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Indian superstar Aamir Khan tackles taboos one show at a time

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Bollywood star turned talk show host Aamir Khan talks to Zainab Salbi about the cultural taboos he illuminates through his innovative TV show Satyamev Jayate, which has garnered an audience of 500 million. Aamir Khan, Indian Movie Star and Creator and Host of Satyamev Jayate Interviewed by Zainab Salbi, Founder, Women for Women International and Nida'a Productions; Editor-at-large, Women in the World
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suprobhat chattaraj (3 days ago)
*He is a gem of india that's it👌*
Deep Mahajan (7 days ago)
Hats off
Aj mods (16 days ago)
Not Indian not Muslim it is a great man
Nikhil Kolhe (1 month ago)
Thats why he's my Inspiration my Idol #AamirKhan sir ❤❤❤
Vrushang Ode (1 month ago)
my favourite actor aamir khan
Anvesha dwivedi (1 month ago)
This interview is before the Dangal movie. And it clearly shows that Amir sir had gained a lot of weight, and later did so well.
sukalpa s (2 months ago)
Criminals are voted to power because they act as Robin-hood to the local people.
Pemsi Tsesang (2 months ago)
Aamir is such a genuine person. You can spot all the fakes in the industry but aamir ain’t one of them 🙏🏼
Faridul Islam (2 months ago)
i Love Amir Khan,
Paulson Prasad (2 months ago)
well, India's greatest is something which no one can claimed
Melvin Varghese (3 months ago)
Nothing words.... Great..... Great
washim akram (3 months ago)
Wah Wah Amar Khan bahut achha he
Heartless (4 months ago)
Love you Amir Khan sir..❤❤
sallu bhai (4 months ago)
Aamir khan we r proud of you!!
Deepak Kumar (4 months ago)
Aamir you are great human being and i want to become like you
l like you Miea (4 months ago)
Love you amir Khan
Md Salik (4 months ago)
Aamir Khan Hamari taraf se Salam bhai
F A khan (4 months ago)
Osm bhai
Kartar Singh (4 months ago)
Bhai...7 CRS liye the tune ...bakchodi mat pel yahaan...
Naved Ahmed (3 months ago)
Bhai amitabh kiya kar raha hai, swiss ke maze loot raha hai, lekin desh aur smaaj ke heet me kuch nahi kehta aur karta hai. Ram ram japna paraya maal apna
kalyani hunde (4 months ago)
The great Amir khan
Shrestha Renu (4 months ago)
Amir is the real hero for India .Why A list actor don't speak for changing their society. MODI INDIA PRIME MINISTER don't you interfere NEPAL. Your country is big and the crime has cross the limit so make it now
Eugene Codling (5 months ago)
Wow scary to know if the mother carry a baby girl the husband aand her mother-in-law force her for abortion coz they want a boy to bring home wealth from the bride the time he got married which is called dowry ..now when you read my comment you will realised why they kill Thier own unborn child female ...during the riegn of British so many evil law were abolished...every country have Thier own unhuman traditional law and order but looking back to india traditional law and orders specially the rural area is worse then cancer ..trust me read the history of India onces ..now last thing why Hindu guy hate Muslim brothers in India , here the Muslim guy work so hard and bring lot of changes ..love you amir khan 😘😘
Shafi Ahmad (5 months ago)
Aamir khan is one of the most intellectual Human being in the World. I Love Aamir khan & I heartily Respect Aamir khan lov u sir
Adarsh Paygan (5 months ago)
Amir- "" I dont choose Script and no change in choose story , But it happens quite naturally as who i am "" .... And his film like tare zameen par, Rang de basanti, Dangal, 3 idiot, PK have great positive impact on society....
sᴘᴀʀᴋ ᴇᴇ (5 months ago)
I am feeling bad for amir thinking he must be disappointed and embarrassed deep inside telling the truth of our country
UNCHI UDAAN (5 months ago)
aravind raju (5 months ago)
Love sir
Arfan Ali (5 months ago)
Love you amir
anand Xegha (5 months ago)
Really Amir khan is a Amir which means rich...rich not by money but by his generosity. .. With full of wisdom and compassion...can you also know about some tribes in northeast india..who are recognised as refugees. ..they have big problem...socially,economically,politically etc...
