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Magic Lantern Install & Overview - T2i (HD)

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Being a geek i obviously love hacking things, and the Canon T2i is no different. Let us know what you think of the video. LINK ====== http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_Lantern_Firmware_Wiki ======
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Shmojoe14 (29 days ago)
Hey man we talked on reddit. How is it that your screen on the camera display is a white screen but mine looks sort of like a black screen with yellow boxes?
Anton Shmerkin (8 months ago)
is there a way around the external mic (im using rode videomic) picking up noise from a continuous focus on 650d?
Virsa Promotions (9 months ago)
Hurrght Oláffson (9 months ago)
Thank you, kid, you help me a lot.
Mushroom Galaxy (1 year ago)
I have t2i for almost 7 years and after installing magic lantern yeaserday my camera is like whole new one. Love it!! Its pretty simple to install really. Thanks for the video
Shmojoe14 (14 days ago)
Mushroom Galaxy same here haha I just bought one about a month ago and immediately installed it
Richard Lynch (2 years ago)
good and short video, maestro!!!
honerbass (2 years ago)
It installed beautifully under your directions, Thank you
Gowthaman Sivaraj (2 years ago)
Where can i download for T2i or 550D?
Ken Roland (4 years ago)
I have my card(s) formatted in exFAT, the update doesn't work with that file system apparently :(
abhiraj rajadhyaksha (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing this info. I've been using my camera for almost 3 years now and I could never risk upgrading the firmware till now. I had this video bookmarked for so long. I just want to add one small thing, even if your firmware shows 1.0.9 upgrade it to 1.0.9 by downloading the file from the canon website. Magic Lantern user manual has specifically mentioned it. And always keep your camera on P mode while upgrading your firmware! Awesome stuff :)
xMadTacticsx (5 years ago)
If you have the black screen problem scroll down and read reecord2's comment. It worked for me! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!
Ramsey Vazquez (5 years ago)
If i install magic lantern in my camera will i still have the canon menu?
Waterparks (5 years ago)
When I try to make this work with my t2i, the screen just goes black and a red light flashes. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? And since YouTube blows balls now and you can't reply unless you have google plus (lol) here's my email. [email protected] I'd appreciate any help. 
parkerhooten (5 years ago)
I had the same problem and Im sure you've already fixed it or tried this (its kinda for anyone who hasn't), but I was in the wrong mode. I thought he said you could be in manual (M) but I found I had to be in (P). If that doesn't work, my friend went to the cannon website and downloaded the newest version, then tried again and it worked for her. If that doesn't work id suggest taking out the battery and delete the software. It is on the card so there won't be anything wrong with your camera. Hope this helps, if not, sorry!
Ariel Garcia (5 years ago)
Thank you!! you make my Day!!!
FTP (5 years ago)
Hey I really liked your video opened my eyes.. I'm actually going to get this now.. My only worry is that I saw some options say not to click them.. is there a place where I can learn how to control these finite options
Johnny McNeil (5 years ago)
This video was really well made. Thank you for the upload!
messiah232 (5 years ago)
The icing on the cake? Those fireworks you put in at 2:26, lol.
Lenny Bruce (6 years ago)
Hey man, I know this is a very old video, but I just saw it right now, and I was wondering if you could tell me, does ML unlock the ISOs? I mean does the ISOs unlock to incremental 1/3 stops?
didair (6 years ago)
There's a "night build" for the T3 available on MLs website.
HAtik (6 years ago)
That worked so well, words cant describe how thankful I am.
dana stanley (6 years ago)
Thanks, I am gonna do it!!!
Jack Suen (6 years ago)
Thanks for your help. It works.
SpydaMike VLOGZ (6 years ago)
If you camera just flashes a red light then you need to go to the Canon website and download their Canon 1.0.9 firmware and problem solved
linusSk8ing86 (6 years ago)
download page isn't the same for me
Almost Rocket Science (6 years ago)
Try taking out the battery
MegaCharlieUnicorn (6 years ago)
Hey I tried this and my camera just flashed red, looking at the comments I saw the same problem, I tried turning it off as your Roy quote suggested and it still flashed red even when it was off, turning it on has done nothing either
Emiliano Colombo (6 years ago)
Why when i download ML 2.3 i have not the same files?
rob burkhardt (6 years ago)
I watched another video on how to install this that did not provide as complete instructions. Consequently I no longer have a working camera. Is there any way to reload cannon's firmware or will I need to send it in?
Illuminatesteele (6 years ago)
Thank you for your post! Your directions were alot easier than other posts : )
Almost Rocket Science (6 years ago)
ML lives on the SD card not on the camera, so your have to reinstall it on every sd card you have.
Almost Rocket Science (6 years ago)
Go to the format menu, press Q once then format your card. Your back to normal
Almost Rocket Science (6 years ago)
Almost Rocket Science (6 years ago)
Ill fix the link, but it should be the same process.
Almost Rocket Science (6 years ago)
Glad it helped!
ocubex (6 years ago)
Thanks for this dude, finally took the plunge!!!!
Yasser Sana (6 years ago)
The download link is not the same as your video and I downloaded the complete package for my D550 and the files look different in names. Is it going to work if I still do the installation ?
