. Now, I'm dealing with uncovering the enemies in my life. Yep, that spider turned the light on!! How 'bout that?
Art of Awakening (2 months ago)
HAHA, that is awesome!
Elinam Anansi (3 months ago)
I work with Anansi recently and he came to my dream as a big black spider (2 ft in length) and I felt warm and friendly energy came from him.
Art of Awakening (3 months ago)
That's awesome! Remember that Spider has many beautiful qualities, but it (and Anansi in particular) also has a significant trickster aspect. Stay aware, and be willing to laugh if things don't go as expected! 😋
Tony Martinez (3 months ago)
I tripped fucking balls the other night. I had over 30 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms and I got to a place I've never been in my life. I saw a psychedelic dimensional spider. I about shit myself. I was terrified at first, but homie let me know there was no reason to be afraid. It was such a crazy experience. He kept dropping down right in front of my face and at one point turned into something that looked like Venus fly trap. It was probably one of the coolest/trippiest things I have ever experienced.
Art of Awakening (3 months ago)
Consider the implications. Your choices are yours, but what you experience in the dreamworld, including in medicine plant experiences, affects your vibration in very real ways, which in turn affects the vibration of everyone and everything around you. You are more powerful than you realize. How will you use that power? If you are not controlling it, what is? If something has the appearance of a trap, it may well be one.
EMPRESS (3 months ago)
Great video 😄
Paula Comellas (4 months ago)
So, Spidey senses are real
Art of Awakening (4 months ago)
LOL you bet they are! 😉
Girls talk 100 (4 months ago)
I never actually thought that a spider would be my spirit guide but now I believe that because last night I was in a different state of consciousness waking up and I saw a HUGE HUGE shadow type of spider coming down a web I did get scared I kept opening my eyes wider in shock then eventually I went back into the this dimension and it dissappeared. I still was in shock because I never seen a spider that big and had no idea what it meant but it makes sense because I have been writing a lot and putting my ideas into action. Thanks for this!
Art of Awakening (4 months ago)
Wow, awesome! You say you felt scared - did that scared feeling stay with you?
I love spiders
Fernando Ramos (5 months ago)
I had this crazy dream last night i remember it completely.. First of all me and my kid went into some building we dont know why we went but we did went to the 5th floor. Went into someone apartment no one was home.. A flood came but it only went to the middle of my ankle and knees.. The water was calm not rush like a wave.. The water went away.. So we left and went outside my kid left some clothes.. So i decided to climb the building a window had bars as i was climbing my left leg got stuck i was hanging i was screaming i was stuck.. And brown spider decided to come down i was scared.. You know when a spider comedown on one web. That is what it was. The spider was brown but looked like a brown widow.. It wasnt on top of me it was on the left side.. I froze.. But the spider stopped.. I looked at the spider it didnt attack me.. It just stood still.. I was calm.. And then i woke up..at 3 am.. This morning.. I wan to know what this mean if there is a meaning or is it just a dream
Art of Awakening (5 months ago)
Dreams, when they are detailed and/or memorable like that, always carry meaning. Ultimately it is up to the dreamer to decide what that meaning is, but if I were to offer a basic-level interpretation I would say you are being invited to free yourself from some kind of fear - probably something that has been manipulating you from within. You have the inner strength now to face it and overcome it. ;-)
I-Dream Ofjeannie (5 months ago)
Ok...just subscribed but damn that was a hard pill to swallow. I can relate to everything you said but they're just so creepy looking but for some reason they like me 😌.
Art of Awakening (5 months ago)
I hear you - sometimes the critters that creep us out the most are the ones with the biggest lessons for us.
jumanji % (6 months ago)
Climbed around my body without noticing 🤣
Emmett Harold (6 months ago)
Spiders keep appearing out of nowhere! I was in the bathroom and out of nowhere!!! Just randomly there was a tiny spider crawling up my leg! So I killed it! Sorry! Then... right after I went to bed and within 5 mins I had a spider (same looking spider as the previous one! Like a twin clone one!) crawling down my left side of my head by my cheek!!! I killed it!!! Sorry. And I am a very clean person! My house is spotless I have literally ocd! But idk why they just pop out of no where?! I swear no one else in my fam see them! They just pop out of no where by me! I was in bed and I saw this spider just coming from from the ceiling in a straight line just coming down towards me so I immediately (sorry) killed it. Does this mean something?????? They scare the living hell out of me!!! Idk why they appear around me!!! 😩😩😩😱😱😱
Art of Awakening (6 months ago)
@Emmett Harold you're welcome. Hope it helps!
Emmett Harold (6 months ago)
Christie Martin it’s like you read my mind! That’s just how I feel. I will take your advice and do as you said. Thank you for taking the time to reply! 🙏
Art of Awakening (6 months ago)
The feeling I'm getting is that they're like little unwanted thoughts creeping in. In this case it's OK to kill them if they're in your space - but be fair and warn them first. Sit down and talk with spider spirit, tell her you respect the little critters for what they do in nature but they're not welcome in your home. But really I feel like they're coming in to "bug you" and get your attention. The message I'm getting is that you may frequently be "bugged" or distracted by random or anxious thoughts that are keeping you from fulfilling your highest potential. If you don't already, you might consider starting a practice in meditation or martial arts to help with focus, staying centered, and inner power. (Or deepening your practice if you already are doing some of these things.) Breathing exercises in particular may be helpful. Good luck!
