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A Guide to Buying the Best Men's Accessories: Rings + Bracelets Edition

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Buying men's jewelry can be challenging, and in today's video we are focusing specifically on finding the right brands, fit, designs and price point for you when it comes to purchasing rings and bracelets. I'll also share some styling advice, some of my favorite designers and share some of my collection. Open for more info! Ring Sizing Chat: http://www.justmensrings.com/mens-ring-size-chart Best online shops to get hyped on new releases + shop: www.farfetch.com www.ssense.com www.matchesman.com Affordable Options: Vitaly: https://www.vitalydesign.com North skull: http://northskull.com/bracelets.html ( not true affordable, more of a mid-tier brand) ASOS: http://www.asos.com/men/jewellery/cat/?cid=11330 Luxury Designers: David Yurman - http://www.davidyurman.com/products/men.html Parts of Four - https://partsof4.com Pearls Before Swine - https://www.ssense.com/en-ca/men/designers/pearls-before-swine WERKSTATT: MÜENCHEN - http://www.werkstatt-muenchen.com Favourite Rings Currently Out: https://www.ssense.com/en-ca/men/rings Some of my favorite leathers. Makes incredible bangle type designs INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/anthonydelucv/ SECOND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/anthonydeluca Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnthonyDeluc... SNAPCHAT: @anthonydelucv Song of the day: https://soundcloud.com/parisandsimo/come-as-you-are Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/AnthonyDelucV SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/anthonydelucv Filmed on: Sony A7rii Panasonic GH4 and GH5 12-35 mm Final Cut
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Text Comments (157)
G Squared (7 months ago)
I get a lot of my accessories from www.RatedG.ca
priceandpride (8 months ago)
can you do a low budget rec for men's jewelry
Kien Chu Van (10 months ago)
Hey Anthony, What brand of ring you wear on your index finger? Thanks
Game (10 months ago)
you have no sense of fashion dude whats are those lame rings you are wearing? stupid
Omar Faruk (1 year ago)
I love your black 2 ring
GorgeousAwesome (1 year ago)
We are our favorite jewelry line https://www.etsy.com/listing/582248038/copper-wallet-chain-solid-copper-chain?ref=shop_home_active_3 also, as I liked the video I would like to express a difference of opinion. If one starts cheap when exploring what is preferable then the experience will be just that, cheap and possibly by default, non preferable. The difference between nice and cheap can make a world of difference in overall final opinions. In other words that kind of thinking can be self sabotage in discovering overall personal truth. I do understand the reasoning behind your opinion as wearing something you have never worn before may just be annoying and quickly dismissed. Anyhow... thanks for posting.
retaliation (1 year ago)
damn your jewelry is trash
yoyoitsdeny wo (1 year ago)
bro i really neeed this type of vid ..tq!!!
undead 64 (1 year ago)
I love u hair now more then ever :3 u look cuter
John Smith (1 year ago)
What are your thoughts on earrings?
Lionel Hein (1 year ago)
much more manly compared to ur old hair style.. the old HS is also a killer hs but this hairstyle just .. suits ur face
Qasem Imad (1 year ago)
Great Advices
IceKendii (1 year ago)
This haircut looks good on you...
Casper Frederiksen (1 year ago)
im starting to get into rings and bracelets and i will give you "new or olds" a tip go on Aliexpress you can get all kinds of rings and they are good qualty and you can test if its your still i got a nice tiger ring for 80 cents worth it :)
Alpha Omega (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
mase christian (1 year ago)
Your hair looks so good. More stylist in my opinion. I didn't like it before, but all good if u like it :) u look more masculine and handsome 👍
Apple Pie (1 year ago)
Sexy sexy man
Quentin Ng Hung Pak (1 year ago)
Just saw your latest video. Negative comments are inevitable but just know that there are so many people that appreciate you for being you and the content you've put out. I've been watching consistently for the past year or two and you've helped me to understand my personal style and gain the confidence I never knew I had. I wish you the best in luck and just remember that there are people who love you. Keep rocking on and I can't wait for more dope videos from one of my favorite fashion YouTuber. Love from Singapore.
Saad Ehsan (1 year ago)
where did you did get the beaded bracelet at 6:48? definitely a cool looking bracelet
Sam Cereal (1 year ago)
This haircut is disgusting. You look like baby bieber.