Mohamed Shoukry (6 years ago)
i installed magic lantern its working but when i turn off then on .. its seems no power the screen is black. please help me thanks
Erik Moller (6 years ago)
Awesome video! Much more helpful than anything else I looked at
Josh (6 years ago)
is it possable for this to ever get your camera shut down or whatever for hacking it
B Jenks (6 years ago)
Yanus Kuncoro (6 years ago)
if we want to uninstall ML on card and camera how to do it? to back it normal again?
TheUnbelievableEye (6 years ago)
When I put my card in the camera and update the firmware it's only flash red. What do I have to do?
raredreamfootage (6 years ago)
So there is no need to enable the bootflag in a separate step anymore?
wonderwall135 (6 years ago)
shoulda bought a mac. or just a card reader
Peizxcv (6 years ago)
Does ML also improves still image IQ? Things like JPEG engine, noise reduction? Very impressive work BTW, I wish Canon have SDK available for people.
GearGeeks12 (6 years ago)
thanks man good tutorial!
Ryan Priestnall (6 years ago)
i cant stick my card into the pc :(
CricketboyStudios (6 years ago)
The T2i. God I love that camera, especially with Magic Lantern!
BlueSeaWeedz (6 years ago)
tonywjuice (6 years ago)
thanks this helped me alot, i was freaking out so much and i didnt know what to do. Thank you!
reecord2 (6 years ago)
Yeah, mine got stuck like that too, I turned it off a few times in the middle of it and everything was fine, so you should be fine too.
tonywjuice (6 years ago)
please help, mine is doing the black thing, can I turn it off while its doing this so i can do the instructions youve listed above?
FencinGrl23 (7 years ago)
Wat if its taking a long time to restart!
Chris Eastman (7 years ago)
Unfortunately, Magic Lantern doesn't work on 7D and probably won't anytime soon.
Fawzi Yahya (7 years ago)
Contrast, saturation and sharpness don't show up for me in the menu..? Any idea why?
GOGOJESUZ (7 years ago)
im confused at why people think ML can hurt your camera .. it doesnt install into the camera like the reg firmware ... the oct 21 build of ML .. boots from your SD card .. once u take the SD card out ...ML isnt on your camera anymore ... i jus loaded ML on to all my class 10 memory cards and use it accordingly
john3Va (7 years ago)
Does this effect your warranty in any way ... i mean does it cancel it ?
Canal Nostalgia (7 years ago)
Thanks a lot man, that was exactly what happened with my camera, I get the new firmware from Canon's site and it worked!
Lo' Kuntry (7 years ago)
what left tab button?
Lisa Erhard (7 years ago)
thank you!!!! Very helpful!!!!
PhotoTech (7 years ago)
Thanks i figured it out and its working perfectly, i love magic lantern!
Jeff Lopez Photography (7 years ago)
Thank you so much for this suggestion! Like many people I had a black screen with the blinking red light. As kindly suggested by @reecord2, I went back to the main canon website (even though I already had the current firmware) I re-downloaded it and installed (1.0.9) over the existing 1.0.9. After that magic lantern installed flawlessly just like the video with no black screen. Thanks again @reecord2 for the suggestion
reecord2 (7 years ago)
ugh it won't let me paste a link but google 'canon t2i firmware 1.0.9' and click that first link, install it even if you already have 1.0.9
PhotoTech (7 years ago)
can you give me the link to the software update on canons site please
reecord2 (7 years ago)
I had this problem, and I FIXED IT, I want to spread the word, might work for you: go to canon's website and download the latest firmware. I already had 1.0.9, and you probably do too, but apparently the one on Canon's site is a newer 'build.' At any rate, I downloaded 1.0.9 from canon's site, installed it over the 1.0.9 firmware already in my camera, and THEN did this video's tutorial, and ML finally installed. I can't promise this will work, but worth a shot.
reecord2 (7 years ago)
Me too, black screen and flashing red light.
b3arodactyl (7 years ago)
OMG me too, what's with it?
b3arodactyl (7 years ago)
idk what you're talking about dude. mine is screwed up and does a black screen and IDK what to do but contrast and saturation? idk bout that
b3arodactyl (7 years ago)
ikr same
b3arodactyl (7 years ago)
I got a black screen with red light flashing (indicating that its reading the memory card...) It's a transcend class 10 card if that matters (which I assume it doesn't)
Jan Dominik (7 years ago)
Hello, I hit ok on update and the screen stays black too... For how long does it take? Or what I have to do now? What's wrong?
My screen stays black for a while
Sebastian Uribe (7 years ago)
I dont have that contrast or saturation option. I see most of the stuff you have in the menu on 2:25 but not those? anyone help (: ill sub to whoever can help
Halaboly (7 years ago)
thanks alot man! great work!!
AnDiMsOfLy (7 years ago)
mine is stuck on the black screen after i hit ok how long does it take?
pongwiffyful (7 years ago)
@almostrocketscience how long is the screen going to be black for?
Gabrielius Riauba (7 years ago)
thank you man! ;D
Takuma Nishiya (7 years ago)
My camera is stuck after i updated it?.. what do i do?..
Almost Rocket Science (7 years ago)
@n0ulz the video was shot in real time.... What happened next?
Almost Rocket Science (7 years ago)
@ezefias Your Welcome! :)
Pavol Hajdena (7 years ago)
great .thank you
Almost Rocket Science (7 years ago)
@thomasfontaine1994 Thanks. We're glad we could help out.
Thomas Fontaine (7 years ago)
very clear thanks

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