Drew De La Cruz (7 months ago)
I actually really resonated with this. I had a dream or maybe a out of body experience. The setting was the garage where i was sleeping. i was surrounded by a bunch a spiders and was getting scared but i felt like the spider totem didn’t want to show himself right away because he was huge. I felt a little bad about being scared when seeing it. But lately I’ve been taking music more seriously and attracting more love in my life.
Art of Awakening (7 months ago)
That's a dream asking you to open your awareness around this energy, which is rising in you. Remember there are both very positive and quite negative aspects to the Spider totem. Being vigilantly aware and objectively honest with yourself about how this energy is manifesting through you will help you to channel it in its most beautifully positive, productive ways.
Petricia Fraser (7 months ago)
Hi good morning I had a dream a few weeks ago. I was standing and 3 spiders we're in a huge web and I felt no fear of them and they were not trying to harm me they were just looking at me then I saw a very close male friend of mine lieing looking at me with a big happy smile and the web surrounded us like a netting and I was just in surprised to see this male friend with me under the web. Can u tell me what this means I need to know please and thank you.
Petricia Fraser (7 months ago)
@Art of Awakening thank you for your reply and I take ur advice seriously it means a lot to me
Art of Awakening (7 months ago)
Hi Petricia - thanks for your question and apologies for the delayed response - your comment ended up in review and I didn't see it right away. You could interpret this dream in multiple ways. It could be very positive, about a beautiful connection with this man, perhaps a very creative connection in some way. This could mean children down the road if it is a romantic connection, or a relationship where the two of you create something beautiful together. On the flip side, be very careful about entanglements with this individual. That doesn't mean necessarily to avoid entering into relationship with him, but to proactively take steps to maintain your own center, to protect your own energy. It's very easy - especially if you are a sensitive, empathic person - to lose yourself in another person. Maintain strong boundaries, maintain your own sense of who you are and what is important to you, and remember that your most important relationship is the one you have with spirit, then the one you have with yourself, then your relationships with others - in that order.
Crystal Wise (8 months ago)
I killed the spider saw just now :( i don’t like spiders but after watching this I’ll be more caring toward then next time :)
Art of Awakening (8 months ago)
Oh, please do. Every creature deserves compassion!
Awoken Minds (9 months ago)
I love you! Thank you friend 🙏🏽 i been watching a spider weave her web She left but I feel she will be back
Art of Awakening (9 months ago)
Most likely so - she put a lot of work into that thing! ;-) Thanks for stopping by. ❤
Cindy Jones (9 months ago)
Thank you information is power.
Art of Awakening (9 months ago)
You bet it is!! Glad you found my video helpful.
Aries Gemini Pisces (10 months ago)
8 =" to make phat"
Marilyn Sori (11 months ago)
I saw a spider as my totem! Everything resonates!!!
Shit i just killed a little one in my room. Ill try be more kind next time. I have mixed feelings related to spiders. Im fascinated by them and i once saw some kind of digital spider in a closed eyes meditation btut im also a little scared of them. Especially when i sleep. I hate the idea that they're gonna crawl around on me while i sleep.
Yes, i have this attitude towards them. If they are fast and simply hard to catch i smash it, as its not supposed to be in my room. Actually after the past year ive grown to like them more. In the sense that ive process the feeling they give me and become more familiar to their nature. Its the unknown that is uncomfortable to us i think. Experiences is the only way to make the unknown known. And experience never ends.......
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
Yes, Spider can be a little bit of an edgy totem to deal with. It's OK to set boundaries, like "you're allowed everywhere but in my room," or "not in the house!" (But yes, it's definitely kinder to capture and release outside if you can! They do a lot of good outside keeping insects under control.) :-) Thanks for watching!
Ruan (1 year ago)
I dreamed with a spider,then another day a spider jumped on my feet then I saw one on my window.The meaning reasonates with my situation.I started to draw mandalas which is a form of creation and actually looks like a web :) I think it means I'm on the right path? :) thank you so much for the video.
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
You're welcome! Keep drawing those mandalas, and meditate on them. Ask for clarity on your path (in alignment with highest good) as you do so. Trust that your higher self knows exactly what to do and will guide you. :-)
Carolin Steele (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tip.
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
You're very welcome. Thanks for watching! :-)
Ask Sue Show (1 year ago)
Really enjoyed this. I got bitten by a spider a few days ago, really like your interpretation. I have a great business idea that I'm excited about and I need to be patient. It's also a holistic business. So much creative input has been used. Just waiting for someone to recognise it and help fund it. You were so spot on. I came here as I knew there was a message with this spider. Spiders are amazing! Thank you xx
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
You're very welcome, and so glad you found it helpful. Good luck with your business idea! Remember that positive Spider energy is all about allowing the universe to bring you what you need (building the infrastructure to enable it to happen), rather than "making it happen", as well as recognizing and claiming the opportunities that do come your way. You're in a good place with this totem - be sure to honor her!