Srijan Adhikari (5 months ago)
AAmir khan is best of best No body in this world can be compared with him and his creativity . . he is far more batter than SRK< SALMAN< and AKxay kumar as well . .
Rasha Nour (6 months ago)
Every day i admire him more ^_^
abir aftab (6 months ago)
Love for amir sir from Bangladesh
Kamal Sabbah (6 months ago)
good hamir khan
Kamal Sabbah (6 months ago)
good I
rajani naik (6 months ago)
Golden hero Amir Khan sir
News4 Jaipur (6 months ago)
Making feel proud of India
patel imran (6 months ago)
I know hv bin wrking in south India Dory was big problem in every community but when we started teaching them about Islam I show slowly slowy come problem comeing out from Muslim community. That's why we says Islam the way of life when follow.
patel imran (6 months ago)
I know hv bin wrking in south India Dory was big problem in every community but when we started teaching them about Islam I show slowly slowy come problem comeing out from Muslim community. That's why we says Islam the way of life when follow.
vishal gill (6 months ago)
Aamir You are my inspiration.
The Think Tank (6 months ago)
I cried after years
Happy Shetty (6 months ago)
Wonder what us his opinion on triple talaak , since it was a talk of the nation recently , u didn’t hear his opinion , since he has a opinion on most social evils. Since as a nation we need this law says something about us , but unfortunately Not able to pass it even though it was the decision of the supreme court of India
Luke (7 months ago)
Sadly his info is skewed. Its 55% Dalit, 15 % Uppercastes.
josiah gill (7 months ago)
Moge Bamey (7 months ago)
Give this man an award ' Mr. Perfect '
Bilal Ahmad (7 months ago)
You are a actor who has really change my life... Thank you Amir!!
Football Timeline (7 months ago)
legendary actor of bollywood
MOON (7 months ago)
Unless we re-look at n hopefully redefine,what a man is.....Things r not gonna change!!!
Vishal D (8 months ago)
Aamir Khan for Bharat Ratna
Cascade Analog (8 months ago)
I can not stand freaking annoying Indian Movies. Indian movies is for cheap and poor people who can't afford to watch Hollywood movies.
Ultimate Game (6 months ago)
You are living in a completely deluded world in that case, probably on some other planet or elsewhere in the universe. Open your mind and come out of the bullshit world that media has probably fed you.
Anurag Chakraborty (9 months ago)
Wow that female anchor is really ugly Lol
The Rock Hitendra (9 months ago)
Amir i love you ...SMJ is best show ...
Naeem Hassan (9 months ago)
this man a true representative of India...great love from pakistan
suman shahukhal (9 months ago)
Aamir khan always inspiring👍
Blessed Girl (9 months ago)
*I love two AK... Aamir Khan & Arvind Kejriwal*
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Faruque Dewn (9 months ago)
Real hero of India....
Krishnan Chouhan (9 months ago)
Congratulations on the most hard teaching informative
Krishnan Chouhan (9 months ago)
I hove it
Prasenjit Roy (9 months ago)
He is a excellent person of india.he is very good man..
shakshi dass (9 months ago)
He is perfect but i just have one problem his speaking pace is slow
kausar jamila (9 months ago)
Amir Khan is excellent Actor & One in all.
ajay pawar (9 months ago)
Satymave jayte is best show in my 21 year life all time and amir all movie was so impressive all time most 👌
Akram Hussain (10 months ago)
Mr perfection Amir khan
Mohan Bhargava (10 months ago)
This was being called antinational a while back. Seriously mother fuckers ???? If this guy is antinational i am an alien from mars.
Vishnu Rayden (10 months ago)
The most mature actor in bollywood...Not calling himself Fancy titles like King or Badshah or Bhai. True creativity, a genius. Definetly taking Indian cinema to next level. Good thing is after working for more than 25 years, atleast one khan of the industry knows the expectations of people.
uma ketha (10 months ago)
I am glad you did SMJ, great inspiration!!
Vishnu Prasad (10 months ago)
And get paid 2 cr per episode for first season
Aashish (10 months ago)
speechless !!
Munna Mazumder (10 months ago)
Proud of him. Many actors like akshay Kumar ho has taken Canadian citizenship and talks about improving india is ass hole. They all fucked up their money's.