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
+Sam's lab I'm pretty happy with it, so no complaints from me
Dycilene OD (1 year ago)
This guy kinda annoys me
Basic Streetwear (1 year ago)
nice vid :) guys can you check me out and subscribe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqY4LRdszHM i do fashion advice mostly streetwear so yeah :*
pancakewaitress (1 year ago)
Etsy is also a great source for unique men's ( and women's) jewelry. got my ex a very cool leather and silver necklace and this https://www.etsy.com/listing/166879267/mens-silver-earrings-set-small-silver?ref=shop_home_active_41 earring set from Isreal! can't wait to see your watch video, as i only wear men's watches at the moment.
Negan (1 year ago)
Man this haircut looks dope on you. Finally u found ur perfect haircut!
Jackson Whitmire (1 year ago)
Haircut looks dope, I'm going today to cut my hair from 10" on top to 4" on top
hakan topaloglu (1 year ago)
Can you do a video about your favourite boots for fall weather? Thanks!
tristan (1 year ago)
Tim YouSkyTis (1 year ago)
To be honest, your haircut makes you look mature, but also younger
Amar Hassan (1 year ago)
youre really nice dude
ALPHA/ MAMBA (1 year ago)
hey bro a quick question are you hyped for goku vs jiren?
Odysseus (1 year ago)
Hey guys, please watch my latest video on my channel. Thanks 👍
Viks Bird (1 year ago)
I see all that Kollar merch, I'd actually be pretty interested to know if they are worth the money
Mishal Mirzu (1 year ago)
I saw you first time on Alex costa's video how to grow hair faster. And I liked your videos also. Your hair was long on that video. Now its short what makes you cut your hair?
Mujadid7 (1 year ago)
You look good with short hair
ZERØ (1 year ago)
Your new cut is amazing 💯
Siddhant Verma (1 year ago)
Please make a video regarding baobab oil and macadamia oil and their comparison with argan oil.
Gamby Marshall (1 year ago)
Can u tell us where did you get that black ring from?
Szymonbymon (1 year ago)
You should check http://www.doubleufrenk.net/ out! Their items cost around 30€
Shadab Momin (1 year ago)
Nice video as always
Adam Evans (1 year ago)
Just wondering what is the item called, that you put your bracelets on. Plus you have very stylish jewellery.
Paxton Pill (1 year ago)
This is perfect because i've been looking for thoughts and opinions on men's accessories.
who ? (1 year ago)
hair looking so much better man
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Non-leather belt recommendations?
Lucas (1 year ago)
Nice vid and I agree with 95% because I prefer to have maximum 2 bracelets/watch at the time or tow bracelets that "work together" on one wrist and a watch on the other. For the ring same thing
Emmanuel Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Your videos are awsome keep it coming brother man
James Graziano (1 year ago)
All of the “affordable” options in the description, are still really expensive.
James Graziano (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV thanks!
James Graziano (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV oh ok. I understand.
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
+James Graziano well going cheaper than that puts you in the realm of fake metals. If you want to stain your fingers by all means. You can definitely find some thrifting or consignment shopping. I just don't want to suggest meh brands and then people get upset when the quality isn't great and they waste their money
Project Panda (1 year ago)
Hey dude, what do you think about Chrome Heart? Is that not a good brand for ring and braclet and whatever?
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
I agree, I definitely think Chrome is 100% worth the investment
Project Panda (1 year ago)
Sorry, didn't hear that. I'm really into Chrome Hearts' style, especially their aged silver rings. The price of Chrome Hearts is still affordable, because for rings and stuff, you can use them for many years. Unlike clothing Brands, say, Givenchy, which you would get their clothes every year, burning couple thousands bucks is consider moderate expense for Givenchy
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
I mentioned Chrome in the video (midway through), big fan just super expensive. Definitely aspirational for sure
PhoGenic Josh (1 year ago)
Anyone know the best place to get Matt black jewelry such as rings that aren't $200+?
Ashif Ashraf (1 year ago)
PhoGenic Josh spray it yourself
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
+PhoGenic Josh Vitaly makes a lot of great options :)
Johann Saucier (1 year ago)
yo the timing of this video compared to my life is pretty incredible
OMAR Hamdane (1 year ago)
André Belleti (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
sahil shaikh (1 year ago)
This is the videos I was waiting for ❤️@Anthony DelucV thanks a lot ...your videos are amazing ❤️🙌🏼
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
thank you, glad you enjoyed it!