Thank you
Sean Livingston (1 year ago)
I saw feminine is this guy but then I started thinking about a spider. Tarantula come to mind.
I dream about Spiders a lot. Huge Spiders. And I am afraid of them and fight them. I even had a big one in My home last week. I suspect my totem animal is Spiders. It sounds like me. A lot. The sacrificing mother, the creative and patient web-creator.
Kire Moonchild (1 year ago)
That was amazing. It took me ages to figure out what my totem was, as I love giraffes and cats. Staring me in the face forever was the animal that always terrified me, but I had a grudging respect for her persistence and creativity. So many times Spider popped up in my daily life, ever since I was small... I can tell you a spider incident I had when I was 2! That’s how ingrained she is in myself. Spider has taught me a lot about respect ... respect and acknowledgement of something that I fear, but something that is beautiful and needed. Thank you for this awesome video!
Did the spider bite you?!😮 I was bitten as a toddler, totally unsuspecting and it Terrified me lol I had a phobia for years. I have been studying the Dark Goddess and the theme of the spider being connected was first introduced to me in a fantasy series my mother was reading about the Drow. An underground matriarchal society of black elves. I sort of forgot that. Wow
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
You're so welcome, Kire. Beautiful insight! When we really connect with our power animals they teach us so much about ourselves. :-)
Lily Faeth Conjure (1 year ago)
Thank u very much I had. Fears of them but I seem them so diff my animal has changed over the years an now spider is here I'm very much like spider
peggy acosta (1 year ago)
What does it mean to dream of a sea spider seen in a pet store tank?
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
Well, dream symbolism can be interpreted in various ways depending on context. I would research sea spiders and see what associations it brings up for you. For instance, they don't have a respiratory system - are you giving yourself enough time and space to "breathe"? And like seahorses, it is the male that does most of the caregiving. Consider whether you might have some inner healing to do in regards to your relationship with your dad; or alternatively, perhaps it's time to get in touch with your inner masculine.
Bunny Glubbyglub (1 year ago)
I've been seeing so many spiders for the past week omergod. The most was today. When I went to open the curtain BAM a giant spider just chillin. When I went to show my friend a painting I had finished BAM a spider on my desk. And right now one was above my door, which had me thinking if the spiders were some sort of message. Hm
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
Sounds like they are really trying to catch your attention! ;-)
Bunny Glubbyglub (1 year ago)
There is now another on my wall aa
Mr-Mrs Curls-n-Kinkz (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video... I love spiders, I have a really strong connection to them & I leave them in my home if I see one. I can't harm them, I have done accidentally & I felt so guilty because to me they are my friend, they remove flies for me lol. I have a real phobia of flies.
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
You're very welcome! I'm glad you feel such compassion for Spider. They can be helpful little critters, for sure! :-)
Grace Longalong (1 year ago)
to bad for america.. they have alot of dangerous Spiders :[ and They wil never knw how much Spiders are amazing
jcofortco (1 year ago)
If only the seemingly endless supply of Wolf Spiders that live on my pool, & in my woodstack and garage would stop: A) growing to the size of a small tarantula, and B) behaving so aggressively when they are near me, then I'd be far more willing to accept the Spider Medicine! I'm an artist Really struggling with my sense of/gradual loss of creativity! It's almost Painful. :-/ I can handle the other more than 15 types of spidies I've seen living here, but the Wolfs I see by far the most, esp as my studio is in my garage... I'm CONSTANTLY looking down on the ground for them, and WOWSERS, they get freaking BIG. :'(
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
The spiders are trying to get your attention. There is something happening in your energy field related to Spider energy that is affecting your creativity. I suggest exploring the possibility of vampiric attachments in your life - is there someone/something that is draining your energy away? Or are you over-giving your energy away or sacrificing yourself to someone/something? Have you established and do you defend healthy boundaries for yourself, especially in regards to your studio and the time you spend there? Artists are really good at connecting, we tend to be very empathic, but sometimes we lose ourselves in the process, we give away our power. It is important to protect your space (whether physical, temporal or energetic) and your right to occupy it.
Kavita Singha (1 year ago)
I have spiders living in my bathroom making webs which I keep removing as I cannot allow that as I have to use the place. I am unable to find my creativity and spiders resemble creativity. Would you be able to suggest something to find our own creativity.
Art of Awakening (1 year ago)
Yes! Allow yourself to play. Start small - don't start with projects that your mind places great importance on. Draw with crayons. Build sand castles. Put some music on and dance. Enjoy the experience, make it an exercise of treating the senses rather than trying to accomplish anything noteworthy. And allow yourself to fail. When you fail—and you will—laugh at it, find the lesson, find the beauty in it, and go back to play again.
Samantha Brown (1 year ago)
currently I have 6 spiders living with me in my home. I use to be so afraid of them but now they give me a sense of healing.
Crystal Randhan (8 months ago)
I have a similar experience with spiders!
They just stay? U seemed to made good friends with them.
Lotti (2 years ago)
i dreamt that i had a little pet spider and then i lost it 😐
Pedro Ballinger (2 years ago)
it's my totem spirit

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