Yamini Garg (10 months ago)
He's simply a no nonsense man. To me he is my IDOL. He's one of those i WORSHIP. - Sunil Bharat,Bharat(India)
Raj Dey (11 months ago)
He should send ghajini money to Sir Christopher Nolan which earned billions
bijesh balan (11 months ago)
Unlike the politicians who are always crying to save India and loot the country, this man is trying hard in every possible way to make his country a better one. Salute sir. You are a great inspiration for us.
Sushmita Sutradhar (11 months ago)
Rakesh sirawata (11 months ago)
Amir is the best in the Bollywood
Vishal D (11 months ago)
i think as of today in terms of number of fans around the world.. this actor has the mos number of fans in the world. India, China, Bangaldesh, Pakistan, Sriklanka, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, dubai, S Africa, Saudi Arabia, close to 3 billion or more !!
Vishal D (11 months ago)
I am in shock when Indians (especially hindus) say Aamir should go to Pakistan.. i mean WTF !!
Oyinson Regon (11 months ago)
He is Mr perfect
superfleaz (11 months ago)
one decent western thinking man in India with a social conscious.. shame there are over 600 million other men in India who are still living in the dark ages
Ultimate Game (6 months ago)
Believe me when I tell you this, there are Millions of people out there in India, including me, who are equally (or even more) aware and concerned about society, not just in India but throughout the world. Aamir Khan is an actor and thus he gets a lot of coverage, but he is Incredible nonetheless.
jonty singh (11 months ago)
Legend 🇮🇳
jha kaash (11 months ago)
Amir khan
Tech Guru (11 months ago)
He was little afraid !!
NIKHIL PATWARDHAN (11 months ago)
Talk about Islamic terrorism, the concept of Islamic divorce, tripls. Talaq, lovd jihad, talk about how Muslim women who are divorced have to spend a night with a Maulvi before they can reconcile with their original husbands. Talk about the concept of Islamic taqqiya. Gazwa e Hindu and the concept of Dar-ul-Harb
Naved Ahmed (3 months ago)
it is not a problem of masses, it is small minority problem. Pehle desh ki problem dekh desh mei kuch ginte ke logon ki problem chod, kuch bada soch
Abbas Hamdard (1 year ago)
His show is wonderful
Naushad ali (1 year ago)
Nobody perfect,but this man has complete n perfect thought about humanity.
Fahad Khan (1 year ago)
Mr Amir Khan is truly an inspiration for us (: Immense respect for Zainab Salbi for being amazing host.
mohammad ismaile (1 year ago)
India hume afsos hei ke aamir khan Pakistani kiu ni par ik muslim ke nateh bhai hei jo baut acha kam kar reha hei sorry to say tum logu ko iss ki qadar ni tume rss bjp those shits ki zada izet hei yeh heera hamare paas nei hume afsos rehe ga baki chutia khan tume mubarak ho king khan shit bodybuilder shit s a khan shit tume mubarak ho yeh insan sacha hero hei jo in and out both way hero hei iss ki qadar kero hamare paas bi hei imran khan hero of hearts respect for both slaam
mohammad ismaile (1 year ago)
This guy is my real hero in movies n out of movie's both ways he is hero
Sonia Sharma (1 year ago)
So much respect, just so much respect I have for this man. You are so inspiring.
washim ansari (1 year ago)
One of the greatest actor in the world
Mustafa Wasir Ahmed (1 year ago)
Great human being
Soaeb Akhtar (1 year ago)
Is admi ke liye kya bola jai yaar just👉👉👉👉👉👉 awesome man. In the world
Farman hashmi (1 year ago)
Really Aamir Khan Perfectionist. There is no doubt i want to shake 👐 with him and want to tap my hand at his head....
Imran Next (1 year ago)
Hats Off AK !!!!! Love and respects from Bangladesh sir.
Ashfaq Bologna (1 year ago)
Lots of respect for this man Ashfaq from Pakistan
Jithin Primz (1 year ago)
great guy but yeah
anzala anjum (1 year ago)
Amir sir you are such a great man of the world stay blessed
Atao 7860 (1 year ago)
that kind of lady who are struggling against using hijab for betterment of muslim women😜😜😜 bitch.
Jadi Jadi (1 year ago)
He is legend in world i love this this man

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