NEETTO (1 year ago)
cool Accessories for me ^_^
Raphael Evans (1 year ago)
I love so much your new hairstyle
Ares GZ (1 year ago)
Hey i'm getting used too at the haircut, it's looking good
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
thanks Mike!
Amine Malik (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
thanks fam
Darryl Curay (1 year ago)
why did you cut your recent hair
Darryl Curay (1 year ago)
is he tired of his long hair?
Darryl Curay (1 year ago)
i mean is why do you cut your hair and you make it short hair
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
+Darryl Curay what do you mean? I haven't cut it since the last video :)
Anik Gypsy (1 year ago)
There's the comment section! Yay LOL Anyway, I was really into rings when I was a kid. I sorta stopped cause they don't sell good jewelry here. I like that skull ring. I tried to look for one like that. No luck.
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
ya it was broken on the first upload, had to redo it!
Lucas Plagenza (1 year ago)
Great video Anthony!
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
thank you lucas!
2Ronix (1 year ago)
Love Love Loveeee David Y. Werkstatt is also flames! The Great Frog London does more punk rock/heavy metal jewerly that is really dope as well! Have a few of their rings and they are quality forsure!
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
I know Sangiev is a big fan of Frog, I'll definitely check out their stuff!
Karvin Domingo (1 year ago)
that thumbnail tho. also the opening speil is the story of my life everytime. #newhairbros 🤙🤴
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
the thumbnail is so dramatic and I'm all about it aha
Megamigit23 (1 year ago)
I liked the fringe cut
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
thank you!
Days (1 year ago)
Intro a bit off imo, to sharp of a fade in addition maybe
Misha Lincoln DeAses (1 year ago)
Your biceps look like they want to rip through your jacket. <3 Thanks for the styling tips, can't wait to see the watch video because I'm obsessed with watches
Misha Lincoln DeAses (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV ; totally know the feeling!!
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
I'm honestly trying to get a bit leaner in my upper body because it makes fitting into clothing a challenge aha
yo bro squad (1 year ago)
Hello Anthony so when where you gonna do another hairstyle tutorial??
Michael Pesavento (1 year ago)
Hi Anthony,my ring size is 15 and it's hard to find something nice.any suggestions?Thanks
Michael Pesavento (1 year ago)
Thanks again Anthony,always great advice!Thanks
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
Would probably depend on what your price range is! Typically department stores have a huge range to work with in stock, could be a good option to find some in your sizing
Big Oofs (1 year ago)
Where'd you get that jacket from!!
Big Oofs (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV thank you so much! I appreciate the reply and I love your videos! You're the best!
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
it's from Kollar clothing!
Rodrigo Taveira (1 year ago)
Hairstyle much better
Lil VLoKz (1 year ago)
No homo but id fuck
James Graziano (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV yes homo tho
James Graziano (1 year ago)
Chicken Pudding me too
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
I just laughed in public
Jose Callejas (1 year ago)
Why did you delete the first one
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
+Jose Callejas the video was broken in the back end, had to reupoload
Derick Galarza (1 year ago)
Feeling the popped color 👀😎
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
It was happening naturally and I was like screw it, lets go with it aha
Wrazian (1 year ago)
Please level out the audio in the intro with the rest of the video. That was pretty fucking loud
mase christian (1 year ago)
This happens in a lot of channels
Wrazian (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV Thank you mate! I always appreciate it when YouTubers take the time to listen to the feedback of their audience!
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
my apologies, I'll do even more testing for the next video. I'm using a new professional mic that can be temperamental, so could also be the reason!
Wrazian (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV It might've been my headphones, I tried a different pair and it wasn't as bad, but the beatdrop was still significantly louder than the rest of the video. All good though 👍🏼
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
+Wrazian I tested it on my desktop and phone, it was all leveled on my software, I just tried my headphones and it seems fine? I'm sorry if it was loud on your device, no intention for that
Leda Botelho (1 year ago)
Great choices of accessories for men. I really like the leather bracelets and the chunky black rings. They definitely drew my attention. Another thing Anthony, that jacket on you. Oh. My. Gerd! 😍😍😍
Leda Botelho (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV Why then if you mind me saying so, you have wonderful sense of style. Haha! 😉😊
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
It's one of my favourites for sure :)
playboiop (1 year ago)
I literally got into all of this clothing stuff cause of you, thankssss:)))(
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
ah that's amazing, love hearing things like this!
Mikey Meza (1 year ago)
You look good bro 👍🏼
Aditya Singh (1 year ago)
your channel is great and really inspiring for young generations lots of love from India 💚💚💙💙
Pijbb (1 year ago)
I think your hair looks great here man
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
That grown in sort of lived in look definitely feels super fresh after the initial haircut. That's why I tell people to chill before formulating an opinion, because once it settles into place, your haircut could be awesome
Musique3579 (1 year ago)
Yes, it does look great. I just got one but about 1" longer than Anthony did. No regrets in my case. Funny about haircuts. They always seem to look *better* on the second week, at least that has always been the case with me.I never really figured that one out but maybe it is just me?
Neil Keaney (1 year ago)
Anthony I think people are more interested in your lovely jacket...no offense!!
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
aha it is pretty eye catching apparently
Mariano Swan (1 year ago)
At which saloon I can get shai-phan hair serum/replenisher. you speak of if it highly but it's only available in Toronto saloons and since I have moved here a week ago, I can finally purchase it :) p.s- GALAMOROUS video by the way (as always,.......... Duh!)
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
Blyss salon carried it and I think Hair Artisans (not sure if that's the exact name)
David Jeong (1 year ago)
Aye. I was just thinking about exploring the world of accessorizing. Just what I needed. Thanks Anthony.
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
glad to hear it! Best of luck!
Carlospvp (1 year ago)
What jacket do you have on?
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
its from Kollar Clothing :)
David Rescalvo (1 year ago)
Awesome tips. Love all the combo's of accessories.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
thanks David!
AnthonyMak21 (1 year ago)
Why did I think this was a reupload
Prince Aziz Official (1 year ago)
I love your style I'm in Qatar
Sou1 wolf (1 year ago)
be your self your own style
Justice Blunt (1 year ago)
No offence but that intro is pretty horrible man. I'm not even wearing headphones and that hurt my ears. you should change it. It just sounds like static from an old box tv or something.
Justice Blunt (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV honestly I think it's just the audio from the song like the intro is just an annoying sound, and I don't think I'm alone in that thought.
ZERØ (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV Yeah you better change it
Khalid Beyaie (1 year ago)
Justice Blunt no actually it's good and amazing it's the thing that got me hyped
k h u m (1 year ago)
Its not louder the sound in the song is literally static, its abrasive.
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
Trying to figure out why its happening. I use a pretty new IMAC so the speaker system might sound different from older models. My editing software is registering the volume as normal so its strange. I'm really sorry its coming across as louder. I'll see if I can fix it
Declan Shaffer (1 year ago)
Hey Anthony, I hope all is well. I'm trying to lower my body fat percentage so my face is more structured so I look better in hairstyles and so I can find my true face shape. In terms of cardio and weightlifting, what should I be doing more of to lower my body fat percentage? I believe I'm currently at 20-25 percentage and want to get below 15 percent. Let me know Anthony and thanks!!!
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
I personally prefer interval type training when it comes to cardio. I weight lift 3-4x a week, and do cardio every other day. I sometimes will hit a double workout in if I have time, but I'm so busy it can be a challenge!
Musical Koalaz (1 year ago)
Already know it's gonna be a good video :D
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
hope you enjoyed it :)
Ivson Carvalho (1 year ago)
Love your jackets. Good taste!
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
appreciate it!
Brandon Villegas (1 year ago)
Really good video bro
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
thank you!
Anthony DelucV (1 year ago)
Hope you guys dig this sort of guide...Also much love to all the supportive peeps on the last video. What's your favorite jewelry line?
maxpaine 0827 (1 year ago)
Best ring set dude..amazing
nick kuttian (1 year ago)
Love the guide
CreamChargerz Dard46 (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV I was wondering if you plan to make any Kpop based fashion videos, if you search up "BTS fashion ranking" in YouTube, you will get an idea of what I'm talking about. Their fashion is absolutely perfect, their stylists are some of the best sylists in the word, they are very smart with the outfits and always come out with something good to go with a theme chosen.
#gamer Pro (1 year ago)
Anthony DelucV great video athony!!!!

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